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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flea Market Finds #117: 1st Purchase of the Year

Two weeks ago, I took a day off in order to get my taxes done.  My appointment wasn't until 11:00am, so I decided to hit up the Capitol Flea Market on the way.

It's been awhile since I've walked around the flea market.  Part of that has to do with laziness (warm bed trumps dirty flea markets), but the weather has played a role too.

Thursday is usually the best day to find deals at Capitol, but sadly my first trip of 2017 was pretty uneventful.  There were a few guys with sports memorabilia, but only one guy had reasonable prices.

Anyone remember the "Box Bottom" guy who normally sets up at the Branham Flea Market?  He was out there, but didn't have anything new that really stood out to me.  However... after hanging out at his table for 20 minutes digging through his boxes, I felt like I should at least buy something.

I grabbed two cards...

Card #1:  Steve Garvey Parallel

2005 Playoff Prestige Red Foil #197 (#'d 07/25)

The first card I set aside was this low serial numbered card of Steve Garvey, who happens to be one of my favorite Hall of Very Good members.  My only complaint is that Playoff chose to include him in this set as a Dodger.  Go Padres!

Card #2:  Joe Panik Auto

2015 Topps Tek #HT-JPK

Even though I'm not a Giants fan, I enjoy cheering for a few of their players.  Panik is one of them.  Back in 2012, I saw him play when he was with the San Jose Giants and I've been following his career ever since.  His first two years in San Francisco were pretty solid, but last year he really struggled.  Hopefully he'll bounce back in 2017.

The guy was asking $2 for the Garvey and $8 for the Panik, but everything was half off, so I handed over a five spot.  It's not quite up there in terms of "Greatest Flea Market Finds", but like I said... I kinda felt pressured into making this purchase.

Now that it's starting to get warmer... I'll probably start heading back out to my local flea markets in search of hidden treasures.  Then again... do I really need more crap cluttering my office and my parent's garage?  Who knows?  As soon as I figure things out... you'll be the first to know.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Love that Steve Garvey card. Great finds and post.

  2. Joe Panik, one of the few New York native major leaguers I can recall in recent memory.

  3. Well, Garvey is one of maybe 5 players I can think of who ever did anything positive for the Padres, so you have that.

    But, no, he's a Dodger.

  4. Well hello there, Steve Garvey card that I "need" any chance we can make a deal?

  5. Tek autos for $4 is always a good thing.

  6. bulldog - thanks. loved garvey as a kid

    zippy - didn't realize he was from NY. it was cool getting a chance to watch him play in SJ... although he struggled that night

    night owl - lol. yeah, he'll be remembered as a dodger. but i still would have enjoyed seeing him in his padres uniform. one of five huh? i'm curious who the other four are. gwynn of course...

    gcrl - of course. lol... i actually considered not writing this post, because i wanted to keep it. but it fits your pc much better than mine.

    matthew scott - yeah. on-card and acetate. two amazing things. the question is whether or not panik can turn things around in 2017

  7. As a Cubs fan I can't stand Garvey whatever team he was on. I think I bought a Joe Panik card just for the name. Yours is a nice one.

  8. Nice pickups. I always love your flea market finds. Wished I was lucky enough to have one locally or any kind of show. If you find Rodney Hampton cards I need cheap hit me up!