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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sports Card Injury

Injuries are a part of sports.  I'm not sure they apply to sports cards quite as often.  However... where there is a will, there is a way.  And when you've been collecting for over thirty years it was bound to happen at some point.  Right?

Okay... maybe I'm just hoping that I'm not the only collector to ever suffer a hobby related injury.  If I am... so be it.  Here's the story...

Five weeks ago, I set out to get 10,000 steps per day for 56 straight days.  That number was chosen to honor Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak.  I figured that if he could hit safely in 56 straight games, I could force myself to walk 56 straight days.

It's pretty easy to reach my goal when I'm teaching, but it's a little more challenging on the weekend.  Walking around the flea market has helped a lot.  And two Sundays ago, I woke up and headed out to the Capitol Flea Market.

I haven't had a lot of luck finding anything of value around this flea market, but about halfway through my walk, I stumbled across a vendor who had this box of cards:

After going back and forth, we settled on a $25 price tag.  Now I'm not exactly sure of how much this box weighed... but I'd say it was anywhere between 15 and 30 pounds.  I stopped a few times to rest my arms, but eventually I made it back to my car without any real issues.

After the flea market, I went to my barber who also does pedicures.  Lol.  Try not to judge too much.  I do it mainly for the foot and leg massages.  Seriously... this woman has magic fingers.

Anyways... about halfway through the massage, she asked me to sit up.  I felt a sharp pain and immediately knew I threw out my back.  AGAIN.  It didn't take a genius to figure out that carrying the cards around the flea market was the thing that strained my back.  The massage was just the straw.

Okay... what about you?

Have you ever suffered a sports card related injury?

C'mon... I promise to not laugh too hard.  I mean it.  If I do... I might reinjure my back.

By the way... I'm not finished organizing the cards.  But here are two of my favorites so far:

2013 Topps Chrome Refractor #35
2013 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor #78

Well.  That's it for now.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. I got a paper cut from an 89-90 Hoops card circa 1997...another from my paper listing where I track my collection. I've not had trouble with lifting cards, because I know I can't do it so I get my brothers help when needed.

  2. Stiff neck and migrane from thumbing through cards from time to time.

  3. Great purple Arenado RC! My worst hobby related injury was partially ripping a fingernail off during a battle with a top loader.

  4. Just about any time I put cards into binders nowadays, my upper arms will be sore.

  5. I have tripped trying to read a card back once and walking lol

  6. Can't say I have a sports card injury. Maybe straining my eye sight to read card backs?

    That Arenado purple is $$$

  7. No sports card injuries. I have had back problems though. One time I threw it out sneezing. Another time I think I was brushing my teeth. I see some nice die-cuts in your box. Oh, I've also pulled a hamstring sleeping. Getting older sucks sometimes. Feel better.

  8. I can't think of any actual injuries, but seeing as I only get to one or two shows a year, I'll spend 5-6 hours standing up while going through cards. My feet and eyes are pretty well shot by the time I'm done.

    I'm sure you'll easily get $25 worth of entertainment out of that box, but I'm thinking you'll do OK in terms of actual value.

  9. I definitely have had some bad paper cuts. I've also sliced some cuticles on stupid binder pages.

  10. Card shows and being 6'4" is not a good combination. If I spend anything more than a couple of hours at a card show, while constantly looking down at all of those low tables, then I have a bad neck ache for the remaining portion of the day.
    Looks like a fun box of randomness!

  11. i've thrown out my back moving my own monster boxes. I hope you recoup soon Fuji.

  12. I get the neck & lower back problems from a day on the concrete at shows too.
    And there was the time I destroyed my back several weeks ago shoving two empty bookcases up my stairs to increase my card storage volume. Was sore for a couple weeks after that. And I learned I'm sensitive to heavy medications you get from the doctor when you see him for it.

  13. Throwing out your back during a pedicure? I'd blame baseball cards too. I've definitely had a stiff neck many times. Fun post. Thanks.

  14. Sorry to hear partner-at least no teaching and was for cards. only thing i hurt is my wallet!

  15. I can't think of any big card-related injuries besides just general exhaustion following a card show. Those and papercuts are about all I've had.

  16. Billy Kingsley - Lol. Forgot how thin those 89/90 Hoops cards were.

    The Angels In Order - I'm sure I've suffered from a stiff neck sorting cards. I'm really glad I haven't suffered from a migraine though. Knock on wood.

    Tim B. - Ouch!

    Jeremya1um - Gotta love our 1st world problems.

    Sport Card Collectors - Nice. I don't read my card backs enough for this to be an issue.

    Collecting Cutch - I seriously think sports cards have contributed to my poor eye sight

    Hackenbush - I've done the sneezing thing. Haven't done it brushing my teeth... but I have done it taking a shower.

    The Shlabotnik Report - I only stood around for about 2 hours today... and I came home and took a 3 hour nap.

    SumoMenkoMan - It's feeling better already. Not quite ready to hit the greens though.

    The Lost Collector - Paper cuts have taken the lead. And now that you mention it... I've sliced my cuticles on binder pages too.

    P-town Tom - I guess that's one benefit to being short. Although... I was pretty tired after two hours of sifting through cards.

    Julie Owens - I don't think I've done that... yet. But I'm sure it's going to happen eventually.

    GCA - I probably need to see a doctor, but I haven't had very good experiences. Every time I do... they try to show me stretches... which I do. They've never given me any crazy medication though.

    Bulldog - Lol. Yeah. A pedicure. SMH.

    B Man - Kinda wish I did it while teaching. Workman's comp ;)

    Nick - Those darn paper cuts. Looks like those are the most popular card related injuries. That and card show exhaustion.