30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, December 8, 2014

Local Legend = Childhood Cardboard King

These days... Dave Stieb doesn't receive a lot of hobby love.  During the 80's... it was a completely different story in my neck of the woods.  He was a hometown favorite who attended my local high school and was one of the best pitchers during the decade.

1980 Topps #77

And in my neighborhood... this card was on everyone's wantlist.  Out of all of my friends... there was one copy and it flip-flopped between several of our houses over the years.

I have no idea who ended up with the card... or if they ended up holding onto it.  Regardless... I'm just glad that I have a copy for my collection.

It's off-centered.  It has soft corners.  And the edges aren't much better.  But does condition really matter when it comes to sentimental value?  No in my book.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I always felt that Stieb -- and not Jack Morris -- was the best pitcher who pitched throughout the 1980s. He threw a ton of innings early in his career for some bad Blue Jay teams, and that cost him longevity and health by the time he was 33.

  2. I thought any pitcher that had a winning record during the early days of the Blue Jays was good.

  3. Sentiment over condition. I don't think it matters