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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds #11

When: Saturday, July 2nd
Where: De Anza Flea Market
What: Stamps, cards, bobble heads, a junk wax box, and a record
How Much: $45

Today was probably the worst flea market experience I've had in terms of deals. I spent every last dollar I had at the flea market and when I went home to see if I got any steals... I realized that I just about broke even. Which is not the norm when I typically hit up the flea market.... since I don't usually buy stuff unless I know for sure I'm getting a deal.

Here... see for yourself...

Purchase #1: USSR Stamp Sheets (x5) $10

1966 USSR Wrestling 12k (Print Run = 4,000)
1970 USSR Ice-Hockey World Championship 6k
1976 USSR Olympic Emblem 10k+5k (Print Run = 5,800)
1979 USSR Women's Volleyball 10k+5k (Print Run = 5,000)
1981 USSR Field Hockey 6k

I came across a couple who were selling a lot of older collectibles and on one of their tables they had tons of commemorative stamp sheets from Russia. There were several people sifting through them and when the lady announced they were only $2 a sheet... I joined them. There were tons of Soviet cosmonaut stamps as well as ones featuring people I didn't recognize. I skipped over them and pulled out the five that related to sports.

When I got home, I couldn't find any completed sales on eBay... but I did find a couple of cool sites that specialize in Russian stamps. It's hard to say whether or not I got a good deal on these... but I figure they're unique and lately I've been on a stamp kick... so these will fit nicely into my collection.

Purchase #2: 1990 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set $1

A few minutes later, I met a guy who was selling a bunch of cards from the junk wax era. The only thing that really caught my eye was this TMNT set produced by Topps in 1990. The box it came in was damaged, but the cards are nice. In the end, it's hard to complain since I only spent a dollar.

Purchase #3: 1990's Basketball Inserts $5

My addiction to cheap 90's inserts bit me in the butt today. Years ago, I fell for the Beam Team and Wild Card Stripe hype... but when I sold my collection... these were included. So when I saw this lady selling some cards out of a 5,000 count box... I settled on these three and pulled the trigger. Several Barkleys have sold in the $1-$1.50 range and I couldn't find any completed sales on the Johnson. In short... I overpaid. Oh well... you win some and you lose some.

Purchase #4: San Jose Sabercats Bobble Heads $4

I love it when people have dollar tables... or in this case dollar boxes. I'm a huge San Jose Sabercats fan and have been trying to find these bobble heads for awhile now. Usually people are pretty ridiculous and ask for $10 to $20 a piece for these. But I was able to grab all four of them for $1/piece. The guy even threw in a porcelain replica of the Arena Bowl trophy.

As a bonus, I noticed that QB Mark Grieb (I went to high school with him) autographed the box of his bobble head. These bobble heads are worth practically nothing... since there's little to no demand for them... but much like the TMNT set... I can't complain at a buck a piece.

Purchase #5: 1995 Topps D3 (Dimension III) Wax Box $5

I'll keep this short. Yes, it's from the junk wax era. Yes, it's pretty much garbage. But, it was $5 and it's not 1990 Topps baseball... so I had to jump on it. There aren't any completed listings on eBay, but you can buy these for as little as $14.95 (+ $9 shipping).

Purchase #6: 1964 Auravision Records #9 Sandy Koufax $20

I spent my final $20 on this record of Sandy Koufax. I've seen these before, but didn't know anything about these. So when I stumbled upon this thing of beauty... I purchased it on blind faith. The guy was asking $25... but I only had $20... so he accepted my offer.

One of these recently sold on eBay for $12.50 (+ $3 shipping). So... I got burned on my last purchase. But here's the thing... I'm not complaining. It's a 47 year old piece of Koufax memorabilia that's in absolute beautiful condition. And out of all of my purchases... it's probably the one I'm most excited about.

Well... that's it. Another day at the flea market, along with more purchases of items I probably don't need.

Here is today's question of the day:

If you inherited all of my flea market purchases from yesterday, which ones would go in the dumpster and which ones would you keep?

Don't hold back... I realize I buy a lot of JUNK... so my feelings won't be shattered. Anyways... what's that old saying? One man's junk is another man's treasure?

Enjoy your Sunday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. I'd keep the wax box. Always fun to open older packs. I'd probably toss the stamps, but that's only because I've never been much of a stamp guy. I know there are plenty of people who are though.

  2. The wax box and the stamps are keepers. I would not have bought a record for $20, $5 maybe. I don't do basketball or bobbleheads, so there you are. We also do not have Flea markets here in my area. The so-called flea markets here are people's way of having a business without the rent, overhead, or I imagine in most cases, taxes!!

  3. These flea markets you go to, I've got to know where they are!

    Love the bobbleheads. $1 each?> Can't beat that.

    I think you did OK on the Koufax record.

  4. I'd keep the stamps, give the record to GCRL or Night Owl, the bobbleheads I'm on the fence about, but would probably pitch them with the rest of the stuff.

