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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Forgive Me Friar Fan Brethren

With only four days remaining in the 2014 MLB regular season... I'm still sitting around waiting to see where the Oakland A's will land after their horrendous finish to this season.  It's been pretty painful watching their hitting fall apart over the past seven weeks.  But seriously... nobody wants to sit here and listen to me whine and be a Negative Nancy.

Let's focus on the greatest pitcher in the game and some of his left-handed colleagues.  Being a "lefty" myself, I've always enjoyed watching dominant left-handed pitchers.  And right now, there's nobody better than Deuce-Deuce:

As a San Diego Padres fan, this post might be construed as heresy among some of my Friar fan brethren... but there's no denying what I feel in my heart.  Clayton Kershaw is a beast and I enjoy watching him pitch.

Another National League West left-handed rival that I can't help but admire is San Francisco's Mad Bum:

He's not quite at Kershaw's level on the mound (then again... who is?)... but at the plate there are few pitchers who rival his bat.  Earlier in the year, he became only the second pitcher in MLB history to hit two grand slams in one season.

I'll wrap things up with another young lefty who has dominated hitters this season... only this time it's an American League pitcher:

This season The Condor has soared to elite status in terms of left-handed pitching.  It's a shame he doesn't receive the same kind of run support as Kershaw and Bumgarner.

If you're wondering why Jon Lester, David Price, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee are missing from this post... it's because I haven't acquired their autographs.  Yet.

But as soon as I pick up a few more... I'll be sure to unveil one of my latest cardboard projects.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. I guess A's fans can commiserate with Brewers fans about those halcyon days of June, July, and August -- when both of our teams looked strong, when both of our teams looked like winners, when both of our teams were in the playoff race.

  2. The Five Star autos have a nice look.

  3. Madison Bumgarner has more grand slams in this season alone than Derek Jeter does in his entire career. #DerekJeterfacts

  4. Our likes for Pitchers are quite the same! Loved the Sale auto! Will be waiting for the others to come like the Cole Hamels one ;)

  5. Kershaw is the best pitcher I have seen in some time-mos' def going to win the Cy Young and probably the MVP-but I have always thought the MVP should be a position player only since this is the only real big award they can win. None the less these are some sweet autos.

  6. A Dodger AND a Giant? Consider yourself kicked out of the Friarhood!
    On second thought, Kershaw can't help that he was chosen to be a Dodger, and he's awesome, so I'll give you a pass… for now.

    1. I appreciate you giving me a pass. I assure you that I pledge my allegiance to the Padres.