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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Negative Super Traders Rating

It's a good thing the Super Traders group doesn't have a feedback system in place.  Wait.  We don't, right?

Because if we did... it wouldn't be pretty for me.  It's not because I rip people off.  I'm like a Lannister... I always pay my debts.  It's the fact that I'm slower than molasses when it comes to making it down to the post office and shipping things out.

Sometimes it's pure laziness.  Other times... I don't have the inventory and need to pick things up on COMC.  But the biggest reason is time... or lack thereof.

That's why today I figured I'd share my thoughts on trading and let you decided whether or not I'm a suitable trading partner for you.

#1:  I very rarely send first.  It has nothing to do with a lack of trust.  It's that I'm always playing catch up with other blogger packages and never actually get ahead of the pack.

For example... The Junior Junkie recently sent me a package that included some Oakland A's cards for my collection:

This was sort of a "tag... you're it" package, because now I owe him cards.  By the way... TJ... that custom card is awesome!

#2:  99% of my trades are partially blind trades.

Once upon a time, I traded heavily on the forums.  Both parties would agree on specific cards to send, then ship around the same time.  These days... I rarely complete these kinds of trades, because my tradelists are very outdated and I don't foresee me updating them in the near future.

What's a blind trade?  Well... it's when two collectors send random cards to each other blindly.  However... since I'm rarely the guy who ships first... I end up seeing what the person sent first.

Isn't that cheating?  Well... kind of.  But the good news is I'll never, ever send less value than what they sent.

Two weeks ago, PATP sent me a generous PWE filled with some goodies:

And in return... I shipped out some Texas Rangers for him and made sure the trade was balanced at the very least.

Why can't you just send at the same time?  Well... that leads us to #3.

#3:  I typically make it down to the post office about four to five times a year, which means that my turnaround time is terrible.

Wow.  After rereading #'s 1 through 3... I pretty much sound like the worst trader around... hence the negative Super Traders rating.

Normally this alone would be incentive for me to make a chance.  However... continuously building packages and taking trips to the post office... while managing the blog, being a teacher, and trying to maintain somewhat of a personal life only adds stress to my life.  And that's when collecting becomes more of a job than a source of entertainment.  Not sure if I'm prepared to take on another job.

I completely understand that this post could hinder future trading with many of you... but I've gotten to know quite a few of you over the years and the least I could do is keep it real.

With that being said... I was on Spring Break this past week and was able to build a bunch of packages for fellow bloggers and collectors:  Mr. Hoyle, Cardboard Clubhouse, Woody, Infield Fly Rule, Oddball Card Collector, Baseball Card Breakdown, JBF, Junior Junkie, Night Owl, Off Hiatus, Too Many Verlanders, Cooperstown Exit 3:16, Play at the Plate, GCRL, and Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary.

I apologize that I kept a few of you waiting a few months and thank you for your patience.

JediJeff... I have a PWE that I'll ship out sometime this week.

Well... that's it.  Tomorrow I'm back in the classroom... which means that if you decide to send me any packages... chances are you'll have to wait until June or July before I can return the favor.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. I already received the envelope destined for Hiatus! Thanks, Fuji!

  2. Im like you Fuji, I barely have time to go to the post office too. When I do, I don't send out much. While I never turn down a trade, I always make sure that I tell whoever offers that it may be a while before I can return the favor. Same goes for Super Traders. I've gotten a lot of stuff from a lot of people but it's going to be a bit before I can send back.

  3. I am like you too, I have received a couple of packages over the last few weeks (months?) and I need to get in to gear.

  4. I am also like you. In addition to some of the SUPERTrader packages I've received I also have 4 or 5 old trades that I owe my end of some of those trades are pushing a year or more. UGH. Part of it is laziness/procrastination. A lot of it is thinking I have something at the time I make the trade but not knowing EXACTLY where said cards are only half-heartedly looking in only part of my trading card hoard. Need to improve on that.

  5. I didn't join Supertraders just because of shipping costs. If only I could ship and trade as much as I wanted. It would be fun.

  6. I live within walking distance of a post office, but I hated going there so much I started printing my own postage at home. There is a fee associate with it, but it is well worth not having to go there.

  7. I think that blind trades would be like busting open a pack of cards, you never really know what you get but at least you have a much better chance of pulling something you like/need from one!

  8. Fuji. Received your package Saturday. Thanks. I never worry about what I receive in return for what I send out. I have another PWE ready to send your way., if the return comes in June it's cool with me.

  9. I got this package over the weekend and it's awesome! Great custom.

  10. thanks for the envelope, fuji! much appreciated.

  11. I think everyone except JBF and Mr. Hoyle has a backlog to fill. And I for one love blind trades. Working one for you now too.

  12. tony l., mr. hoyle, adam k., and gcrl - glad the packages arrived safely... enjoy!

    adam s - the good news is i've dealt with at least half of the super traders in the past and they all seem to be pretty understanding. i just figured i owed the other half an explanation before i got labeled a "scam artist" ;)

    corky - it's good to know i'm not the only one ;) if it makes you feel better... you a good guy in my book.

    captkirk42 - wow... i should add that to the post. lack of organization is definitely a major problem on my end.

    sport card collectors - i've never actually been pressured by anyone in the super traders to ship or make a trade. it's more of self imposed pressure.

    matthew scott - i've considered that... and it's still a possibility. just another thing on my to do list

    tiger pride - that's a great comparison! might actually use that in a post.

    angels in order - that's definitely reassuring. looking forward to completing this blind trade!

  13. Good to know. I've upped my game a lil early on this year, but I'm often pretty slow at trading too (my all-time record is of completing my end of a trade is somewhere in the neighborhood of five years, lol). Anyway, shoot me your address and I'll send a lil something your way sometime this month (hopefully).