  5. You obviously liked something in each and it's your money!

    I'd toss the stamps to my dad, and I'd open the wax, wait years on the Kouffax & giveaway the TMNT to a friend / fellow collector!

  6. dawgbones - i think you're right. i've run into former students families who sell on a regular basis and they use it as tax free income. actually... i've sold my junk there myself. i usually take stuff once every 5 years... and whatever i don't sell i take to goodwill for a tax write off.

    dodgerbobble - de anza flea market is in cupertino, california... and the capitol flea market is in san jose. two very different flea markets.

  7. I would of course keep the Koufax record. Because it's Sandy.

    I'd also keep the bobbles or send them DodgerBobble's way.

    I'd probably rid myself, somehow, of the junk wax.

  8. We'll I wouldn't throw anything directly into the garbage, but I'd probably give away everything except the Koufax album, which I'd display.

  9. I'd keep the baseball stuff, the stamps & the Turtles cards though I don't think I would have purchased anything other than the wax box.

    The basketball stuff would be headed to the curb since I'm not a fan, though.

    - Paul

  10. I would have bought the bobble heads in a second. Maybe the Wax box. Not sure about the other stuff.

  11. Everything is in good condition and means something to someone, so I wouldn't trash any of it, just find them a new home.

    Number one thing I would hold onto is the Koufax album. and I would hunt down a record player to listen to what is on it. This also goes back to my thoughts in a previous post about overpaying for base cards. In the end, a couple of bucks more for something I want means nothing if I'm holding onto it.

    Number Two, the box of Dimension. I'd crack it open, keep a few and give out the rest away.

    Number Three, regardless of the era, vintage Basketball is cool so Barkley and Johnson stay.

    Number Four, the Russian Stamps I hold until the next Olympics and then try to eBay them during the games while interest is high.

    Number Five, TMNT cards. I break up the set and try to sell them individually to people who need to complete their set. Sometimes people misplace a card or damage a card. Sell on sell a few replacement cards and you've already made your money back and helped someone out.

    Last, The Bobbleheads. I love bobbleheads but these mean nothing to me. So I would find someone that would want them, like someone from the San Jose Area who is into Arena Football.

  12. I'd keep all the baseball stuff, especially the record. That's a great price based on what I've seen up here in SF. I'd probably keep the TMNT set, too, because I don't think I have that one. The stamps and non-baseball sports stuff would be gone, since they don't match my style.

  13. I'm not a stamp person at all, I know nothing about stamps so I would toss those, Definitely keep the TMNT set, I mean $1 buck to keep those childhood memories alive, I'm over all that! Definitely keep the Basketball cards, I love beam teams, and I would trade one of the Barkley for a comparable beam team from that set. The wax box, I'd keep, I mean 5 bucks and again growing up in the 90's it would just bring back memories definitely worth it. The bobbles, would probably dump, and the Koufax record would not have bought, but that's cause those are things I don't collect. Still all that matters is that you like em!

  14. I'd definitely keep the TMNT cards just cause they're awesome. I'd open the wax and keep any Astros for myself and send the rest out as bonuses to trades. I could do without the stamps. Love the bobble heads even if they aren't of a team I follow. The Koufax is a cool item but I'd regret spending 20 on it.

    Great finds overall!

  15. The Koufax record will be on display in my bedroom. Anything with his likeness is gold. I probably would trash the stamps. I am not a stamp collector and don't understand why people collect them.

  16. I would never chuck somebody elses treasures but I wouls probably find a better home for the basketball stuff and maybe the stamps.

  17. definitely gotta keep sandy, that's a classic...

    and on the stamps, can you use them on our envelopes or are they russian currency?


  18. I would keep everything but the bobbleheads. I'd like the stamps because my dad is a mailman, I LOVE 90s bball inserts, busting wax is too much fun to throw a perfectly good box away, and the Koufax is cool because Koufax is cool.

  19. No need for the stamps. Have to keep the wax box.

  20. I would keep the stamps because old Soviet era stuff looks really neat. Also would keep the Koufax simply because it is Koufax.The Turtle cards would leave a vapour trail heading towards the dumpster,the basketball cards would be off loaded to my god son.
    Those were some really nice finds,the bobble heads are really cool.

  21. Loved reading what people would keep and pass on to others.

    It was nice to see a pretty good balance between the items and our commentators. I don't think anything was unanimously thrown out or kept.

    Baseball Nut wins the extra credit for this particular post. Love the purchase by purchase breakdown... and I'll probably steal his idea and sell the stamps during the next Summer Games. If I remember to do so.

    Markz - They're Russian stamps, so my guess is that they're useless in terms of US postage. I'm not an expert though.

    Contest comments for this post is officially closed. My next post should be up in the next 30 minutes. I may or many not have a contest update until tomorrow, since I'm headed out for the day.

    Well... Happy 4th of July everyone... stay safe.