30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 3, 2020

9% Closer

Three weeks ago, my 2017 Stadium Club baseball set sat in a 5000ct. box less than half way (40%) complete, but completely forgotten.

However thanks to three generous bloggers, I'm down to needing only 53 cards.  That's 83% complete!

Bob (The Best Bubble) got the set building ball rollingAlex (Chavez Ravining) joined in about a week later.

Then Chris from Trouble With The Curve sent me a padded envelope containing twenty-eight more cards for the set build.

My favorite photograph was easily the Gary Carter shown above.  I'll always remember him primarily for his time with the Montreal Expos, but seeing him putting on (or taking off) his catcher's gear reminded me of his time with the New York Mets and instantly put a smile on my face.

He threw in a bunch of Stadium Club inserts as well:

Along with this very this sepia parallel of Omar Vizquel:

2017 Stadium Club Sepia #141

Thank you Chris for helping get 9% closer to completing the 2017 Topps Stadium Club set.

I also received two generous PWE's from a retired card blogger and a current card blogger.  I've been stacked by The Pancake King's!  He sent this rare refractor for my Oakland A's PC:

2005 Topps Chrome Red X-Fractor #63 (#'d 20/25)

He also included an autographed copy of his trademark "stacking" card:

Thank you Wes!  I found four autographs for your wrestling collectionShipped them out last week and they should be arriving soon.

And last, but certainly not least was a quartet of Wacky Packages from John over at Johnny's Trading Spot:

1991 Topps Wacky Packages

Every Wednesday, he shows off some Wacky Packages on his blog and I had commented how cool these cards were.  Next thing you know, they're arriving in my mailbox.

Thank you John!

Gotta say... this is an excellent way to kick off the weekPerfect timing too, since I'm heading into my classroom for the first time in a very long time and officially getting back to work as I start planning for the 2020-21 school year.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the students will still be doing "distance learning", but at least the teachers have the option of teaching from their classrooms, which is where I plan to teach part of the time.

I'll try to stay positive and say that this year will probably be more interesting and unique than the average school year.

Best of luck to all of the other card bloggers who teach who are also preparing for the new school year.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

This was the first post that I've written completely using the new Blogger interface and I'm not a fan.  I've spent about a week fooling around with it, but wish the would allow people the option of sticking with the "legacy" Blogger.  That being said, I do like that I was able to fit four cards on one line.  That was something I wasn't able to do before.


  1. Stadium Club is the only modern set that I ever have any interest in. I think I have a stack of the 2017s here somewhere. I'm going thru my stuff today for another reason so I'll look for them, too.

  2. I hate the new interface and switched back to Legacy. It was slow and prodding to use

  3. Glad to see that they made it! I spent the weekend going through cards and realized that I have a TON of doubles from 2017,2018, 2019. If anyone reading needs any to complete sets, reach out to me.

  4. You can revert back to Legacy, at least until Aug 24th. I no likey either. I think if we all let BLOGGER know IT SUCKS (they did ask us too), maybe they will let us have Legacy back permanently.

  5. Congrats on getting closer to the set!

    Good luck with the new term. I just finished teaching last week (semesters are different in Japan) and found there were some positives and negatives. The positives were mainly just htat I am now way more familiar with some of the tools available and a few of these I can make use of when we go back to in class learning (which won't happen until next April at the earliest for us). The downside is that I've been getting student evaluations and they all agree that they hate online learning (and I can't blame them!) I'll be glad when its safe to go back to a classroom with students in it.

    About the new Blogger, I'm on the fence about it. There are a couple of things I like (like on the dashboard they give you more options to see stats broken up into 3 month, 6 month and 12 month views which weren't previously available), but I'm also having trouble navigating it since stuff isn't where I'm used to seeing it, which I find annoying!

  6. I came figure out how to schedule a post and add tags. There is no click on each tag and hit done anymore same with scheduling. Right now I am still using legacy

  7. Too many things irritate me about the new Blogger interface... for instance I went to update one of my "pages" this morning and it defaulted into HTML mode and it took me forever to find the "compose mode" button. Why would it default to HTML? Ugh. That was the last straw.
    Oh, I finally dug through my 2017 Stadium Club and was able to pull for you, 108 & 130. You'll have a PWE arrive about a week from now. :)

  8. I was doing a post last night and I added a table via the HTML mode. When I tried to switch to the compose mode, it told me there was an error with the HTML and switching might potentially cause me to lose something. Now mind you it had previewed perfectly and I couldn't see any issues with the html. I did a quick copy of all the text in case I had to recreate it and switched back to compose mode. There were no issues and nothing was lost. I have no idea why it gave me that warning.

    So I guess this is a round about way to say I really don't like it. And I really hate the way you add hyperlinks now. Maybe I'll get used to it but it just seems more tedious now.

  9. Yes the new interface isn't great. It's harder to add new labels. I wonder if they are trying to get rid of labels. I don't know if people use them anyway.

    It's a massive improvement on the beta test version from a few months back though. That was even clunkier.

    That Gary Carter card is a lovely thing.

  10. Ugh, not of the new blogger interface at all. Let’s hope they hold off and changing it until they work out more of the bugs.

  11. the diamond king - as soon as i saw it in the stack, i knew i'd be using it as my click bait.

    commishbob - if you're going to only buy one product line each year, stadium club is not a bad choice.

    rebel coyote - i hope they listen to our feedback and allow us to use legacy forever. for now, i'm forcing myself to use the new interface to get used to it

    troublewiththecurve.net - thanks again for your help. i had fun going through the stack and looking at the photographs

    johnnys trading spot - yeah, i know. i figured i'd force myself to use it to get a feel for it.

    sean - have a great school year. i don't blame the kids either. i'm sure they miss seeing there friends and being able to ask their teachers questions in person. as for blogger... when things settle down and i'm into the groove of things, i'll check out the stats section.

    sport card collector - the labels are driving me nuts. and today i started having issues with my photo uploads. ugh

    p-town tom - i feel ya on the blogger issue. and thanks for the help with the set. two steps closer :D

    npb card guy - i'm sure we'll all eventually get used to it... but if it ain't broke... there's no need to fix it. all of the html stuff is completely foreign to me. maybe when i retire, i'll take the time to learn it ;D

    jongudmund - i use labels to organize things. i hope they don't get rid of them. as for the carter, it's on the top 10 list. great looking card.

    sumomenkoman - even better is just let us have the option to use the legacy version permanently :D