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Friday, June 17, 2011

Set Showcase #14: 2008 Popcardz

As the annoying Rebecca Black once said...

It's Friday, Friday... gotta get down on Friday... everybody's looking forward to the weekend.. weekend.

Wow... I can't believe how many little kids actually like this song. I went on YouTube to listen to it, so I could grab the above lyrics... and I couldn't listen to it for more than 30 seconds without clicking "pause" and fast forwarding to the chorus.

I tried to download it for all of you to enjoy this morning... but it disappeared. So maybe today is my lucky day.

Anyways... this post isn't about Rebecca Black. It's about showcasing another set that I have.

It's another one of my non-sports card sets called Popcardz and it featured some of the hottest pop culture stars back in 2008.

I picked up a few blaster boxes of this stuff (for a little over $4/box)... because you were guaranteed a memorabilia card featuring a swatch of clothing worn by a celebrity. There are a total of eight memorabilia cards in the set and you can find full sets of these on eBay for under $40 delivered.

Another thing you'll find in boxes are gold parallels of the base cards. I pulled a few of these, so they are a little more common than the memorabilia cards. From the looks of it... there was a time when you could go to their website and enter a code found on the back of these gold parallels for a chance to win prizes. These days... the only thing I found was a Facebook fan page that nobody bothers to use anymore.

Finally... the base set is made up of forty cards. I was able to build one set... but came up four cards short on a second set. I created a post on Sports Card Forum and was interested in trading for the cards... but just this week I received a package with the four cards I needed from a generous member.

And you know what that means... now I can give a set away to you guys. In addition to a complete set, the winner will also receive an unopened pack of this product.

Here's what the cards looks like:

The card fronts feature a simple design, a close up picture, and the name of the celebrity. While the back contains their birthday, hometown, the charity they support, along with a list of their favorite things.

Since the set is pretty small, I've taken the time to scan all 40 cards.

As you can see more than half of the set is made up of woman and if it were published in 2011... no doubt Ms. Black would be included.

My personal favorites (for obvious reasons) would have to be Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Alba, and Eva Mendes.

Well... there you have it. Here's proof that sometimes I'm a millionaire who likes to throw away money on worthless products... or maybe I'm just a teacher who lacks self control. Either way... at least you have the opportunity to grab this set for free.

On a side note... today I realized for the first time that I've collected non-sports cards longer than I've collected sports cards. My cardboard collecting days began in 1977 when I started busting packs of Topps Star Wars. And now that I think about it... I actually got in on the ground floor... because I distinctly remember owning some of the blue border cards... which were the first series cards. Too bad I didn't save any of those from my childhood.

Today's question of the day:

If you could have dinner with any celebrity from this set, who would it be? Why?

Although it'd be tempting to hang out with any of the three ladies mentioned above, I'd probably end up picking Jon Heder... a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite. It's one of my favorite movies and I'd love to hang out and talk to him about it.

Bonus question of the day (worth an extra point):

Have you ever collected non-sports cards? If so... which ones?

Well... have a great day everyone... and remember... It's Friday... Friday!


  1. I believe I would dine with Kristen Bell, she's a fox. I have done lots of non sports through the years. Garbage Pail Kids was probably my most involved attempt, I had thousands of them.

  2. Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Jordana Brewster... Yum Yum Yum... but it would have to be Dwayne Johnson. I worked as a bartender at a steakhouse here in Calgary that he ate at all the time when he lived here. He's smart, articulate, and funny as hell.
    Plus, sitting with him, Jessica Biel and Kristen bell would just come over and join us....

    as far as non sport cards go, absolutely. too many sets to name... but it started with Star Wars and Battlestar Galcatica when i was a kid.

  3. It's getting redundant, but Kristen Bell.

    I was right there with you collecting Star Wars cards in '78. Blue border, then red border, then yellow. I kind of lost interest when the orange and green borders showed up. But then it was on to Empire Strikes Back.

  4. You can shoot me if you like, but I have absolutely no idea who Kristen Bell is. I'd love to have a meal with Eva Mendes. Ooh la la.

    As far as non-sports cards are concerned, I've got a few Donruss Americana, but that's about the extent of that part of my collection.

