30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, July 15, 2011

McCovey autograph added to prize list!

Sorry for the delay... but the past few days have been crazy. I finally tallied up our "contest within our contest" scores and came up with this:

As you can see... nobody picked 6 games correctly... let alone 7... so that means the Willie McCovey autograph will be added to our prize list... which now looks like this:

Prize List:
Package A: 90's Football Inserts/Parallels BV: $30+
Package B: 2009/10 UD Basketball "Masterpieces" Starter Set BV:$24.50
Package C: 2009 SPx "Shadow Box" #S-KS Kevin Smith BV:$20
Package D: 2000/01 UD ICE Hockey Base Set (1-40) BV:$15
Package E: 1999 SP Top Prospects Set w/2 Autographs BV:$22
Package F: 2010 Panini Threads Football Base Set (1-150) BV:$20
Package G: 2008 Popcardz Set (1-40) + 1 Wax Pack BV: $18
Package H: 1999 Roox Women's World Cup Set (1-19) BV: $?
Package I: Transformers Video Game for the PS2
Package J: 1981 Fleer Willie McCovey Autograph BV:$?

The good news is that everyone who played received either 1, 3, or 5 points for their participation, which has made the top 10 more interesting, while giving others a chance to jump up in their point totals.

The bad news is that some people lost 2 points for not participating. This was actually a pre-planned strategy for me... because the contest list was getting crazy and I needed to clean out a few of the people (28) who weren't really participating in the contest.

Here's a look at the current standings:

Future updates will not include the people who are in the red or at zero. Actually, all of these people will just go back to zero... since I don't want to have to deal with negative numbers.

Here are the current point leaders:

1st Place: Hairylemon (28 points)
2nd Place: Ryan G (27 points)
3rd Place: Baseball Nut (26 points)

Remember... at the end of the contest... for every point you have, your name will be entered into random.org... after that we'll leave it up to fate. However... it's basic math... the more points you have, the better your odds are of winning.

If you see any mistakes... leave a comment below and I'll make corrections.

Okay... I'm headed back to bed. I'll try to have my next blog post up later on today... but there's a chance it won't be published until tomorrow morning.

Have a great day... and an even better weekend. Sayonara!


  1. Well double damn!! Looking back at the games, and picking what I would have, I would have only missed the New York game!! Oh well, the fat lady ain't singing yet!! Good job everybody...

  2. Thought i'd had a bad day picking the fixures but I guess everybody struggled!

  3. We got a point for every game we picked correctly, yes?

    Because I picked three right, and got 1 point. If I'm missing something, my bad.

    Just curious.

  4. Greg Zakwin - here's the point breakdown...

    If you go 7 for 7... you will win 10 points.
    If you go 6 for 7... you will win 7 points.
    If you go 5 for 7... you will win 5 points.
    If you go 4 for 7... you will win 3 points.
    If you go 3 for 7... you will win 1 points.
    If you go 2 for 7... you will lose 2 points.
    If you go 1 for 7... you will lose 4 points.
    If you go 0 for 7... you will win 8 points.

  5. Colon gives up 7 runs in the first inning before he is pulled.

    Bell gives up his first home run in a year.

    Umbaldo, who has been awful at home, comes on strong.

    The Cubs give up 6 runs in the 9th inning at home.

    An unpredictable night.

    Congrats to everyone who is still in the running.

  6. That's right, forgot about that breakdown. Thanks for the clarification Fuji!

  7. Lots of games went the wrong way that night. I am real happy to get four from that mess. Great contest so far!