30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flea Market Finds #5

When: Saturday, November 6th
Where: De Anza Flea Market
What: A small sports card "lot" & some Road Warrior figures
How Much: $23.50

I walked around the De Anza Flea Market for a little over two hours. During that time I made three purchases and all three occurred within the first 20 minutes I was there.

Purchase #1: Two 9-card sports card sheets w/cards $3

Sage 2008 base cards of Flacco, Ryan, & Slaton

Rookie Cards of Thomas Jones, Marion Barber,
Tony Gonzalez, J.R. Smith, and Andre Miller

1998/99 UD Ovation "Superstars of the Court" #C13 T. McGrady bv: $5
2008 SAGE HIT "Saturday Colors" #S8 S. Slaton bv: $2.50
1998/99 Upper Deck "Forces-Silver" #F26 G. Robinson (#'d 19/50) bv: $18.75
1998/99 Topps Chome "Coast to Coast"#CC9 A. Iverson bv: $5

1999 Ultra "Damage, Inc." #13 Emmitt Smith bv: $12

1998/99 Skybox Premium "That's Jam" #10 Allen Iverson bv: $15

1998 UD Encore "F/X" #73 Reggie White (#'d 049/125) bv: $???

I'll keep this short... a guy was selling cards out of a binder. I was interested in the Reggie White and Allen Iverson cards, but he wanted to sell the whole page... not individual cards. The White page was a buck and the Iverson page (which also had the Smith insert) was $2.

Purchase #2: 10 Figures from the The Road Warrior movie $20

Mad Max series one figure w/dog

Mad Max series one figure w/kid

the rest of the series one set

the complete four figure series 2 set

The Road Warrior was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, so I was pretty excited when I strolled upon these. I bought them off of the same guy who sold me all of the McFarlane's last month. He didn't have any new sports figures, so picked these up instead. I'm not sure why... I don't have any room to store these, but they look cool... seriously... the detail is pretty amazing. Surprisingly... these sell for some decent money on eBay. A couple of the series one figures (w/dog) have sold for over $20 each and the one with the kid sold for just under $20.

Purchase #3: A pack of soft sleeves $.50

I didn't want to walk around with two 9-pocket pages in my hands the whole day, so I bought some soft sleeves and transferred the cards from the pages into the sleeves. Then I wrapped the empty 9-pocket pages around the stack of soft sleeves and put it in my jacket pocket.

So... overall I'm pretty happy with my purchases. I really like the Reggie White parallel and the Iverson acetate insert... Those will go straight into my PC. The rest of the cards will either go into my bucket/tradelist... or into the commons box.

As for the figures... I'm not sure what I'll do with them. Maybe I'll post them up on eBay... or take them to my buddy's house and store them in his garage.

Today's question of the day is...

Did you ever watch the Mad Max Trilogy? If so... which movie was your favorite? Mad Max, The Road Warrior, or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

It's no competition for me... The Road Warrior is one of my top 50 movies of all-time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As my students say... "toodles".


  1. I didnt know they made Mad Max figures!
    The Road Warrior is by far the best of the three. Mad Max one, though pretty good was fairly depressing and Thunderdome was mostly comedy, plus those kids pissed me off!
    Looking forward to the Mad Max 4 next year, should be a great one!

  2. sweet find. My wife woulda killed me if I had brought home those figures. And for $20, I would have.

    Road Warrior all the way.

  3. I have not seen them in 25 years but I would say they were pretty even with Thunderdome just edging out Road Warrior.

  4. I love your flea market posts,I love to see the things you pick up on the cheap.As for the Mad Max movies,I gotta go with the first one.

  5. Tony Mc - Mad Max 4 next year? Thanks for making my day... that's awesome... seriously looking forward to that one.

    Captain Canuck - I'm lucky my girl doesn't care... then again... we're not married... lol.

    Charles - Me too... I've watched the first two fairly recently... but haven't seen the last one in years.

    John Bateman - I'm going to have to go back and watch Thunderdome... I just remember Tina Turner was in it.

    Hairy Lemon - I like them too... when I get a good deal. The FM is pretty hit or miss... there are days I pay the $5 parking and walk away with nothing... so in the long run, everything evens out.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out my blog!