30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday's Card Show Adventures

Sometimes a man's gotta do... what a man's gotta do. Last week, I passed on the Tri-Star Card Show because I wasn't in the mood. Today, I was.

So I hopped into my car and drove forty miles for thirty-two minutes to check out a card show with six dealers. Were the results worth it? Probably not, but I got my fix.

Here's what I picked up:

Purchase #1: 3 Cards for $1

2 inserts + 1 rookie card = 3 nice additions to my collection

Purchase #2: Thirty 10¢ cards for $3

Some new additions to my Japanese PC...

A trio of playing cards featuring some personal favorites from the 80's...

A couple of rookie cards of some guy who threw a perfect game earlier today...

And a few beat up, creased, stained, and mutilated cards from the 70's...

You have to see the condition of the Billy Martin card to appreciate it. And I've wanted a Mike Kekich card ever since I read Josh Wilker's Cardboard Gods.

Purchase #3: Fernando Valenzuela RC for $1

I've been on a mission to complete some Sports Card Trifectas and this card has done just that.

Purchase #4: 1986 Robotech Set for $5

I picked up this set last summer at the flea market for $2, but I couldn't resist grabbing another. Robotech is easily one of the greatest cartoons of all-time. And this set isn't too shabby either.

Overall, I easily spent more money on gas & food than on cardboard. However, I had the opportunity to hang out with my buddy... while adding a few pieces of cardboard to my collection.

Plus, I can't complain... I knew what I was getting myself into before I jumped in my car this afternoon.

Do you ever attend card shows for the sole purpose of hanging out with other collectors?

Happy Saturday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. Great finds! Dime box vintage is always cool and I love the Humber cards as well!

    As for your question, the cards are usually first priority, but I always like chatting with the dealers or perhaps other buyers. Few conversations are better than ones dealing with baseball cards. :)

    1. Thanks... not sure what I'll do with the Humber cards. They'll probably end up in my box of rookie cards. My favorite purchase was the Brodeur rookie card. Too bad 90/91 Score was so overproduced.

      This was the first time I went specifically to hang out with friends. Usually, buying cards are the priority for me too.

  2. I kind of did that today. I wasn't in the mood to buy a lot or even look too much. I wanted to buy a little bit of cards and bullshit about baseball with people. My card shop that I go to is a place to talk cards as well.

    1. I wish I knew the guys well enough at the local shop to sit around and chit chat. I'd probably spend more money there.

  3. I don't specifically go to spend time with the sellers, but I do look forward to having conversations with people who know cards. I have no one around me that I can talk cards with, just fellow bloggers. So I definitely look forward to face to face conversations about cards.

    1. Yeah, I only have one buddy who collects cards... and he's the guy I usually meet up with at the show. But I usually only attend shows if I have things I want to cross off of my wantlist. Hanging with my buddy is just a bonus.

  4. Nice pickups...especially purchase #1 :D

    1. Thanks... the Brodeur was my personal favorite!

  5. In response to your question, I generally go to card shows alone, and if I say 5 words to another collector at the show, it's because I'm giving them directions to a table or the food court or something. I generally only speak with sellers if I'm haggling over price, or if I've worn something (read hockey sweater) that grabs their attention.

    I'm usually so immersed in looking over the cards in boxes or in display cases that I don't end up engaging in conversations.

    Now if I went with someone that I knew, I'm sure that the opposite would be true, and I would end up missing something for sure. It'll be interesting to see what my experience at the National is this year.

    1. If I ever have the opportunity to go to the National, I guarantee I won't be talking to people. I'll be too busy digging through people's bargain bins.