30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, June 22, 2018

Love at First Sight

After a six or seven year hiatus, I jumped back into the hobby in 2008.  It wasn't one of those dip your toes into the water situations.  That year, I dove in head first and began purchasing everything from baseball to hockey.  It didn't take long for me to discover the Topps flagship design since it was used for their baseball, football, and basketball products.

The team name within the colored coordinated circles gives off a vintage feel that really stood out to me.

Simply put.  It was love at first sight.

I bought enough of these products to pull cool cards of Barack Obama, Russell Westbrook, and Matt Ryan.  However... I completely missed the boat on the two key baseball rookie cards:  Clayton Kershaw and Joey Votto.

The Kershaw has reached levels that I'm not comfortable paying, so it's highly unlikely I'll ever own his 2008 Topps Update card.  However a few months ago, I decided to finally cross the Votto off of my wantlist:

2008 Topps Chrome Refractor #196

I decided to go big and purchase the Chrome refractor version of his rookie card.

Although it wasn't a dollar bin purchase, I felt the $20 price tag was reasonable considering he's one of the most reliable hitters in the game.

I actually completely forgot about this card until I watched the highlight involving him, a bird, and a grand slam against the Detroit Tigers earlier in the week.

Although I don't have any plans on building a Joey Votto collection, I would like to buy an on-card autograph of his eventually.  The guy is already one of the greatest Canadians to play the sport.

Okay... it's your turn:

Who is your favorite Canadian athlete?

What's the most recent sports card design that you fell in love with immediately?

Happy Flashback Friday... and sayonara!


  1. Well, I mean, as a Reds fan, how can I not say Joey Votto? That card is a beauty. Dropped my jaw nearly immediately.

    As far as a card design I instantly fell in love with? I'm cliche. 1987 Topps. I was an impressionable kid. Wood grain borders? Yes please.

  2. Can't say I have a favorite Canadian athlete. Maybe Eric Gagne? I got to interview him and he did very well for the Dodgers.

    Most recent sports card design that I enjoyed: 2015 Topps. Bring back borders!!!

  3. Not sure I have a favourite recent card design, but I can answer the favourite Canadian athlete question, though we have to turn back the clock quite a ways to do it...Pirates catcher George Gibson!

  4. Votto is awesome!

    I'd have to go with a Syracuse basketball player, who get a lot of Canadians. Perhaps current Lakers (and former Syracuse player) Tyler Ennis.

  5. Gotta be Votto. His RCs are criminally underpriced.

  6. I’ve always liked Larry Walker. The 2015 Topps set is probably the last design I’ve really liked as soon as I’ve seen it.
    On a side note, I’ll be seeing Votto and he Reds in Detroit in August. I hope he doesn’t hit another Granny against my Tigers!

  7. I think favourite Canadian athlete is Larry Walker.
    Of course, as a Canadian, I also collect Canadian baseball players lol

  8. I have to go with Matt Stairs as my favorite non-hockey playing Canadian.
    The 2016 Donruss basketball base cards had a certain appeal.

  9. None of my favorite current New York Rangers are Canadian, so I'll pick a childhood hero: Steve Vickers.

  10. 2008 Topps Chrome is such a beautiful looking set. As far as recent designs go, 2018 Score Football looks great to me. The design is also being featured in 2018 Panini Chronicles baseball but I know Panini will find a way to botch the design like they did with 2017 Donruss baseball.

  11. Russell Martin is a personal favorite

  12. Turkey Red.I jumped on board In 2006 a year after their initial release but luckily the card design remained the same (I hated the '07 design).Those cards made me actually frequent a card shop weekly ,buying up packs.That hadn't happened since I was a kid.I still have a bunch of em' today.

    1. Oh,and Steve Nash is my favorite Canadian athlete.

  13. jasongerman 9 - I love 1987 Topps. Although... for me it took a couple decades for me to warm up to that design. I definitely appreciate it more now than when I was busting boxes of that stuff 30 years ago.

    night owl - I remember Gagne dominating hitters late in the game. That's cool that you had the opportunity to interview him. Agree 100% on 2015 Topps.

    Richard - George Gibson? I'll have to look him up when I'm finished replying to these comments.

    The Lost Collector - Don't follow basketball anymore. But one of my former students is going to Syracuse. I'll have to try and find a card of Ennis for her.

    Matt Prigge - I agree. Now is the time to buy. There's also a huge shortage of his on-card autographs. Not a lot to choose from circulating the hobby.

    Jereymya1um - Walker and 2015 Topps are excellent choices. Have fun at the game!

    Mike Matson - Walker is kinda like Votto in the sense that their rookie cards don't get a lot of respect. Plus neither guy has a lot of pack pulled, on-card autographs. Not even sure if Walker has one.

    KO Rob - As an A's fan... I love Matt Stairs. Don't collect basketball... but I'll have to check them out.

    Brett Alan - Another Canadian I'll have to look up after I finish commenting.

    ketchupman36 - If there's one thing that Panini does well... it's usually create pretty solid "low end" football card designs.

    Greg Zakwin - Nice call. I didn't realize he was Canadian.

    Big Tone - I love Turkey Red too. Nice call on Nash. Miss his days at Santa Clara.

  14. '07 Topps, '13 Topps, '15 Topps.
    When will Flagship be printed on chrome? Save paper stock for Bowman Heritage & Archives; High Tek becomes the New Chrome. Topps is printing flagship on inferior stock for what reason?

  15. xavier higgins - Had no clue Naismith was a Canadian. Very cool. I loved 2015 Topps too. I'm not sure if Topps will transition their flagship to only Chrome. I feel like old school collectors want their "paper".

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