30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Missing Mini

Should I be embarrassed that I've never heard of Carlos Carrasco?  Well... I haven't.  But I find myself needing his 2013 Topps Mini #599 to complete my set.

I recently purchased a set off of eBay (figured it would be cheaper than busting a box), but the seller misplaced two cards.  He ended up going out of his way to help me out... and ended up sending me one of the missing cards and card #559 (Travis Snider).

Sadly 559  599

Anyways... I figured I wouldn't bug him about it anymore.  Instead, I'll bug you guys.

Anyone bust open any 2013 Topps Mini baseball?  If so, I'd love to trade for card #599... Mr. Carlos Carrasco.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. I did not, but if I somehow come into one, it's yours.

    1. Thanks buddy. Appreciate you keeping an eye out.

  2. Carrasco is a great name for a player. Specially because in Portuguese it means 'hangman' ;)

    1. It's definitely a cool sounding name. Thanks for the Portuguese lesson ;-)