30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheap Cool Cards #4: 1999 Leaf R&S "Slide Show" Antonio Freeman

Card: 1999 Leaf Rookies & Stars "Slide Show" #SS-8 Antonio Freeman (#'d 010/100)
Beckett Value: $15
eBay Price: $18.79

In my 4th installment of my Cheap Cool Cards series, I chose this card it's one of my favorite insert sets from the 90's. It features an colored acetate slide with a cardboard frame. There are three variations of this set. The one pictured above is the red version and is numbered to 100. There is also a green parallel #'d to 50, along with a blue one #'d to 25. I've never seen one, but Beckett also lists a 1/1 parallel as well called the "Studio" version.

You can find these on COMC for as little as $5 for a Fred Taylor or $6 for a Jake Plummer. I saw the Antonio Freeman on there a while back for $5 and offered him $3. He accepted and voila, I now own one of the sweetest cards from the 90's. Too bad it's not a Favre, but if it was then it probably wouldn't be featured in this segment. Favre's card lists for $50 and it wouldn't surprise me if they sold for close to it.

So I'll settle for my Antonio Freeman, who was one of the Packers leading receiver during the 90's. Freeman's best season came in 1998 when he pulled down 84 catches and led the league in receiving yards. That year he made his only Pro Bowl appearance and looked to be destined for stardom. Which is probably why they inserted him into this set.

From that point on, his numbers slowly dwindled until he eventually retired in 2003 at the age of 31. Even though he wasn't an all-pro calibre receiver, he still managed to lead the Packers in receiving from 1996 to 1999. Here's a video of one of the sweetest catches I've ever seen:

So today's question deals with Beckett and their values. Almost all of the values in the price guides are inflated to some degree. My question is... Are there any cards, sets, or products that you know of that are constantly under priced by Beckett? For example... I was looking to pick up an Aaron Rodgers rookie autograph during the offseason and none of them went for below book. I can only imagine what they're going for now since the season has started.

Anyways... I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


  1. I loved that catch...definitely one of the greatest.

  2. Love that catch!!!

    There are a number of 90's basketball insert sets that Beckett is way off on. The Ultra Court Masters, Golden Touch and A Cut Above cards. A player like Anfernee Hardaway has book values of around $12, $15, or $20, but those cards always sell for $25, $30, or $35.

    This is really a good question as Beckett is way off on both ends of the spectrum. The over value many cards and under value the cards that collectors are really buying. I wonder how they come up with these prices. I feel like they do not look at the secondary market prices which are the closes you can get to a cards value. You know… what someone is willing to pay for an item.

  3. SpastikMooss - yeah me too... still remember watching it on televison... simply amazing.

    Charles - I love the A Cut Above set... wish I could afford some of those cards.