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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Last In Line

One of my favorite activities to kick off summer school is to have my students list their pet peeves.  It's an entertaining way to get to know each other and allows me to explain my frustration of repeating instructions to distracted students without coming off as a mean teacher.

In the process, I list things like drivers who enter the freeway below the speed of traffic or dog owners who refuse to pick up their puppy's poop while walking around the neighborhood.  I also explain that I'm not a huge fan of standing in lines... especially when it's long and I'm the last in line.

But today's post covers a situation where last isn't too bad.  In fact it's great.

2014 Triple Threads Unity Relics #UJR-BL (#'d 36/36)

Back in April, I revealed my latest project that involves collecting special serial numbered cards that contain either the first card in the print run, the player's jersey number, or the final card in the print run.

2012 Certified Red Materials #225 (#'d 199/199)

Well... my buddy Woody generously donated three "Last In Line" serial numbered cards, which quadruples my previous total.

2011 Contenders Draft Class Gold #14 (#'d 100/100)

If you're not familiar with Woody, he's pretty much the jaybarkerfan of the Cardboard Connection Forums.  In other words, he's one of the most generous collectors out there.

We have exchanged plenty of packages in the past where he'll send me his extra Bay Area stuff and I'll send him my extra New England area stuff.

In addition to helping me with my Special Serial Number PC, he also sent me some other PC items:

Thank you Woody for the very generous package.  I had been distracted with other things, but you inspired me to go out and track down some new additions for this PC, along with a few new items for your PC as well.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Those are some great cards. I should hang out on Cardboard Connection more!

  2. Nice stuff! Never been on Cardboard Connection.

    I was apart of Beckett forums once, but an incident occurred and I never went back as they didn't like me linking my blog. I also did Blowout forums a few times but too much negative people if you aren't in the inner circle. I prefer just to blog and use social media for additions.

  3. tony - great place to meet other collectors

    sport card collectors - these days i pretty much use my blog too. but the people over at cardboard connection are very friendly. if you're bored, you might want to check them out.