30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, November 22, 2010

Domo Arigato: Elbert @ Hawaiian Baseball

Thank you Elbert for the wonderful care package you sent me. If you're a fan of the Dodgers or Hawaiian baseball players, then I encourage you to check out Elbert's two blogs:

The first blog is dedicated to his collection of Dodger autographs. He currently has 635 out of the 1,071 modern era Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers players' signatures. That's one amazing feat.

His other blog features baseball players from Hawaii. I'm especially interested in this site, because I have a lot of relatives who live there... and that's where my family is from.

Now onto the goodies. A few weeks ago Elbert sent me a message over at SCF telling me he had a card for my PC. Today his package arrived... and there was a lot more than just a single card. In fact there were thirty cards in his package... covering 2 different PC's.

First up... my Japanese player PC additions:

This first group of cards shows off the 28 different baseball cards of Japanese players that he sent. Incredibly... I didn't have any of these... so all of them are going straight into my PC. In addition to these, he also sent me a beautiful jersey card of Kasuhiro Sasaki. Sasaki was the American League Rookie of the Year in 2000. He was also an all-star for the Mariners in 2001 and 2002. He would later go back to Japan, where he would play two more seasons before retiring in 2005.

2002 Stadium Club "World Stage Relic" #WS-KS

The final card in the care package is one of my favorite cards of all-time. It's card #531 from the 1982 Donruss baseball set and no... it's not the Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card... it's better than that. It's the San Diego Chicken. Anyone who watched baseball during the 80's knows who the San Diego Chicken. He was a regular member of The Baseball Bunch, which was a television show that featured Johnny Bench and other professional baseball players. Each episode featured a different aspect of the game of baseball... and the Sand Diego Chickent along with the rest of The Baseball Bunch would learn from lessons taught by Mr. Bench and his guests.

So... when I was a kid, this card was one of the most popular cards on the block. Now, it's back in my collection... thanks to Hawaiian Bam Bam.

Okay... Elbert... it's my turn. Keep an eye out for a care package from me... and thanks again for these awesome PC additions.

Today's question of the day requires you to think back to your childhood.

What was your favorite card when you were a kid? Why?

Only a few more days until we get to stuff our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie... and of course we get the opportunity to give thanks. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Favorite card when I was a kid was the 1986 Fleer Mickey Hatcher. That giant glove cracks me up. It's still part of my PC, and I peek at it every once in a while for a laugh.

  2. Fav card when I was a kid is still my fav today. You'll just have to wait until the end of my PC countdown.

    Cool Chicken card!!!