30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Peas in a Pod

On Wednesday, I took my TA's out for a round of golf on the local executive course.  Although temperatures approached triple digits, we had a lot of fun.

After I got home, I ripped open a package from Frankie over at My Life In The Sports Card Hobby and found this awesome card:

2013 Topps Triple Threads Unity Jumbo Relics Sepia #MS1

I immediately recognized this card as being part of a prize package I won on his blog last month.  I'm pretty sure this is my first memorabilia card of one of the hottest pitchers in baseball right now.

It was sad to hear that his consecutive scoreless streak ended earlier this evening at 24.2 innings, but at the same time he earned his 100th win of his career.  His numbers over the past three games were insane.

Damn you Tabata!

After checking out his 2015 game logs, I noticed that my Wednesday golf game closely resembles Scherzer's season.  He has been straight up amazing this season with the exception of three starts in which he gave up a combined thirteen runs.

I too... had a pretty amazing day on the greens.  Well... that's if you count my six best holes.  I shot three bogies, two pars, and my very first birdie of the year.

Unfortunately... there are nine holes on this course.  And like Scherzer, those three holes were pretty bad: two double bogeys and a triple bogey.

But I can't complain too much... especially when I'm lucky enough to have awesome packages like Frankie's sitting in my office.

In addition the Scherzer, he also sent me these:

You're looking at my newest Tony Gwynn memorabilia card a gem-mint Randy Johnson rookie card. The Gwynn is my 61st memorabilia card added to my collection... and although I don't have confirmation... it's probably my 61st Randy Johnson rookie card.  But it's only the 2nd graded rookie card I own of The Big Unit.

Thanks Frankie for the generous prize package!  Keep up the great blog and congratulations on surviving your first 10 months.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. For all the flack Tabata received, I think everybody is gave him too much credit. It's not like Tabata had a whole lot of time to react to that pitch, and even if he did he's not exactly talented enough to just lean into the pitch for the sake get on base. I know that because he's a former Yankees farmhand from a time period that was downright abysmal for the Yanks and produced nothing of note. The beleaguered Tabata who is still yo-yo'd up and down the minors is no exception.

  2. I'm glad you liked the cards!

  3. Even a bad day on the course beats a good day at work, at least for me.

  4. I was just thinking that if someone gets bored and wanted a new collecting project, it might be interesting to collect the same card graded by as many different companies as possible. Sure once you get past BGS, SGC and PSA (and maybe KSA) you're getting into the weeds, but it would make for an interesting display.

  5. Zippy - Sometimes it just makes people feel better when they have someone to blame ;)

    Frankie - Domo arigato!

    Commish - Agree 100%

    Jason - That's actually a really cool idea. Maybe I'll look into doing that for the 1983 Topps Gwynn. That's assuming I can find them and they're affordable.