30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seven More Marks

On Sunday, I showed off my massive Garbage Pail Kids collection that I saved from my childhood. Well, three days later and my GPK collection has more than tripled in size. After writing my blog entry, I went searching on the internet for site selling GPK singles.

The first site I found was GPK Monster and they took care of all of my needs. I was looking for more "Marks" and was able to find seven. My personal favorite is "Skid Mark". I also like "On The Mark" (with the arrows), because I remember having this card as a kid. It's probably still stuck on one of my binders.

In addition to these seven cards, I also picked up three other GPK cards for some friends. They also offered free shipping if I spent $25 or more, so I bought a 2010 GPK Flashback "Yellow" set which contains 160 of the greatest Garbage Pail Kids from the past.

If you interested in buying singles or sets, I encourage you to check out their inventory. They have an amazing selection and reasonable prices.


  1. Have you ever seen a basketball or baseball? I guess I'm asking if you have seen any sports ones. I've only seen a football?

    These really are cool!!!! I remember when I was a little guy checking these out.

  2. I looked through my flashback set and found cards with weight lifters, bowlers, golfers, and boxers... but not basketball, baseball, or football ones. However, I'm sure they probably have some. If I come across any... I'll send you an email.