30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Simple and Ingenious

What's better than going to a baseball game?  Let's see... how about going to a baseball game and receiving free baseball cards?

Back in the 80's and 90's... Mother's Cookies and a handful of MLB teams partnered up and produced team sets that were used as stadium giveaways.  Fans would receive 28 cards packaged in specially marked envelopes and each set would consist of 28 cards.

One catch.  Fans wouldn't receive 28 different cards or a complete set.  They'd receive a starter set of 20-something cards and then the remaining cards would be of one particular player.  In other words, you might receive cards #1 to #21, plus seven copies of card #16.  The premise was simple and ingenious.

Fans would have to trade their duplicates with each other to complete their sets.

These days collectors can find completed team sets at card shows and on the internet, which is nice because we now have access to these awesome regional issues.  For years I have wanted to add the 1989 Seattle Mariners team set to my collection, because it contains Ken Griffey Jr.

My patience paid off last year, when I finally added this set to my collection for under $5 ($2.99 + $1.75 shipping).

Here's a look at the checklist:

And the entire 28 card set:

I hope all of you are enjoying your Mother's Day with your friends and families.

Mama... thank you for baking delicious cookies, taking me to my baseball games, and for always being there for your family.  I love you and this post is dedicated to you.

Happy Mother's Day and sayonara!

Extra Innings

You wanna know what else is simple and ingenious?  PWE packages.

1.  Postage prices are soaring out of control, but PWE's are the most affordable option.

2.  Post office lines are ridiculous and PWE's can be shipped from home with a few stamps.

3.  Small gestures often have a big impact.  A simple PWE has the power of putting a smile on a person's face.

Thank you buckstore cards for this generous PWE.  After a tough week, it was nice to open your PWE and see the awesome A's and Sharks cards you sent.  I have a handful of 2/14 cards that I'll send your way in the near future.


  1. I love oddball cards and anything with Griffey makes it a big bonus. Mother's Cookies released a couple of sets for the Mariners between 1989-1995 and to be as confusing as possible the fronts and the backs look almost exactly the same each year.

  2. If you send enough stuff out stamps.com is a pretty good deal. You can negotiate the rate. I pay $10 a month which for me is a good deal just to avoid the post office on saturdays. The standard rates to send items are cheaper than what you pay in the office as well.