30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sports Card Trifecta #2: Kobe Bryant

So it begins. Tonight the Lakers face the Rockets at Staples Center to kick off their season. It's their first step towards winning their third NBA championship in a row.

If successful, it'll be Pau Gasol's first three-peat. For Kobe and Fish, it'll be their second. And as insane as this may sound... if the Lakers win it all this season... it'll be Phil Jackson's fourth three-peat... that's twelve NBA championships!

If Coach Jackson has any chance of winning his twelfth ring...
he'll need his players to play solid defense... he'll need his bench to bring energy in the second quarter... he'll need his big men to play tough... and he'll need his superstar... Mr. Bryant... to be a leader on the court.

So to kick off the season... and to hopefully bring the Lakers good luck... here's my 1st basketball trifecta... Mr. Kobe Bryant:

Rookie Card: 1996/97 E-X 2000 #30

Autographed Card: 1998/99 Topps "Autographs" #AG2

Memorabilia Card: 2008/09 Topps T51 Murad "Relics" #T51RKB

It's way too early to tell whether or not the Lakers will be able to win it all again. There's just too many factors... trades... injuries... chemistry. We can all make our educated guesses... but that's just it... they're guesses. Each year there's at least one team that takes the league by surprise. Just look at who's playing in the World Series.

Anyways... my guess is that it'll be Boston and the Lakers again in the Finals... with the Celtics coming out on top... but only time will tell.

Today's question of the day is... Who do you think is going to win it all this year?

Will Kobe get his 6th ring to tie Jordan? Will Wade and his homies live up to everyone's expectations? Will Shaq be able to write another rap for Kobe? Will Durant show the world he's the best player in the league and bring a championship to OKC in only his fourth season?

Only Nostradamus and the big man upstairs knows... everyone else step up to the line and take your best guess.

Happy Tuesday... and Go Lakers!


  1. Gotta love a Nostradamus reference!!!

    Nice Kobe cards. Certainly an on-card Kobe auto is pretty sweet, but I love those EX cards. That is one of Kobe's most sought after cards and for good reason.

    I've never really liked Kobe. Mostly because of the Colorado incident, but I do respect him as a baller and competitor. As much as it pains me, I find myself rooting for the Lakers this year. This is solely for my distain of Team South Bitch, I mean Beach. I like the Celtics, despite their age and think this is really a 3 team race between the Lakers, Celtics and Miami Warm.

  2. I'm not a Kobe fan, but I am a reasonable, logical person, so I respect his ability. That said, if everyone can stay healthy, I think the Heat will take it. The heat are more susceptible to injury though, so I still think the Lakers are the favorite. Lakers need Kobe to stay under 40 points though. When he shoots that much, they suck. Right now, Kobe is the greatest winner/champion/outstanding player in the game, LeBron is the best player in the game, and Durant is the most valuable to his team.

  3. Charles - I totally understand your dislike for Kobe... and have nothing I can say to defend his actions in Colorado. I'm glad we share one thing in common: our hate for the Heat.

    Spankee - I hope Durant wins it this year... I love that guy's game... and attitude.

  4. Nice Kobe cards. It's taboo for Portland residents to like anything Lakers, but I like to watch them. It's amazing to watch Kobe play and I don't think he's done winning rings. If the Blazers don't win it all, though, I'm rooting for either Oklahoma City or Orlando.