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Monday, October 17, 2016

Normally Not a Fan of Change

I've never been a fan of change.  When I was a kid, I started drinking Coke products.  These days, I don't drink a lot of soda, but when I do... it's usually a Coke or a Sprite.  Back in the early 80's... my father brought home and built our family an Apple IIe.  Thirty-something years later... I'm still using their computers.  And although I've changed my clothing styles a few times over the years... I've been a hoodie, cargo shorts, and flip-flops kind of guy for the past ten to fifteen years.  Like I said... I'm not a fan of change.

However when it comes to our hobby... I'm all about it.  It seems like I'm constantly fiddling with my collection.  Sometimes I'm obsessed with cheap 90's inserts.  Other times I'll start chasing down vintage singles I've always wanted.

Last year, I started collecting PSA/DNA slabbed autographed rookie cards of some of my favorite players.  Card companies are always inserting signed rookie cards into their products, but that wasn't the case back when I was growing up.

So now... I'm making up for lost time.  So far I've picked up signed rookie cards of Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux, Steve Largent, James Lofton, Joe Sakic, and Wade Boggs.  But my favorite purchase by a landslide is my 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson:

The only card I could envision knocking this card out of the top spot would be any Tony Gwynn autographed rookie card.  However prices are a little too high for my cardboard budget... so I don't think Rickey has anything to worry about.

Getting back to the topic of "change".  Anyone remember when it was kind of "taboo" to have a player sign their rookie card, because it was already valuable... and adding ink to the card would only bring down the value?

Well... from my personal experience... times have surely changed

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Looks great! Nice of Rickey to sign up in the bright part of the photo so the autograph pops.

  2. That's a nice lineup of rookies you've got. And you know they're real.

  3. I will never forget when I was about 14, so about 1981, when my dad took me to a card show in the STL and I stood in line and had Rickey sign a card-may be it was his rookie-I know it is around here some where. But what I remember most was the Jerry Curls and he was not so nice-but you don't have to be nice when you are as great as Rickey. I guess this experience put me off on standing in line to get an auto. Rather do what you did and just get a slabbed copy. 1980 Topps with his sig is sweeeeet.

  4. I remember the discussion in card magazines in the early 1980s that some people viewed autographed cards as written on and therefore valueless or of less value at least.

    I also remember thinking that those people were idiots.

  5. I am not a fan of change either unless it's changing up my blog a bit. Nice card!

  6. defgav - i'm actually not a big fan of having athletes sign cards that already have their facsimile autograph. but i'll make the exception for this card ;)

    hackenbush - well... technically i don't, since i didn't obtain them in person. but i'll give psa the benefit of the doubt.

    b man - i've heard the same thing before about rickey. guess that's just rickey being rickey. hope you come across that card. if you find it, please show it off.

    tony l. - when i worked at the card shop we had the same discussion all of the time. lol... turns out you were totally right. kudos bro... you were ahead of our hobby buddy!

    sport card collectors - you're one step ahead of me. i don't even like changing up my blog.