30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, January 20, 2017

Changing of the Card

Earlier today the world watched President Donald Trump get sworn into office and right now readers of this blog will witness the inauguration of this year's Wallet Card.

Two years and ten days ago, my 1995 Skybox Emotion Tony Gwynn was selected to be my inaugural Wallet Card.  The thick card stock held up so well that after one year, I decided to let it serve a second term.

During that time, it went with me on a variety of adventures.  Here's a quick recap:

Staff Meeting @ School Library

Mountain View Farmer's Market

Bowlmor Bowling Alley in San Jose

Dave and Busters @ Great Mall

GTS Distribution in San Jose

Oakland Coliseum

AT&T Park

Lighthouse Point @ Santa Cruz

San Francisco

High School Soccer Game

Red Rock Casino @ Las Vegas

Hukilau in San Jose Japantown

Newport Beach

Branham High School Flea Market

But now it's time to turn our attention to my newly selected Wallet Card:

1986 Topps #10

1986 marked the end of an era for me as a collector.  The following year I discovered baseball card boxes at Price Club and started buying cards not just for fun... but for profit.  Over the years, I eventually rediscovered the "fun" in collecting again.  But there's still a part of me that gets excited when I find a really good deal at the flea market, because I know that I could make a profit if I wanted to.  Ideas like that didn't cross my mind in 1986.

By the way... I'm suffering from one of the worst head colds I've ever had.  Every time I cough, I get the worst pain in my head.  Anyways... here are the two Tony's hanging out with members of my cabinet and refrigerator.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Tony got around. Hope you feel better. I see lots of Vitamin C and some good ol' Jewish penicillin. I was feeling run down myself today and drank an Emergen-C.

  2. Get well soon, Fuji. I was feeling kind of ill today...and I don't have a cold.

    1. Yeah, that particular illness is going to last for awhile...

  3. I'm seeing orange. A lot of orange in your future. Perhaps four years or so. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Feel better. Tony got around a lot more than I did all of last year

  5. Hackenbush - Still feel like crap. I think it'll get worse before it gets better. I'm a firm believer in Jewish penicillin... ever since I was a kid.

    Commish & Rob - Yeah... I hope you guys feel better in 4 years.

    Julie - Thanks Julie! Glad to see you're back.

    Sport Card Collectors - Thanks. Hopefully I'll remember to give him more fresh air in 2017. I went on a few other trips, but forgot to let him out.

  6. I've always loved that Gwynn card. Feel like he's trying to deal with a heckler during warm ups...

    1. Kinda thought he was giving Goose a lesson on throwing a forkball ;)

  7. Best of luck to you and Wallet 86T Tony to you in 2017!