30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Gift... Another Jackie.

Last week... fellow Sports Card Radio member Mzentko sent me a couple of Jackie Robinson cards to add to my PC.

And yesterday... one more package arrived. This time it was from one of my blogger buddies, who once authored the blog: Steal Second. And all I have to say is "wow"... this Robinson sure is pretty.

It's a 2009 Topps Sterling "Framed White" parallel numbered 41/50. I'm not 100% positive... but I believe it's the first Topps Sterling card I've added to my collection. I have and probably never will ever purchase this high end product... because I'm too cheap. But now that I've laid eyes on this beauty... I might just have to find some singles on COMC.

In addition to the Robinson... I also received these A's cards:

There's a mixture of new and old cards... but my favorite is the 1990 Upper Deck card of Mark McGwire taking off on the base paths... with a Yankee infielder in the background... my guess is that's Don Mattingly... but I'm not positive.

Last... but not least... this generous collector sent me the following cards for my Padres PC:

As many of you know... I'm a huge Tony Gwynn fan... and I have around 1000 different Gwynn cards. There will be times when I pick up a 50 count lot of Gwynn cards and wind up with having no new additions to the PC. However... today was my lucky day... because I didn't have the 2000 SP Authentic "Midsummer Classics" insert.

So thanks again Martyn... for this wonderful care-package. Just like the soccer pin you gave me... these cards will go straight into my PC.

I hope everyone had a great weekend... only four more days left in the regular school year. I can't get too excited... since I'm teaching summer school... but at least I'll have some extra cash in my pocket.

And speaking of summer... Next weekend the second annual Chronicles of Fuji contest will be kicking off. So stay tuned. I'll be following the same format as last year, which means that it'll involve blogger participation. Some days it'll be as simple as answering a question... other times it'll be games and mini contests.

I started setting aside prizes a few months back, but I'm not finished yet. I'll show you what I have so far next weekend... but I'll slowly be added a few more prizes along the way. I guarantee that there will at least be 10 different prize packages when all is said and done.

The only major different that I anticipate... is that I'm setting a one prize per household limit. Ironically... last year Martyn won two different prizes in my contest, but generously donated the Topps Signature package (which included a 1/1 printing plate) to Gmoses... author of the blog: The Retro Set Addict.

Oh... and last year... everyone who participated received at least a consolation prize. I probably won't do that again this year... since postage is a little crazy. But everyone who wins will be guaranteed an extra bonus in their package.

But... I'll save those details for the "Contest Announcement" post. I've rambled enough... that's all for this evening... Sayonara!


  1. Nice Jackie. Martyns a good guy.
    Looking forward to this years contest, time to defend my crown!!

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  3. Tony Mc - That's right... you're the reigning champion. Best of luck on this year's contest.

  4. You're very much welcome Mark, glad that I sent one new Tony Gwynn.

    I still cherish the bonus from last years prize package!

  5. Sweet Jackie,always nice to get a sweet pc item.Martyn is always full of surprises.

  6. Martyn - yeah... thanks buddy. the signature rookies autograph set was one of my favorite prizes from the bunch. glad you liked it.

    Hairylemon - Thanks... it was pretty sweet... Martyn is the man!

  7. I meant your Auto Mark! but it is a sweet set, thanks again.

  8. Martyn - Oh... lol. I've gotta figure out how to distribute those this year... since most of you have them already.