30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Second Wind

I'm used to the Padres not making the postseason and I've finally accepted that the A's won't be heading back anytime soon.  Normally this would be enough for me to shift my focus to football and hockey... however this year is special, because this might be the year that the Chicago Cubs finally bring home a World Series Championship to their fans.

I'm not a loyal fan of the Cubbies... I just enjoy rooting for certain struggling franchises like the Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and of course the Cubs.

But just in case they can't seal the deal... I figured I'd share my 2016 MLB playoff team rankings in terms of my franchise fandom along with my favorite player in franchise history.

#1:  Chicago Cubs

Greg Maddux

They have the best record in baseball.  They arguably have the most talented roster in baseball.  And since they're facing the Wild Card San Francisco Giants, all of the pressure resides on them to win

#2:  Washington Nationals

Vladimir Guerrero

I'm not sure if the majority of Montreal Expos fans pledged their allegiance to the Washington Nationals... but for the purpose of this post... I'll consider them the same franchise in different cities.

With that being said... I've always held a soft spot for the Montreal Expos, which is why they're in the #2 spot.

#3:  Boston Red Sox

David Ortiz

There's an ancient proverb that states, "an enemy of my enemy is my friend".  I don't like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox don't like the New York Yankees, which means that I have no problem with Boston winning their second World Series Championship in four years.

#4:  Toronto Blue Jays

Dave Stieb

There are three reasons the Blue Jays are #4 on this list:  Jose Bautista, his iconic bat flip, and that super awesome "running man" trot he pulled off a few weeks ago.  This guy is slowly becoming my new favorite player and the more the Blue Jays win, the longer we get to watch Joey Bats.

#5:  Cleveland Indians

Omar Vizquel

The Indians are the last team on the list, I'm actively cheering for in one way or another.  I kinda feel bad that they aren't higher on this list... considering they are the owners of the 2nd longest World Series drought.  But when I sat down and created this list... I just couldn't put them ahead of the four other teams.

#6a: San Francisco Giants

Atlee Hammaker

On one hand... I really want to root for the team representing the Bay Area.  But on the other hand... if they win, I'll have to listen to their fans rub the whole "dynasty" thing in my face for the rest of my life.

#6b:  Los Angeles Dodgers 

Fernando Valenzuela

Out of all of the playoff teams, the Dodgers have the largest number of players I actually like.  There's Clayton Kershaw... the best pitcher in the game.  Plus former Athletics: Josh Reddick, Scott Kazmir, and Rich Hill.   The latest Japan export... Kenta Maeda.  And finally... all-around nice guy... and former Padre... Adrian Gonzalez.

But the Dodgers are this decade's version of the New York Yankees... and I just can't get myself to root for them.  Unless they make it to the World Series and face...

#7:  Texas Rangers 

Yu Darvish

Like the Dodgers... there are a few guys I like on the Rangers like Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, and Elvis Andrus.  However as a whole... I just can't see myself rooting for them in any scenario.  The sad thing is there's no specific rhyme or reason.  I just don't like the Rangers.

I started writing this post immediately after the Giants beat the Mets... but I wasn't able to wrap things up until early this morning.  Obviously all four divisional series have started, so here's a quick update with how things are going so far:

Rangers vs. Blue Jays:  Hopefully Bautista and the Blue Jays can wrap things up in Toronto tomorrow.

Indians vs. Red Sox:  In Big Papi, I trust.

Dodgers vs. Nationals:  Beat LA!  Beat LA!  Beat LA!

Giants vs. Cubs: The Cubs need to win tonight... because they face Mad Bum on Monday.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Yeah I don't treat the Nationals as the same Franchise.

    And with the Giants, at least it's only an even-year dynasty lol

  2. "I'm not sure if the majority of Montreal Expos fans pledged their allegiance to the Washington Nationals... but for the purpose of this post... I'll consider them the same franchise in different cities."

    Based on what I've heard from real Canadians, most of them just switched to hockey full time. A few of them switched to the Jays but some would rather die than root for anything-Toronto. Besides, the Nationals don't even have the decency to do ballpark announcements in French.

    1. I was a Jays fan first but got to appreciate the Expos.
      I'm not much of a hockey fan so Leafs are out lol. Refuse to cheer for the Yankees on Ice as well..

      To me the Athletics are the same franchise they were in Philadelphia. Same with the Giants and Dodgers. Soon as a team moves and changes their name they are a new franchise

  3. Mike - i know, right? can't imagine how much smack my buddies would talk if they had won three in a row.

    zippy - sad. but good to know.