30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sports Card Trifecta #4: Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre has been my favorite NFL player for 17 out of the past 19 seasons. During his 16 years as a Green Bay Packer, there wasn't another player who came close... well maybe Sterling Sharpe for Favre's first couple of seasons... but after he took the Packers to the playoffs in his first full season as a starter... Favre was my man.

Even after the messy split... I supported Favre. He wasn't on a rival team... and he wasn't even in the same Conference... so I cheered him on while he was a Jet.

Then in 2009... Favre did the unspeakable. He signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Ever since then... Aaron Rodgers has been my guy.

I was really excited the day Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers with the 24th overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. It was a total surprise to me and my friends who all thought he'd go a lot earlier. We all had the privilege to watch Rodgers play at Cal, where he led the Bears to the #4 ranking in the country.

Obviously... Rodgers didn't get to play much his first three seasons in the NFL. But once Favre announced his retirement in 2008, that opened the window of opportunity for him... and it's been Mr. Rodgers neighborhood ever since.

In 2008 and 2009, he surpassed the 4,000 yard mark both times and threw a total of 58 touchdown passes, while only having 20 passes picked off. During his first two full seasons, he also rushed for an additional 9 touchdowns. He made his first Pro Bowl appearance last year after having a 103.2 QB rating.

This season has been a little more challenging for Rodgers and the Packers, because of the numerous injuries the team has suffered. He lost his #1 running back, Ryan Grant during the first game of the season. Later, he lost his #1 tight end, Jermichael Finley for the season. Several other targets of his have also been out here and there: Donald Lee, Donald Driver, and James Jones.

However one of things I like about Rodgers is that he makes the most out what he has. His stats aren't quite as good as last year's, but he's still on pace to throw for over 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Hopefully, he'll also take the Packers deep into the playoffs this year. It's just another task on his "to do" list.

Before he thinks about the playoffs though, he'll have to face his mentor one more time. Last season, he lost to Favre both times the Packers faced the Vikings. This year, he got revenge when he beat Favre at Lambeau.

This week... things are different. They're in Minnesota... where Favre has played exceptionally well the past two games. Plus, he'll most likely have his favorite target (Sidney Rice) back on Sunday.

No doubt... this will be a huge test for Rodgers and the Packers. They've been amazing the past few weeks with huge wins over the Vikings, Jets, and Cowboys. But that's the past and the Vikings are the future.

So... today I'm showing off my Aaron Rodgers sports card trifecta... in hopes it'll bring him and the Green Bay Packers just enough luck to beat Favre. Without further adieu...

Rookie Card: 2005 Topps #431

Autographed Card: 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars #201 (074/150)

Memorabilia Card: 2006 SPx "Winning Materials" #WMV-AR

Alright... it's time for today's question of the day:

Who's going to win on Sunday? Favre or Rodgers?

I'll be honest... I think that the Vikings will end up winning. However I think it'll be close... 35 to 31. Hopefully this trifecta brings the Pack a little luck and proves me wrong... because it doesn't get any easier for them after Minnesota... The Packers play one of the best teams in the league two weekends from now... the Falcons... IN ATLANTA!

I guess we'll see if the Packers are ready to take that next step. Have a great weekend everyone.

Go Pack Go!


  1. Cool cards. I like the Topps 50th Anv RC.

    I'm rooting for the Vikings. I lived in Minnesota for 3 years and became a fan. They're my second fav team in the NFL. Plus, I'm a huge Antoine Winfield fan.

  2. As a lifelong Lions fan, (don't giggle), I hate Farve. Kil him, knock him into retirement.

  3. charles - i liked you a lot more when i knew you were just a bills fan... j/k. we should place a little card wager... any interest?

  4. the sewingmachineguy - i hope the packers do just that... however... as soon as favre retires... i'll be a fan of his again... i just can't support him while he's a viking

  5. I'm totally down. Let me know of any ideas you have.

    Let's go Vikings!!!

    Plus, I have AP in my fantasy league.

  6. I predict Green Bay's D will shut the old man down and the Packers will emerge victorious.

  7. The Packers will win. Favre can't throw more TD's than INT's to save his life at this point.

  8. Wow - you got the Packers point total right at 31. But, as I'm sure you enjoyed, The Vikings came nowhere near the 35 points. Packers D has really stepped it up lately. I'm a big Woodson fan (Michigan fan), so I generally hope the Packers do well.

  9. 82Redbirds & GMoses: Both of you were right on the money... I'm glad I was wrong.

    lifetimetopps - I'm a huge Woodson fan too... I can't believe he's still playing the way he is for his age. I hope he can keep it up a few more seasons.