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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hobby Hero(es) #5: Doug, Rob, & Dmitri @ Card Corner Club

I love sports cards. I love collecting them. I love sorting them. I love trading them. I love talking about them. I love writing about them. And I love listening to people talk about them.

Right now... I check my iTunes on a weekly basis for these three sports card podcasts:

The Hobby w/Mike Schopp
The Sports Card Show w/Colin & Ryan
Card Corner Club w/Doug Cataldo, Rob Bertrand, and former MLB all-star Dmitri Young

All three are informative, entertaining, and are excellent sources of cardboard news and discussion. I've written about Colin & Ryan in the past... but today I'm going to write about Doug, Rob, and Dmitri... and why I think of them as hobby heroes.

Every time I listen to their podcast, it's an opportunity to take a break from the real world and just soak in some great cardboard discussion. The banter that goes on between Doug and Rob is both legendary and comical. I look forward to hearing what they're going to argue about next... and more often than not... I find myself shaking my head at some of the things Doug says, and agreeing with Rob. Regardless, both men stand up for the rights of card collectors.

Then there's Dmitri. Over the past few months, I've slowly grown to admire Dmitri Young as a fellow card collector. But it's not for reasons you might think.

My Dmitri Young Sports Card Trifecta

It's not because he has one of the most impressive rookie card collections out there, nor is it because he shares an MLB record with George Bell & Tuffy Rhodes as being the only players to hit three homeruns on Opening Day.

Both of these these things are awesome... and make me envious... but they're not the things that make him a hobby hero (along with Doug & Rob).

Nope... it's the fact that underneath those two things which make him famous... he's a human being...just like the rest of us. A human being who shares a common interest. A human being who stands up to his personal battles, doesn't back down, and overcomes them to share with others. A human being who is a positive role model to not only his own children, but for others who want to play sports and/or collect cards.

Merriam-Webster defines "hero" as a man admired for his achievement and noble qualities.

My definition of a "hobby hero" is a person who has a positive impact on the sports card collecting community. And these three gentlemen do just that.

And before I forget... I encourage you to go check out their blogs:

Now it's your turn...

Based on my definition...
who would be some of your hobby heroes?

Besides the Card Corner Club cast... here are the other members of my Hobby Hall of Fame:

I've been pretty busy... so I'll have to update the contest scores this afternoon. I appreciate all of the comments... it's been fun reading all of them.

Have a great day... and enjoy the rest of your week. Sayonara!


  1. Keith Olbermann - He used to write great articles for Baseball Card Magazine 25 years ago and today he helps keep the hobby in the limelight.

  2. I nominate every darn blogger that's ever followed or commented on one of my posts.
    Each step shows my wife that I'm not the only one like me, there are others. Lots of 'em.

    and Fuji... if you don't comment on your contest winnings on Just A Bit Offside soon.... you may lose your prize!
    (just kidding, but seriously, respond soon, k?)

  3. I'm going to do the Budweiser thing and say it's the card store owners, bus drivers, teachers, and other good-hearted people who give away some of their cards to children and teach them about collecting. They're introducing a whole new generation to a great lifelong hobby, one that teaches organization, money and inventory management, value, and social skills.

  4. Night Owl, amongst many other bloggers.

    Also, the guys at my local, because they're incredibly helpful, give me fantastic deals, and make the shop a very relaxing and fun trip for me every time I go.

    No matter how I'm feeling before entering the shop, once I'm in, it's like all of my other troubles disappear.

  5. I have to go with Colin & Ryan from Sports card radio, they are just great guys great for the hobby and are genuine.

    They've helped me a lot, of course you ourself inspire me Mark, with being such a great writer & all round nice guy!

  6. Hobby Heroes, I'd have to agree that it's you guys, the bloggers that make a difference, writing about the hobby, trading within the hobby, and most importantly, commenting on all of the above.

  7. It's got to be bloggers. Nothing else comes close when it comes to getting what I need from the hobby.

    My "heroes" are probably the bloggers who were around when I started, and those who really go out of there way to provide something different on their blog.

  8. A Hobby Hero to me is a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, spouse or friend who listens when you ask for cards as gifts. As a kid I had five Hobby Heroes.

    Now I am married and have one, not my wife. My brother and I made a pact to always buy baseball cards as gifts.....forever.

  9. Hobby heroes to me are the bloggers, the fellow traders, the card shop owners. Anyone that helps facilitate the hobby being fun! Never thought of compiling a list of my own but I might just have to give it a try.

  10. Hobby Heroes? Colin and Ryan at SCR for their knowledge and ludicrous generosity.All the bloggers out there who have helped a novice collector understand and better appreciate a great hobby.

  11. I'm humbled and honored to say the least. Thanks Fuji!

  12. I'm right with you on this one Fuji. The guys you mentioned definitely keep my head in the right place. Keeping about the collecting and not the flipping.

    But I would be remiss if I didn't include my father in that group. Most days after a hard day at work he would find time to sit down with me and open a pack. He got me started.

  13. You're my hero! (is that good for some extra points?)

    But actually, all bloggers, and definitely the LCS owners. It's sad to see there are only five stores left in the bay area.

  14. Comments for contest points are over... feel free to continue posting your hobby heroes though.

  15. John Bateman - Yeah... his name goes hand and hand with baseball cards. I read on Beckett that he edited all of the cards in the 1976 SSPC set, which I picked up a while back.

    Captain Canuck - Email sent... thanks for your contest.

    Ryan G - I could hear the Budweiser guy reading your comment.

    Greg Zakwin - Glad to hear you have a great LCS... and I agree Night Owl is awesome!

    Martyn - Thanks bud... and yeah Colin and Ryan are first class people. Their generosity is second to none.

    Kirk Jacobsen - You bring out a great point... maybe I should nominate my mom, since she's the one that bought me those first packs.

    VOTC - Holy crap... you read my blog post? Seriously... the three of you keep up the great work. You all are awesome!

    Baseball Nut - My dad is definitely one of my heroes... but unfortunately... he doesn't share my collecting passion.

    Anthony - Thanks... but sorry... no extra points. Nice try though. What part of the Bay Area are you in? Which shops do you go to?

  16. I just found this article today. I don't Google myself that often, but just wanted to say thanks for the honor. I also followed your blog. Good reading.

    Thanks again.


  17. Doug - I'm glad you found it. Love the podcast... keep up the great work!