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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sports Card Bust #26: David Carr

Okay... I know I'm going to get some flak for calling this guy a bust. Fuji... how can you call a guy who passed for over 14,000 yards in his career a bust? Did you know that he has thrown 65 touchdowns during his NFL career? He's started almost 80 games in his career and even had the highest completion percentage in 2006. No way man... no way can you call David Carr a bust.

Well people... my blog... my call. I'll be honest... if this guy was the #5 pick in his draft class, I might let him off the hook. But he wasn't. In 2002, the Houston Texans drafted Mr. Carr with the #1 pick in the NFL draft ahead of these Pro Bowlers: Dwight Freeney, Ed Reed, Julius Peppers, and Roy Williams. Sure... these guys are all defensive players... there were a few decent offensive players in the draft. Brian Westbrook and Clinton Portis were both drafted in 2002 with Carr. Unfortunately, the only quarterback in this draft to make it to Honolulu is David Garrard, who has led the Jaguars into a first place tie with the Colts.

But... back to Carr. He has stuggled since he entered the league to win games. In 79 games as a starter... he's won 23 of them... and lost 56. In fact, he's never had a winning season. Sure... the Texans stunk... but part of their stink was on the QB's shoulders.

This year, the 49ers picked him up to back up Alex Smith (a guy you may see in a future post... sooner than later... if I can find a cheap autograph of him)... and when Smith got hurt against the Panthers in week 7... Carr struggled. In week 8, Troy Smith was the starter and Carr hasn't thrown the ball in a game since.

Last week... I picked up this 2004 Fleer Showcase "Sweet Sigs" autograph of Carr (#'d 15/100) for $2 (shipped). Back in September 2004, this card booked for $40 in Beckett. How screwed up is Beckett's pricing? My most recent price guide still has him listed at $40. Yep... I picked him up at 5% of book value.

A week earlier, I wasn't so lucky. I picked up his 2002 Finest "Rookie Auto" for $1.50 (+ $3.99 shipping) off of eBay. Yep... $5.49 for a rookie autograph of this Sports Card Bust and at the time, I was happy to grab it. I just noticed that it books for $12.... that's a little over 45% of Beckett. Back in 2003, this beauty booked for $100. At least Beckett is a little more accurate with this card.

Don't get me wrong... if Carr gets another shot... and turns his career around... I'll go back and update this post. I don't hate the guy. In fact... I love that he's the newest member of my Sports Card Bust PC.

So... what do you think...

Will David Carr ever lead a team to the playoffs?
Will Carr ever go to the Pro Bowl?
Will he ever play again in the NFL?

Happy Tuesday everyone... only three more days until the weekend. Sayanara!


  1. I think he will play again but in a back up role so playoffs are not likely.

  2. No, No, Yes.

    Those are 2 nice pickups but he is a Bust.

  3. No, No, and, for the upset, No!

    But as a lover of expansion teams and scrabby QB's with above average to amazing scrambling ability, I used to be a huge Carr fan. But I gave up that PC and gave the relics to my little brother (the biggest Texans fan in the state of Massachusetts, guaranteed).

  4. Carr is the third string quarterback for a 4-7 team. Ahead of him are two QBs that have been failed starters before.

    He's Tim Couch. He's Rick Mirer. He's holding clipboards until he quits.

  5. Hey man, as long as there are QB's like Peyton and Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and Brett Favre, there will be a need for an experienced backup who has no expectations of ever playing again unless there is a plane crash or something.

    moving on, I had no idea you were a Carr fan. I must have 150-200 of his cards in a box somewhere... maybe we can swap.

  6. No, No, Yes.

    Mark, give Beckett a break, they were only $37 off on that one. I've seen worse from them.

    Glad to see the Bust Posts back!!!

  7. If only he had an offensive line back when he first came into the league. Poor bastard!

  8. BA Benny - I agree 100%

    John - Thanks... gotta love dem busts!

    SpastikMooss - I'm glad your Carr PC found a nice home... at least someone will appreciate them.

    smedcards - Hey... Couch and Mirer are also part of my sports busts pc ;-)

    Captain - lol... no thanks... two Carrs are plenty for me :-)

    Charles - I'm running out of busts... but don't worry... I just picked up one more on COMC. I'll try to post it as soon as I receive my package.

    TheIronLung - I know right... we can only speculate what might have been.

  9. I hope to all three.... As a 49ners fan I know our future isn't great with either "Smith" at the helm. I just hope that Carr can find the magic that made him a number 1 pick. But he age is a factor and time is running out and realistically I should be answering no to all three....but I am blinded by team love.