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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I hate being a hypocrite...

I've always hated teams that consistently win. During the 70's, I hated the Steelers and the Yankees. During the 80's, I hated the 49ers and the Celtics. During the 90's I hated the Cowboys and the Bulls. This past decade, I hated the Patriots and the Yankees (again). Actually, I've always hated the Yankees, Celtics, Cowboys, and the 49ers for their winning traditions. Which brings me to another thing I hate...

I hate being a hypocrite! Why the eff, do I love the Lakers? They represent so many things I can't stand... the color purple... the city of Los Angeles (Northern California & Southern California just seem to clash)... and of course their winning tradition.

I've struggled with this for years and today I'll explain (not justify) the history of my hypocrisy. It started back in middle school, when I fell in love with the game of basketball. I'm not talking about watching it on television or collecting cards, I'm talking about playing it.

In the 7th grade, I was one of the shortest people in school, plus I was a little chubby to top it off. However, I could hit an outside jumper... especially from the baseline. Outside of baseball, I never received much praise for my athletic abilities, so when my buddies picked me over taller kids, it felt good and boosted my self esteem.

Remember how everyone pretended to be their favorite superstar when they played? Well, I didn't really follow basketball, so I never did. Until one day someone pointed out that I hit a shot like Byron Scott. I'm not sure if I even knew who Byron Scott was, but after watching a bunch of Lakers games while on a family trip to L.A. I was officially a Lakers fan. During that vacation, the Lakers never lost a game and I was amazed to see how they just dominated their opponents. When I left San Jose, I couldn't name 3 different players on that team. By the time I returned home less than 14 days later, I had memorized the whole team from Magic, to Rambis, to of course my childhood basketball idol... Byron Scott.

Since then, I've never looked back. Sure, I feel guilty for supporting the "evil empire", but I just can't help it. I know I'm a front runner, but I've supported them through thick and thin.

In the early 90's when they struggled after Magic's retirement, I was there. After the 2003/2004 season, they lost Shaq, the Glove, the Mailman, and Fish... but they didn't lose this fan. I'll be a Lakers fan until I can no longer bear the burden. However, I promise you this... If I were to ever stop being a Lakers fan... it would only be while they're on top.

I'm a man of character and would never kick a man when they're down.


  1. Man, I've been a Patriots fan since the 80s. All of the sudden they became the most hated team in the league. People are haters. It's the way it is. I've learned to not immediately hate hate a team because they win. Remember, they are winning for a reason. I appreciate the level of basketball that the Lakers bring to the game and I only really hate them when they play the Blazers.

  2. Red Sox, Lakers, Patriots... I hate them all. I root for more tradition teams that build from with in and not spend a lot of money on payroll. You know, just do things the right way. Like my NY Yankees and KNICKs.

    In truth tho, I don't really care for Kobe very much, but I do feel he has been the best player in the Association for a while and STILL is the best player. Oddly, I've alway been a Ron Artest fan. I guess it started back in his St. John's days. Also, I really like his game. I think Fisher is the man too. Eventho I was rooting for the Celtics, I can respect the Lakers as a good team and worthy champion.

    Those auto's are sweet. One of my favorite Lakers of all-time was B Scott. "Spoon" Perkins wasn't too bad either.

  3. P.S. Being a heart broken Buffalo Bills fan, I also hated the Cowboys in the 90's and still do. Nice '87 Fleer RC!!!

  4. TJ - I think you're partially right... some people are just born as haters. For me personally, I'm not one of those fans who go around talking smack about teams I dislike. However, I can't deny that I can't stand any of those teams I mentioned. I'd be one happy camper if the Yankees, Celtics, Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers, or Redwings (forgot to mention them earlier) never won another championship.

    If I could snap my fingers and get rid of all the "hate" in the world, I would. But, if I'm going to hate something... I'd rather hate a sports team, than another race... or gender.

    On the flipside, I actually do appreciate what all of those teams have done for their respective sports.

    Hoopography - Damn... I totally forgot to add in the piece about most of those teams paying for an all-star cast and leaving lower budget teams in the dust. Great point.

    It's funny that you mention Kobe. He's my favorite current Laker... and I think he's definitely a top 15, almost entering the top 10 basketball player of all time. However, I actually think Lebron is better (and no, I'm not by any means a King James fan).

    Each has their own strenghts and weaknesses... and if I'm looking at who's had the best career so far, then no doubt it's the Black Mamba. However... I think King James has deserved the MVP award the past two seasons.

    But isn't that what makes sports and card collecting great? I love the fact that everyone has their own opinion... and that almost everything is debatable.

    P.S. I like Perkins too!

    Thanks to both of you for reading my blog!

  5. First off, sweet Byron cards.

    Second off, so funny to say you hate the color purple - when the text is in the color purple. It made me laugh.

    And I don't hate the Lakers, per se. I just really love the Blazers. Therefore, whoever goes against the Blazers feels my vocal wrath on game day.

    Hey, if you get tired of being a Lakers fan - all the cool kids in the blogosphere are Blazers fans. We'd take you in and get you started with a Blazers welcome bag.

  6. what's up g... as for the blazers... i'll pass. i already have a 2nd favorite team... the warriors.

    i know... it makes no sense right... same division, but the fact is... the warriors are fun to watch and going to the games are good times.

  7. Pass on the Blazers? I'm aghast. Oh well, more Blazers cards for me.

    My sister lives in the bay area - and she's said that the Warriors games are a good time too. They're getting a new logo this year.

    How bout a favorite English Premier League soccer team? You got one of those yet? Because Everton is looking for supporters here in the states.

  8. English Premier League soccer... well... I'll be honest, I've never really played or watched soccer. My ex-girlfriend was a big fan of the San Jose Earthquakes and the San Jose Clash, so I went to a few games. But I didn't really pay attention to anything other than my Polish dog and my nachos.

    I am rooting for the USA in the World Cup though.

  9. The Worries just unvailed new uniforms. They look great. I'm a huge Chris Mullin fan!!!!

  10. I agree... I like the throwback look. My favorite are the "City" jerseys from 1961 to 1972.