30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Well Worth the Wait

I receive my fair share of "care packages" from fellow bloggers and supporters of my blog... and I'd say that 75% of them contain at least one Kurt Suzuki card.  In fact... if I had to guess, I'd say that over the years... I have received at least two to three hundred Suzuki cards.  It's actually inspired me to give him his very own binder and join the likes of Gwynn, Maddux, Thomas, Ichiro, and Nomo on my bookshelf.

But there has been one card that has eluded my collection the past two years.  It's only a common base card... one that I could have purchased off of COMC or Sportlots for some spare change.  However... I chose to wait it out in hopes that one day I'd find a copy in a dime box or somebody's care package.

Well the wait is over, because Woody over at Card Collector's World recently sent me a huge padded envelope filled with goodies and it included this:

2014 Topps Update #153

I love this card.  According to CBS Minnesota, this photo was taken at the 2014 Gillette Home Run Derby at Target Field on July 14th, 2014.  It's always cool when you're able to pinpoint the date the photo on a trading card is taken.  But that's not why I love it.

I love this card, because the photograph of Kurt and his daughter enjoying the festivities brings a smile to my face.  It's a special moment on their personal timeline that was captured on cardboard... and that's what makes this card extra cool.

Now I just need to decide whether to add it to my Very Special Portfolio or my Kurt Suzuki binder.  Decisions.  Decisions.  Well... my Player's PC binder has always taken precedence, so I guess it'll be going in the latter.

Speaking of Player's PC binders... Woody also sent me nine new additions to my Tony Gwynn binders:

After collecting Gwynn for nearly three decades, it's always a special moment when you're able to add a new card to the collection.  Adding nine makes it a super duper moment.

And who doesn't love their "hits"...

Mr. Peacock never actually pitched for the Oakland Athletics (unless you count the three games he pitched during Spring Training)... but he was in their minor league system back in 2012.  He was also involved in the deals that brought Derek Norris and Jed Lowrie to Oakland.

Hooray for on-card autographs!  I've always been a fan of Gypsy Queen autographs... and I'm hoping to watch Spangenberg break out into an all-star this season.  Then again... that would probably mean he'll be shipped off to a contender.

I've always wanted a "camo" swatch for my Padres PC and now I have one.  Ross is a solid third starter, who hasn't given up more than four earned runs in 49 consecutive starts.  Hopefully... the Padres keep him around during their rebuild.

Moving on...

The Golden State Warriors are the hottest thing in the Bay Area... since sliced bread.  That's saying a lot since the Super Bowl is going to take place in a few minutes right in our own backyard.  I've avoided jumping on the bandwagon... but will happily add this card to my Warriors PC.

And last but not least...

Woody hooked me up with a card for my Prime Numbers PC.  At first glance, it's a standard Cedric Benson Ultimate Collection base card... but if you look at the serial numbering, you'll notice it's the last number in the run.  This is my fourth "final card in the run".

Thank you Woody for the amazing care package.  I'm slowly rebuilding my Boston stockpile for you.  As soon as I get enough to justify a package... I'll ship them out.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday and sayonara!


  1. I wanted the Pirates to trade for Tyson Ross. Unfortunately both he and Cashner will probably be traded in order for that rebuild to be quicker. Padres minor league system is one of the worst in baseball.