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Sunday, October 10, 2010

PC Spotlight #3: Run TMC

Before there was Miami Thrice... there was Run TMC.

I've been a Lakers fan since the days of Showtime. If you've followed me long enough... you've heard the story before. However, I grew up in the Bay Area. And everyone from around here who followed Warriors basketball in the late 80's/early 90's knows about Run TMC.

Run TMC was the core of the Golden State Warriors basketball team for only two seasons, but their legacy will last a lifetime.

The original piece of the puzzle was Chris Mullin who was drafted by the Warriors in the 1985 NBA draft with the #7 pick. He was a 5x NBA all-star forward who was also a part of the 1992 gold medal winning Dream Team. He averaged 18.2 ppg during his 16 year career. However during the Run TMC era, he averaged 25.3 ppg. I recently picked up this Mullin autograph off of eBay for $28. I love the fact that it's an on-card auto with a retro design. My only complaint is that he signed it sideways.

Then in 1988, the Warriors drafted Mitch Richmond with the 5th pick of the draft. He produced for them immediately averaging 22 ppg and taking home the ROY award. During his 14 year career, he was an all-star six times and made the all-NBA 2nd team three times. Last week, I picked this autograph up for $7 off of Beckett. I'm still searching for an autograph of Richmond in his Warriors uniform, but for now this autograph will do. It's from the late 90's, so it's before the sticker auto era, which is nice.

The final piece of the puzzle arrived in 1989 when the Warriors drafted Tim Hardaway with the 14th pick in the draft. Hardaway was a 5x all-star and is famous for his killer crossover. This is the second time I've discussed this autograph. I originally featured this card in my Birthday PC post last month. This is my favorite autograph out of the three. I love the autograph on the manufactured Warriors patch, plus Hardaway was the most exciting to watch.

Together... Tim, Mitch, and Chris made up Run TMC. They got their name for their fast pace style of play, which put fear into defenses around the league. All of them could run... all of them could pass... and all of them could score. But that's not all... if you scroll up and check out the cards again... notice that all three of them know how to sign autographs. You can tell that they all take pride in signing their name, which is impressive by today's standards.

Unfortunately, they only got to play together for two seasons. Right after the 1991/92 season started the Warriors shipped Richmond to Sacramento for Billy Owens (the #3 pick in that year's draft), because Owens was holding out on signing a contract. IMO, it was one of the most lopsided trades of the 90's. You have to wonder what Run TMC would have done had they been given a chance to play together a little longer.

So... here's today's question of the day: Outside of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh... what's the greatest trio you've had the privilege to witness on an NBA court?

By the way... although Owens never filled the void that Mitch Richmond left behind... Warrior fans should still be impressed with his autograph. Another player who takes pride in signing for his fans.

Hasta luego!


  1. I loved Mitch as a kid growing up, and Timmy Hardaway was never bad since I'm a Tim as well!

    My top 3, given my Celtic bias, has to be Pierce-Allen-KG. PRK? Or PAG? GAP?

    Regardless, they're my favorite. Ray Allen and Mitch Richmond are two of the best pure shooters of all time IMO.

  2. That Mullin card is awesome!!!! I can never seem to win one on eBay.