30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nifty 90's Nostalgia #8: Baseball Cards Magazine

Sports cards and the 90's... love it or hate it... the "junk wax era" has left it's mark on a lot of our collections.
The decade showcased the hobby's most creative technologies and innovative products. My collecting experiences during this era taught me to collect for enjoyment, not for investment.

And last, but not least... the 90's introduced the internet to my parent's household... and with that it changed the way I buy, sell, and trade collectibles. I started on the AOL message boards and today, you can find me trading in a couple of different sports card forums.

The internet has made it a lot easier to find the "white whales" that were hiding in collections across the country. It's also saved me hundreds of dollars, by allowing me to watch videos of people busting boxes... so that I don't have to.

But with the development of the internet age... I've also seen the decline of newsprint publications, especially in our hobby. I'm not talking about Beckett and their grasp on our hobby. I understand that they're doing just fine... and they were actually smart enough to invest in a variety of media forms.

However today, I want to take the time to recognize another sports card magazine. This weekend I purchased four different issues of a magazine called Baseball Cards. I'm currently reading the January 1991 issue with Jose Canseco on the cover and have been completely blown away with what I've seen so far.

It has thirteen multi-page articles, including interviews with Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams. Plus there's a reader's reaction section, a collector's Q & A section, a classified section, and of course a baseball card price guide. It's 222 pages of hobby heaven. Okay... I should also point out that half of the pages are advertisements... but I've had just as much fun reading these and comparing today's market prices to the ones in the magazine.

And I almost forgot to mention... every issue of Baseball Cards came with free cards. I'm missing three of the cards from this magazine... but the original owner did leave these three:

In 2000, Krause Publications (who produced Baseball Cards) purchased Tuff Stuff Magazine from Landmark Communications and decided to merge the two magazines under the Tuff Stuff name. I had a subscription to Tuff Stuff for many years and could see many similarities between it and my copy of Baseball Cards. But Tuff Stuff had nowhere near the number of quality articles that Baseball Cards magazine did, so I eventually canceled my subscription... just like I've done with most of the Beckett magazines. I just didn't feel I was getting my money's worth out of these publications.

However... if Krause Publications still produced Baseball Cards (like they did back in the early 90's), I'd be first in line for a subscription. I guess my father was right again... "they just don't make them like they used to".

If you have the opportunity to pick any of these older issues of Baseball Cards, I would encourage you to do so. It's like taking a trip back into the past... more specifically... a trip back to the "junk wax era".

Which brings me to today's question of the day.

If you could bring one thing back from the 90's (it doesn't have to be sports card related)... what would it be?

Besides my new, favorite magazine... I'd have to say high quality "rap". It's not that I don't appreciate today's artists... because I'm actually pretty open minded when it comes to music. I listen to everything from Rascal Flatts to Katy Perry to Bruno Mars to Justin Bieber... just kidding...no JB for this guy.

But today's rappers just don't compare to the likes of Biggie, Tupac, & Dr. Dre... as well as groups like the A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets. These artists along with a host of others made "rap" my choice of music during the 90's.

Alright... it's your turn. I can't wait to read your responses. Happy hump day... and sayonara!


  1. if I could have anything back that I had in the '90's... it would be my mom.
    Dad and I miss her.

  2. I would have to say bringing back quality network television. Shows like Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince, Married with Children, Seinfeld etc. The best shows now are on cable, Showtime and HBO.

  3. I'd absolutely love to see Captain Canuck get his mom back. I don't talk to my folks every day, but I can.

  4. Baseball Card Magazine from the 1980s, (it was even better then) fast forward it to the 1990s and then to 2011.

    Star Trek The Next Generation - the last TV show that I made sure that I watched week after week, year after year during its run. There has not been a TV show made that I have followed for more than a year or two since then.

  5. Three words

    President Bill Clinton

  6. I would have to agree with Captain Canuck on the mom front.

    But baseball related, I would love to bring back winning baseball. I've been an Orioles fan since the 80's and the last time I felt good about my team was the 90's.

  7. I have to agree on the music front. The '90s were an awesome time for music. Great rap music brought in the decade, awesome alternative closed it out, and decent pop filled in between.

    I miss the days of all sports cards being obtainable. There are way too many one-of-ones, $500 packs, and such, that it's tough for kids to get involved.

