30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Completed Project

This weekend... I received my COMC shipment that included a very special Dave Parker autograph.  His 2013 Topps Archives Fan Favorites autograph was the final piece of a puzzle that I started over three months ago.

Project Started:  June 9th, 2013
Project Finished:  August 18th, 2013

First Card Purchased:  #BSA Benito Santiago
Final Cards Purchased:  #FM Fred McGriff and #MG Mike Greenwell

Total Number of Cards:  58 (w/o Pele)
Total Number of Redemption Cards: 2 (#BS Bret Saberhagen and #DC Dave Concepcion)
Total Number of Cards Traded For:  2 (#DM Denny McLain and #MW Mookie Wilson)

Total Number of Cards Purchased on eBay:  54
Total Number of Cards Purchased on COMC: 1 (#DP Dave Parker)
Total Number of Cards Purchased @ LCS:  1 (#BSA Benito Santiago)

Favorite Cards:  #VC Vince Coleman, #RD Ron Darling, and #BW Bob Welch
Total eBay + COMC + LCS Purchases:  $509.17
Total Cost of Project:  $517.17 (added $8 for shipping involving trades and COMC)

I know that this sounds like a lot for fifty-eight autographs of guys who aren't even in the hall of fame.  And guess what... you're absolutely correct!  But can you really put a price on the entertainment and the challenge I received from building this set?

Plus... $517.17 included thirty-one extra autographs.  One of them was a triple of Benito Santiago, which went into my San Diego Padres PC.  But the other thirty autographs will either be sold on eBay or end up in my tradebait.

Here's a look at the thirty extras...

Today's question...

What would you do with the extra autographs?

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Wow, congrats! Way to finish the set so quickly too, impressive. Will you please save the extra Fryman for me?

  2. I'd put them on Ebay with a BIN price of $517.17. You never know!

  3. Definitely sell to help recoup some of your costs for the set...but of course use that money to BUY MORE STUFF!!!

  4. I'd definitely sell. Make some $ back.

  5. Sell, unless you get any trade offers. I know, that's not a definitive answer, but they're your cards, you get what you want most for them. Other cards or $$! Congrats on completing the set!

  6. Congrats! Can't put a price on a sense of accomplishment.

    I'd sell the extras, except for the Davey Lopes, which I would trade to this super cool dude named Greg Zakwin.


  7. I'd sell the more expensive ones for sure, then add the rest as trade bait or monthly prizes. Except for the Daulton, there may be a certain Phillies Phan that could be interested in the Daulton...

  8. Three months? Holy cow! I'd consider that an accomplishment if I completed it in two years!

    For what you spent, I'd sell the other autographs. But in an ideal world, I'd be trading those off to other collectors.

  9. I'd trade the Hrbek to me ;) and do whatever you wanted with the rest!

  10. Sell them,then subtract the total from the $517.17.Then that would be your final purchase price.

  11. I would go with selling them.

    When you look through the 58 cards almost every one of them has a solid signature, only a couple had sloppy/messy signatures. Some of these young players today could learn a thing or two about signing autographs from these guys.

  12. Ebay the crap outta those extras.