30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, October 8, 2018

Breakfast of Champions

Within my Tony Gwynn collection, I have a few random items that don't fit into binders or top loaders.  This 2007 Wheaties cereal box is one of them.

Due to lack of storage space, I don't make a habit of collecting cereal boxes.  However I do have this particular one proudly displayed on a bookshelf at home.  The only other one I have on display is a 1997 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI Wheaties box sitting in my classroom.

What about you?

Do you collect Wheaties boxes?

Well that's it for today.  I just wanted to write a quick post to kick off the week.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I have two..a Cal Ripken box ans a Jim Palmer one. Like you, a lack of space keeps me from ever grabbing more of them.

  2. Like you and others I don't have the room to attempt to collect the things. I have a few more modern ones. A have several of the retro Mary Lou Retton box from I forget the year but it was one of the anniversary years where they reprinted famous Olympic boxes. I have a few other boxes (all empty) that at one point I planed on selling.

  3. I used to. But my wife was starting to notice junk piling up lol. Now I just do cards

  4. The only sports related cereal box that I have, is a couple of boxes of Brian Grant Monsta O's. I do have a few unopened non-sport cereal boxes as well, Addams Family, Batman, etc.

  5. I have a Gehrig mini Wheaties box. That's about it.

  6. I only own a Larry Bird unopened box from when he retired.

  7. No Wheaties boxes for me, but I do I have a couple of empty Cubs themed cereal boxes the local grocery chain produced when they won the World Series.

  8. Whenever there's a Boston sports theme Wheaties box I try to buy two or three. One I leave full, and flatten the others. So I have about a half dozen full ones covering the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots. They are definitely harder to store than cards though! But, when I eat the cereal from the ones I flatten, I fell like I'm getting a free collectable, which is a good feeling.

  9. I haven’t got too many cereal boxes. Sometime in the ‘90’s I got a box of Mike Alstott crunch (basically Frosted Flakes), and I got him to sign it after a game. I believe I still have it somewhere. The other box I had was a Ken Griffey Jr box of frosted Wheaties or something. Don’t know what happened to it.

  10. Cereal boxes? I barely have enough space for my baseball cards!

  11. I don’t collect them, but probably because I never ate the cereal. I wish cereal boxes these days had more cards included though.

  12. I have a few dozen flattened boxes. Sometimes it’s s great way to get a non traditional superstar like Michael Phelps among others. My favorite is an old corn flakes Nolan Ryan box.

  13. commishbob - i've seen at least one ripken cereal box before. don't remember a palmer though. very cool.

    captkirk42 - i'm pretty sure i had the retton box you're talking about back when i actually ate wheaties.

    sport card collectors - lol. even without a wife... i'm trying to focus only on cards.

    jon - is it the batman from the late 80's? if so, i had that box in high school.

    the lost collector - when i bought this wheaties box, it came with a gehrig. i cut it up and kept the front. had planned on displaying it my classroom. not sure where it is now.

    angus & section 36 - cereal intact? nice. my packers had cereal in it for years, but i got worried about bugs, so I replaced it with packing peanuts (or maybe wadded newspaper). then i reglued it.

    jafronius - i wish wheaties had made one for the a's in 1989. or the padres. oh wait. they've never won the world series.

    jeremya1um - that alstott sounds like a cool collectible. after writing this post, i noticed there were a couple of these boxes that gwynn signed. i thought about buying it, but there's the storage issue.

    nick - totally understand

    sumomenkoman - me too. i just bought a box of honeycombs, because they had mls cards on them.

    baltmoss68 - had to look up that corn flakes nolan ryan. looks like he has two different ones available. both are really cool.