  8. Yeah I'm sure any answer other than Captain Canuck's is arbitrary.

    To be honest I'd love to be my age in the 90's was too young, the first time, and also the economy was good!

  9. Michael Jordan in his prime, hands down. I wish i appreciated him more.

  10. Yeah, Baseball Card magazine to me means the '80s.

    From the '90s, I'd have to agree with Spiegel. Sitcoms died after the '90s. I don't think they're ever coming back.

  11. 90s was the last super bowl for my redskins...man it has been awhile!

  12. So many things, growing up in the 90's I miss a lot. Card wise, I definitely miss insert cards being what drove the hobby. TV wise I miss traditional sitcoms with hokey laugh track and everything. Home Improvement, Fraiser, Fresh Prince, just to name a few. I also as a wrestling fan miss the Monday Night Wars. WCW vs WWF was the BEST period to me, as you could tell both companies were pulling out the stops to try to top each other. Now it's just WWE and John Cena gets shoves down our throats every week.

  13. 90's Metallica.
    Being allowed to stand at UK soccer stadiums.
    Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.
    A strong world economy.

  14. Spiegel & Night Owl - 3 words,
    "Big Bang Theory" funniest sit-com ever. (cause it's so true)(and it's almost a Roseanne reunion!)

  15. There were some amazing hockey players in the 90'x. Messier, Bourque, Robitaille, Kariya, Selanne, Coffey, Sakic, Lemieuz, Jagr,and Gretzky. Wouldn't mid seeing some of these players in their prime again.

  16. I'd bring back the '91 Twins! Not that they were a powerhouse, but they also played the game the way it was supposed to be played; don't let anyone tell you they still do, because that slowly began dying when Tom Kelly handed over the reigns.

  17. Mike Piazza on the Dodgers.

    Because he'd be ten times better than what we have now.

    And really, there is plenty of great comedy on tv. South Park, Archer, Community, Parks and Rec, Tosh.0, Workaholics, Sunny In Philadelphia, The League, The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, etc etc.

  18. I miss lots of things from the 90's. Mostly restaurants from days gone by.

  19. What I miss the most from the 90's is pretty much what everyone has said so far. The TV shows were better, the music was good and even the weather was better!

  20. Captain - No doubt... that's definitely more important than anything sports card related.

    Spiegel83 - Have you watched The Big Bang Theory? That show is awesome... but I agree... the 90's had some really good television shows.

    John Bateman - I just started watching Star Trek TNG all over again. Love that series.

    hiflew - ;-)

    Kirk - I'd take the Orioles winning over the Yankees any day of the week. Hopefully they'll turn things around sooner than later. My two teams suck too though.

    Ryan G - Agree 100%... plus a lot of my students would rather surf the web or play video games than collect cardboard. Times be a changin'.

    night owl - I'll have to hunt down some issues from the 80's. If the ones I have put Beckett to shame... I can only imagine how good the 80's ones were.

    Markz - At least the Skins have won several... I'm still waiting for my Hawks to win one.

    Chris - Damn... I missed out. I stopped watching wrestling for much of the 90's. I only started again late in the decade when the Rock was popular.

    Hairylemon - I'm a fan of 80's Metallica... but I also like And Justice for All... which I think was late 80's early 90's. Love the strong world economy selection... it's hard to argue that. And I've never heard of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, but it sounds interesting.

    dawgbones - looks like we're on the same page bro.

    Baseball Nut - Yeah... I'm glad the 90's represented the start of my hockey collection. I'm still a fan of picking up artist proofs, mirror golds, and refractors of all of the players you listed.

    mmmrhubarb - not a fan of the twins... but i liked tom kelly... and kirby puckett is one of my favorite players.

    Zakwin - I've actually started creating a small Piazza PC... and I owe it all to you. Never really appreciated the guy in the 90's... wish I had.

    jaybarkerfan - any particular ones? not sure if i mentioned it before... but i'm a foodie. my girl and i drive down to SLO (three hours away) for tri-tip and cookies.

    Tony Mc - Have to agree... I'm dying in 95 degree weather right now... and it's only going to get hotter.

  21. Okay comments for points are closed... my next post will be up in the next hour or so... along with a new prize addition and a contest update. Thanks for the replies... they were fun to read.