30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Upon Closer Inspection

When you're sitting in front of 25k sports cards, you don't have the time to sit down and appreciate each card individually.  Well... I guess you could.  But I didn't have three months to spare, so I flew through the collection my friend sold me as fast as I could.

Yesterday, I opened up a PWE from Sport Card Collectors, quickly downshifted, and slowed things down, so I could appreciate and soak in the knowledge that each card had to offer.

Like a barracuda attracted to shiny objects, I was immediately drawn to lustrous gold parallel of Yoenis Cespedes:

2014 Topps Archives Gold #110 (#'d 003/199)

In addition to it's beautiful shine, I was also drawn to the card's design.  With each passing year, I enjoy the 1986 Topps baseball card design more and more.

It's one of the first sets I attempted to build when I was younger.

The red and black card back design was embedded into my brain after countless hours of sorting these cards.  Back then, I actually would take the time to read the Talking Baseball box featured on some of the younger players in the set.

Upon closer inspection... this particular card took me back to the 1988 World Series when Canseco hit a grand slam early in the game.  Unfortunately this memory is often buried by the fact that Kirk Gibson hit one of the most memorable home runs in World Series history.

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball Flashbacks #BF-RJ

Next up is a new Reggie Jackson card for my binder.  He looks so young in this photo.  Collecting in the 80's, I'm more used to seeing him when he was in his mid 30's to early 40's.

Upon closer inspection... I learned that Reggie peaked early.  I never knew his 47 home runs in 1969 were a career high.  Had to check Baseball Reference to verify and sure enough... it's true.  In fact, can you believe that he only had two seasons with 40 or more home runs?  

2015 Topps Opening Day Stadium Scenes #STA-JF

The third card was this interesting insert card featuring Sean Doolittle signing for fans at the Oakland Coliseum.

Upon closer inspection... I was disappointed that Doolittle's name isn't mentioned anywhere on this card.  Heck... there's a chance this isn't Doolittle.  What I do know is that the photograph was taken by Jordyn Fernandez.  

2018 Topps Heritage Then and Now #TN-15

Sport Card Collectors is now four for four.  No dupes so far.  This card will be added to my Hunter PC.

Upon closer inspection... I learned that Sam McDowell was probably better suited for this card instead of Catfish.  But I'm not complaining.  If this had been a McDowell/Sale combo card, it wouldn't be residing in my collection.

The streak is over...

2018 Topps Opening Day MLB Opening Day #OD-24

This Davis is the first dupe in the PWE.  That's okay though.  One of my graduating 8th graders is a die-hard Athletics fan.  I'm gonna pass it off to him.

Upon closer inspection... I learned that there are only two players to hit more than one home run on Opening Day for the Oakland Athletics.  It took about 15 minutes of doing research, but I finally figured out that Jason Giambi is the other guy.

Last... but not least:

2014 Topps Update Target Red #US-75

By the time Punto arrived in Oakland, his best years were behind him.  In fact, his tenure with the Athletics was kind of a blur to me.

I remember him being on the team, but can't remember any specific highlights.

However upon closer inspection to the front of Punto's jersey, there's a small patch I had never seen before.

But through a little research, I discovered it's the logo for Step Up to Cancer which is a charitable program.

Thank you SCC for this awesome PWE!  I hate to admit this... but when it comes to collecting... I often live my life in the fast lane.  But thanks to these cards... I was able to slow down for awhile, sit back, and appreciate cards like when I was nine years old hanging out on my porch opening packs with my friends.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Seeing that 1986 design with "Athletics" instead of "A's" and having that super-distinct A character get condensed to fit really really really weirds me out.

  2. Those "Stadium Scenes" inserts are fun (I think I have the whole set, or something close to it) but the backs are an absolute waste. As you said, no information on the photo/player(s) featured on the front leaves the door open for a whole lot of confusion.

  3. Good post. I'm definitely guilty of this myself.

  4. Never noticed these things on the cards. maybe I should take some time out and look closer.

    Glad you enjoyed! I have another small stack started for you.

  5. I'll never understand Topps. The generic backs on the Stadium Scenes for one, and then they pick the thirteenth highest guy on the leader list (who must be the first guy on that same list that they still have a contract with to put his image on a card?) and match it up to the current leader who had twice as many K's in a year. What do the two of them have in common then?

  6. Great idea for a post. We don’t often take enough time to read that stuff. Heck, someone at the card companies had to go and research it all. Cool and generous PWE.

  7. nick vossbrink - yeah. not sure why they mess with a good thing

    nick - the concept is really cool. i mean... how awesome would it be to have a photograph of yours featured on a baseball card

    the lost collector - glad to know i'm not the only one.

    sport card collectors - thanks for the cards. i've got a huge stack of giants i'll be shipping out to you sooner or later

    gca - yeah... that was pretty silly. maybe they don't want to pay mcdowell money

    sumomenkoman - i really need to start. if only i had the time.

  8. Trying to appreciate the actual cards is one of the secondary reasons I started blogging. For the longest time I was just buying a card and throwing it in the box. Now I at least examine some of the more interesting purchases. Still plenty of room for improvement.