30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ending the Weekend on a Brighter Note

There are few things I enjoy more than laying in bed listening to the rain outside with my eyes shut... which is exactly what I did this morning.

Unfortunately... rainy weather also means that I missed walking around the flea market for the second consecutive weekend.  That's okay... because at least I could stay indoors and watch the Packers and the Seahawks play.

Wait.  Both played during the same time slot, which meant that I either had to pick one game or flip/flop between the two games.  Sadly... both teams stunk it up this weekend.

At least I'd get to watch the Cubs/Dodgers game... which was actually pretty entertaining.  But hold on... the Cubs lost.

Overall... a sub-par Sunday.  Anyways... I figured I'd wrap things up on a positive note with a couple of care packages from fellow bloggers:

First up... P-town Tom hooked me up with a very generous package of Oakland Athletics cards.  One of my favorites is this 1960 Topps cards featuring the Kansas City A's coaches:

The regular 1960 Topps base card design is one of my all-time favorites.  The manager cards are second to none.  And the design they chose for their coaches cards isn't too shabby either.  Kudos to Topps.  

I remember DeJesus played with the Athletics a few years ago... but I honestly haven't thought about him since he left for the Chicago Cubs.  Great looking card though.  1952 Topps is another solid set design.

Tom also hooked me up with some 1993 Upper Deck holograms for my PC:

I needed both of these for my collection... plus this awesome diecut insert of Big Mac:

If that weren't enough... Tom also sent me about 70 other A's cards... including these cool inserts, oddballs, and rookie cards:

Thanks Tom!

Next up is a nice Canadian care package from Doug.  Whenever I see his name on a padded envelope, I know I'm going to be treated to some San Jose Sharks cardboard:

My favorite from the lot was this Joe Pavelski from the Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day set:

He also sent me a partial Zach Erwin rainbow:

I don't know much about Erwin... but he's a lefty and these three cards sure are shiny... so I'll look forward to seeing if the A's keep him around.

The last card I wanted to show off from Doug's care package is actually a 1983 Topps Sticker which features Rickey doing what he always did best.

Thanks Doug!

And rounding out this post is this 1981 Topps Brian Sipe card that KevAlan over at Card Collector's World sent me for my set:

Kevin has helped me a lot with this set.  So far he's singlehandedly chopped my wantlist in half.  Now I only need four more cards for the set.

Thanks Kevin!  And thanks again to Tom and Doug too.  All three of you guys helped add a little sunshine to my day.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. The baseball was great this weekend. Glad to see the Dodgers pick up a win. Want this series to go deep.

  2. Yea, that Cubs/Dodger tilt was a great game... frustrating as a Cubs fan, but great nonetheless. Losing to Kershaw should have been almost expected though.

    Also, if Topps would consider bringing back coaches on cards, I don't think I'd complain.

  3. What do you mean the Seahawks stunk it up? They won!

  4. I can recall how disappointed I was to pull the floating head coaches cards out of packs back then. But now they are one of my favorite things about the set. And there about three or four Hall of Famers among the 'heads'.

  5. matthew scott - yeah... that second game was awesome. it'll be interesting to see if the cubs can bounce back and make things interesting.

    tony burbs - the kershaw/jansen combo is straight up lethal.

    sport card collectors - yeah... love me some 90's shine

    ketchupman36 - they were pretty solid in the first half... but were honestly lucky to come out the victors. go hawks!

    commishbob - i have little to no memory of floating heads back when i first started collecting in the early 80's, so i'm not sure what 10 year old fuji would think about them. but i can tell you that 44 year old fuji loves them. sorry... i will no longer write in the 3rd person from this point on.