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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guaranteed Ridiculous

There's an old saying, "those who can't do... teach and those who can't teach... become administrators".  

Back in October, I took over our school's Leadership class because the administrator who runs the class went out on maternity leave.  Over the course of these three months, I have discovered a newfound respect for her and her job.

Between managing the Leadership kids, my own classes, and trying my damnedest to stay mentally sane... my life right now is straight up "ridiculous".  With that being said...

Last night's CFP National Championship was ridiculously long.  I love watching football and last night's game ended up being one for the ages, but four plus hours is way too long for this fan.  I passed out early in the third quarter and missed all of the excitement, but I'm grateful to be watching the replay right now as I pound out this post.

While we're focusing on the ridiculous, I figured I'd show off the latest addition to my Rickey Henderson collection:

The card itself is ridiculously awesome.  However you'd have to be ridiculously rich or brave to bust Topps Dynasty.  One card boxes sell for around $300 to $350.  Talk about a high risk/high reward product.  You can hit the jackpot and pull a Babe Ruth or Roberto Clemente cut signature.  However there are plenty of guys like Freddie Freeman and Sonny Gray too, which sell in the $50 range.  I can't imagine dropping three bills on a box and pulling a $50 card out of it.  I'd be ridiculously disappointed in myself for taking such a ridiculous risk.

Wanna hear another ridiculous thing about this Rickey?  I picked up this card for $120 (+ $5 shipping), which is a ridiculous amount of money for me to spend on a single card.  But what's even more ridiculous is the fact that I'm too scared to crack the seal and free Rickey from his plastic cell.  Yeah.  I admit that I'm ridiculous.

Need some more ridiculousness in your life?  Check out this lot of 2016 Topps Archives 65th Anniversary autographs I recently purchased off of eBay:

Last week, I picked up these seven autographs for $13.50 (+ $3 shipping), which is a little over half of the suggested retail price for a sealed box of this product.  The ridiculous thing about this purchase is the lack of resale value Topps is offering its customers.

The day after I bought this lot of autographs, another collector won this auction:

A complete set of this product with 16 autographs for just over the cost of two unopened boxes.  That's flippin' ridiculous.

Okay... I'm starting to get a little ridiculous myself with the amount of times I'm using the word "ridiculous", so I'll wrap up this ridiculous post with this card...

1997 Genuine Article #19

At first glance, there isn't anything too ridiculous about this card.  However... what if I told you that the guy pictured on this card is Roy Rogers, not Roy Rodgers?

Is it possible that Mr. Rogers purposely added a "D" to his signature to be ridiculous?  Of course.  Or maybe Andrew Havens, the president of The Genuine Article was ridiculously stupid and didn't catch the spelling error before he forged all 7,500 signatures.

Whatever the case is... I'm getting ridiculously tired.  So do me a favor and leave a ridiculous comment down below.  Today's topic...

What's something you find ridiculous?

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Rickey would like to be free-I love how he speaks in the third person-that is redunk. I first bid on a couple of the Curt Simmons autos bailing at $20. But within a ew weeks like 20 of them showed and it was mine for about$5 including sipping.

  2. Roll tide Roy. He blocked so many shots at bama! It was ridiculous

  3. I find it ridiculous that the guy charged you $5 shipping after you spent $120 on a single card. The dude should have hooked you up for free shipping. Though the card is awesome, you seem to come up with the coolest Rickey cards.

  4. Ridiculous is the box of 65th anniversary Archives that I bought at Walmart (the set featuring the autos you landed) and pulling 2 separate doubles among the 16 cards in the box, complaining to Topps about it, and getting no response. Ridiculous.

  5. If you are just a team collector or only have a couple pc's it really doesn't make financial sense to open those crazy premium boxes. Just cherry picking on eBay or a reverse box is the way to go. Love that Rickey. Glad you got what you wanted.

  6. Ridickerous (as Tigger would say) is those oddball companies that cut up autographed full size cards and put a small piece in another card that they make and call it a cut signature.
    But more ridickerous than that is the dealers that hoard up all the copies of one card - like the last checklist in the '73 Topps set, or the '66 Grant Jackson Rookie Stars - and jack up the prices for no reason except for greed. They're not superstar cards, they're not auto'd or GUs, they're not rare (naturally, anyway), and they're not errors. So they should be valued just like the other cards of the same product and series.
    And finally, when companies produce a parallel or insert set in one series one way (color scheme choices or full blasters, etc.) and then in the next series change them to something different (different colors or designs or only a few per blaster) so the designs don't match or you have to spend ten times as much to finish them. Ridiculous!

  7. Is that really Andrew Havens signature on the back is there even an Andrew Havens????? All questions for another post I guess when you have nothing to do you can investigate! lol

  8. I don't know whether anybody's going to get a reference to the 1970's version of The Odd Couple, but...

    Aristophanes is ridiculous!!!!

  9. The extra d is for defense! Or dubious...

  10. Great post and love Rickey and the card. Wouldn't drop that kind of change though. Ridiculous is what some guys try to sell cards for on eBay or other sites when a quick search of completed auctions for the same card will give you a decent idea of the market for that card. I'm all for someone trying to get what they can for a card but don't try selling a $25 card for $250. Ridiculous.

  11. brady - i know, right? i still just can't get myself to do it though. rickey might get what he wants. then again, maybe he won't.

    angus - yeah... it's ridonkulous.

    jaybarkerfan - this card will eventually be sent your way buddy

    corky - this card is way out of my league. only reason i actually picked this up was b/c eBay had their 10% bonus bucks day.

    night owl - sorry bud. you never know which topps you're going to get. the one that sends out a free Topps Now card to their customers or the one that ignores your messages.

    matthew - i'm becoming a big fan of the reverse box break. it's entertaining and really helps boost your individual collections. best of all... it's much, much cheaper than actually busting a box.

    gca - first time i heard about the 73t checklist or 66t jackson. that's not cool. that's definitely the most ridiculous thing i've read in these comments so far.

    dion - nah... it's printed on there. that would have been pretty cool if havens signed it though.

    shlabotnikreport - had to look it up. didn't remember it, but man i loved that show as a kid.

    brian - i'm going with the latter

    bulldog - yeah, i think that's only the second time i've spent $120+ on a card. i never would have done it, but eBay was offering 10% bonus bucks that day. as for those vendors... i never really understood that either. maybe they're just hoping someone will accidentally click the buy it now button