  5. There are several women in this set I'd love to have dinner with, but Elisha Cuthbert is at the top of the list. I've had a thing for her since before The Girl Next Door.

    I collect a ton of non-sports. I have somewhere between 600 and 700 sets, and about 550 more sets I want to complete. I tend to focus on TV and movie sets, and sets like this, though I have a few other art cards, and several of the Benchwarmers (and similar style) sets. Oddly enough, I'm four cards away from finishing my PopCardz set too. I should probably get on that. I think I'm missing one card from the memorabilia set.

  6. I'd have to go with The Rock. He seems like he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with and chat.

    I collect a ton of non-sports cards. It's a bit tougher to pull the trigger these days with the higher price of boxes, but I'm a fan of the sketch cards that most boxes contain.

  7. Megan Fox. Dinner optional.

    Emmy Rossum a close second.

    Never really collected anything non-sports, though I did buy a pack of Topps that was politically-themed. I was shooting for the Lincoln card but failed. I've been tempted ever since to buy a few more packs and look for Old Abe.

  8. I'd have dinner with The Rock because I could smell what he's cookin'.

    Had to do it.

    He also seems like the most intelligent out of the bunch. Most of those women are super hot, I'd have to imagine they are high maintenance and have zero interest in being there. Not fun.

    Yes, I have Star Trek, Looney Tunes, PIXAR as my non, sports cards. Wish I had some of the older band collections like the Beatles.

  9. I would probably pick The Rock Dwayne Johnson as I have been a fan of his for a while, both Wrestling and movies, and he seems like a cool guy. I love to see that Capt. Canuck can confirm that.

    Non sports wise I dabble a little bit. A few Hollywood starrs relics of people I like and I just scored a complete set of Americanna at a yard sale for $2 which was a cool set.

  10. I'm gonna go with an underdog and pick Emmanuelle Chriqui. She's super cute and has been in a lot of good stuff, including the weird movie 100 Girls that hardly anyone I know has ever seen. She has a memorable scene that involves Ben-Wah balls...funny stuff.

    Kristen Bell is a close second. Anyone who doesn't know who she is needs to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall right now. That movie is HILARIOUS.

    Finally, I don't think I really collect non sport since wrestling is technically a sport. But I used to collect Pokemon to play with my brothers when I was younger. Those are all gone now though.

  11. From the set. Hayden (Claire from heroes) typically i'm not a fan of cheerleaders, but was a huge heroes fan, especially the first series.

    I'm not into my pop culture!

    As for collecting non sports cards, I don't really collect them but i've a few 2008 election candidates! If a set from a movie or that came out maybe.

    Happen family guy cards they're cool!

  12. I would go with Amanda Seyfried, she was kind of an unknown at this time. I used to collect Marvel Comic Book sets in the early 1990s

  13. Hayden P. for sure,although i hear she's like 4'11"...

    And I used to love collecting garbage pail kids as a little kid.

  14. The Rock, definitely. He is just a bad ass, no other reason to hang out than that.

    My parents actually got into collecting garbage pail kids with us. We had the first 12 series' complete when we gave it up. I think I still have em somewhere.

  15. Christina Ricci will be my dinner guest,I think she would be an interesting and cool guest.Also I don't really know who most of the others are.
    As for non sports cards,I have a couple of the Hollywood materials cards from POH.Demi Moore and Adam Sandler,if a company put out a history of rock set I would be tempted to collect those.

  16. Thanks for everyone's responses... contest responses are officially closed. My next post will be up shortly.

    jaybarkerfan - i collected a lot of GPK too... picked up a bunch last year.

    captain canuck - nice pick... the rock was my back up pick. i need to find some battlestar galactica cards... vaguely remember them.

    ryan g - 700 sets? insane! let me know who you need for your set... might be able to help you out.

    offy - love sketch cards too!

    spastikmooss - now i know who kristen bell is... thanks.

    john bateman - besides star wars & gpk... my favorite non-sport sets are the marvels from the early 90's. especially those first series holograms.

  17. Megan Fox, definitely! ooh la la,

    As a kid, I used to collect Marvel cards! Especially liked the cards that fit together to make a larger poster