30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, July 29, 2011

And the winners are...

First off... thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment and participate in my annual summer contest. After seven weeks, over 50 people participated and 37 of them had their names entered into Random.org this morning... some more frequently than others.

You can check to see how many times your name was entered by checking out the final contest standings:

So as you can see... Martyn had his name entered 36 times, dawgbones 35 times, Ryan G 34 times... and so on... and so on.

Here's the word document with all 524 contest entries:

And before I get to the results... I'll explain the randomization process. I started by cutting and pasting all 524 names into Random.org's list randomizer. I clicked "randomize" five times and whoever was on top was the winner. To prevent that person from winning more than one prize, I removed their name from future randomizations.

And here are the winners of this year's Chronicles of Fuji summer contest:

First Place: Kirk Jacobson
Package K: Baseball Autographed 8x10 Lot (Feller, Boone, & Jethroe)

Second Place: John Bateman
Package G: 2008 Popcardz Set (1-40) + 1 Wax Pack BV: $18

Third Place: The Diamond King
Package B: 2009/10 UD Basketball "Masterpieces" Starter Set BV:$24.50

Fourth Place: Hairylemon
Package J: 1981 Fleer Willie McCovey Autograph BV:$?

Fifth Place: The Lost Collector
Package E: 1999 SP Top Prospects Set w/2 AutographsBV:$22

Sixth Place: Baseball Nut
Package C: 2009 SPx "Shadow Box" #S-KS Kevin SmithBV:$20

Seventh Place: Play at the Plate
Package A: 90's Football Inserts/Parallels BV: $30+

Eighth Place: Eric L
Package F: 2010 Panini Threads Football Base Set (1-150) BV:$20

Ninth Place: Mariner1
Package D: 2000/01 UD ICE Hockey Base Set (1-40) BV:$15

Tenth Place: Ryan G
Package H: 1999 Roox Women's World Cup Set (1-19) BV: $?

Eleventh Place: Offy
Package I: Transformers Video Game for the PS2

Okay... now here's how you're going to go about claiming your prize. If you're Kirk, then it's simple... he just needs to email me what prize package he wants... and it's his.

The second place winner... John B... needs to email me his first and second choice selections. If his first choice and Kirk's first choice are the same... then I'll default to John's third choice.

The third place winner... The Diamond King... needs to rank his top three prize selections. And this process will continue... all the way down to the eleventh place winner... Sir Offy... who will list out all eleven prizes in his order of preference.

My email address is: sanjosefuji@yahoo.com

All eleven winners must submit their mailing addresses and their prize rankings by Sunday, July 31st by 4:oopm (PST). If I don't receive your prize selection email, then I will skip over you and you will receive whatever is left over.

Surprisingly... neither Martyn or dawgbones... who had a combined total of 71 entries... placed in the contest. However... that doesn't seem fair... so both of you please contact me with your address along with a list of teams/players you collect and I'll put together a package for you.

jaybarkerfan... I have something for you too... so please email me your address as well.

Kazi, please email me your address... you won the Stadium Club Master Photos earlier in the contest.

And last... but not least... to anyone who didn't win a prize... email me if you'd like an autographed copy of my trading card (business card). FYI: These will be mailed in plain white envelopes to save on shipping... so please no ranting ;-) All other prize packages will be mailed in padded envelopes or in boxes.

Once again... thanks again to everyone who participated in this year's contest. It was a lot of fun... and I hope to be able to continue doing this for years to come.

Have a great weekend everyone... and I look forward to receiving your emails with the prize selections!


  1. Really enjoyed this years contest, sad it's over, but enjoy your summer & congratulations to the winners!

  2. Congratulations to Martyn on 1st place?!? Sorta??
    Anyhow, congratulations to everybody that won prizes, this has been a blast, I'm very happy to have participated. And it goes to show you, all the entries in the world don't mean a damned thing to the randomizer (some days I think that thing hates me!!) I absolutely loved the contest though and will definitely look forward to participating in next year's.
    Thanks again Fuji, awesome fun times.

  3. I kept on missing your posts. Damn thats my crown gone!
    Congrats though on another amazing contest!

  4. thanks for participating everyone

    dawgbones - email me your address and I'll ship out a consolation prize package.

    john bateman - email me your address and your prize package selections

  5. Emailed my address with choices but I also want your auto business card - I love that card Man. Thanks