30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Acetate + 90's Insert Set = Another Project

Thirteen years ago, I ripped into a pack of 1998 Playoff Momentum and pulled this beautiful card of Randy Moss. The die-cut card is shaped like an arrow and features some gold holographic print I slid the card into a penny sleeve and card-saver, then placed it in a shoebox to gather dust.

I've flipped through this shoebox probably ten times over the past few years, but never thought twice about the Moss. Then a few weeks ago, I stopped to admire the card and decided to see who else was in the set. I went straight to COMC and found that this set was loaded with stars. Everyone from Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Peyton Manning are in this set.

After seeing the checklist, I put the card aside and decided to see if I could find a complete set of these on eBay. I found one, but it was a little expensive (around $60), so I passed.

Then I found a guy who was selling a partial set with a bunch of extras included. He had put together 26 of the 29 cards in the set. After checking on COMC and eBay to see how much it would cost me to build the set, I decided to submit a best offer to this guy. I ended up pay $30 (shipping included) for the partial set, 13 additional die-cuts, and 19 of the retail versions.

Unfortunately, this also means that I have a new project for me to work on. I picked up one of the cards I needed (the Tim Brown) on COMC for a buck, but I still need the following:

#16 Drew Bledsoe
#20 Napoleon Kaufman

By the way, the retail version is also made out of acetate... but it's not die-cut. I'm building the die-cut version, which books for a little more than the retail version.

(retail version)

So if any of you have these cards for trade, PM me what you're looking for.

I'm excited about completing this set for so many reasons:

1. It's from the 90's.
2. It's expandable if I ever decide to build the retail set.
3. It's affordable, since most commons only sell for less than a buck.
4. It has a solid checklist. It includes Manning and Moss from their rookie season.
5. Best of all, it's made from acetate.

Now onto today's question of the day: Do you collect sets? If so, do you prefer to build or buy?

Oh by the way... I just realized... this is my 100th post. Damn how time flies by when you're having fun. Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Happy 100th!

    And I build every time. It's all about the chase. Now, I usually trade or buy on sites, which is less "chase" than buying packs or boxes, but buying it just doesn't do it for me.

    That said, partial buys like what you did work for me for bigger sets. I probably wouldn't buy an entire set of something I liked unless it was real cheap...but I would buy a large chunk of the set if it helped me towards completion quite a bit without actually finishing the thing.

  2. Wow, those are great!!! I'm with you one Acetate love. The die cut versions are way cooler too. Do you still have doubles left that you would be willing to trade?

    I love building sets. I usually take the slow and deliberate rout of one single at a time. I'd love to buy partial sets, but I just can't seem to find any or they're too expensive for the sets I'm putting together.

    Congrats on your 100th post!!!

  3. Nice, I love acetate cards. If you com across and extra Bledsoe, I want it!.

    I like building some sets. This years Topps football is fun and I'm almost done with it.

  4. SpastikMooss - You're a true collector... I wish I could say that "it's all about the chase"... but I think I'm too lazy now. I definitely used to be all about the chase though.

    Charles - I still have all of the doubles... I'll put together a list of what I have. The only problem is that we'll be chasing after the same two cards in the end.

    TJ - The first Bledsoe goes to me... but if I find two... the other goes to you (or Charles if he decides to build the set)