30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Road Trip Pt. 2: Card Shows, Antique Shops, and a Blogger Meetup

Back in college, some of my most memorable vacations were road trips with my friends down to Southern California and Tijuana.  Fast forward a few decades and I still enjoy a good road trip and Southern California.  As for TJ... well let's just say my body can't handle that town anymore.

Last weekend my buddy, Mike and I hopped in my car and drove down to Los Angeles for a three day adventure that included a Dodgers game, meeting a fellow card blogger, visiting a pair of card shows and a card shop, and exploring some mom-and-pop antique shops.

Click here if you're interested in reading about the our first day on the road and the Dodgers game we attended.

Photo Taken in 2014

Today's post will focus on Day #2 adventures.  Earlier in the week, I had reached out to Ryan over at Japanese Sumo Wrestling Cards and Menko to see if he'd be interested in getting together.  He wasn't able to go to the Dodgers game, but he cleared his Saturday morning schedule and met us at the Frank and Son Collectible Show.

We started off walking around the show together, but within twenty minutes or so, we were all on our own.  I was kinda bummed out by the number of card dealers there.  I'm guessing there were less than ten vendors with trading cards (not including the special section dedicated to gaming).

Purchase #1Plastic Sorting Tray  $7

The only thing I walked out of there with was this cheap plastic sorting tray.  I was looking for one of those BCW sorting trays that Sport Card Collector uses, but nobody had any, so I settled for this.  We eventually met up and decided to head over to a card show at Damien High School in La Verne.

Rick Monday and Al Ferrara were signing autographs, but the lines were pretty long and I didn't have anything to get signed.

Purchase #2Quarter Bin Cards  $1

There were probably twice as many card dealers at this show, but there weren't a lot of bargains to be found.  One guy did have a quarter bin (or five cards for a buck), so I grabbed these four cards and a basketball card for Ryan.

1995 Classic Images Limited Focused Gold #F-15

This card is sort of a hidden gem.  Back in the mid 90's, this card would have fetched around $20.  These days, you can sometimes find them sitting in quarter bins.

After walking around two card shows we were getting hungry, so I suggested Del Taco which is a Mexican fast food joint similar to Taco Bell.  I can't speak for Ryan or Mike, but I loved their bean and cheese burritos.  They were so good, I convinced Mike to go back there for dinner that same day.

Thanks for lunch Ryan!

Internet Photo

Ryan mentioned that Saturday, August 10th was National Baseball Card Day, so with our bellies full, we headed over to A&N Collectibles in San Dimas.  As soon as we pulled up, Mike and I recognized this place from our road trip back in 2014.

As soon as we entered the shop, one of the employees handed us our complimentary pack of cards:

Mike doesn't really collect cards, so he hooked me up with his free pack.  Here's what I pulled:

Plus if you spent $10, you were given a special Bryce Harper card.  And if you purchased $20 worth of product, you received the Harper and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. card.

Now if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you know how much cool stuff Ryan has sent over the years.  I want to return the favor, but his collection is very specific and sometimes it's hard to find things for him.  That's why I figured I'd buy him something here since who doesn't enjoy opening up packs of cards.

Purchase #32019 Topps Chrome Jumbo Packs  $40

After looking at my options, I ended up going with two jumbo packs of Chrome.  I was blown away by the $20 price tag... but figured it would be cool to see one of us pull a Guerrero or Tatis autograph.

Spoiler alert.  Neither of us did.  But we did beat the odds and each of us pulled an on-card autograph.  Here's mine:

2019 Topps Chrome Autographs #RA-TW

Not familiar with this guy, but I did pull a few cool cards of guys I recognize:

2019 Topps Chrome 1984 Topps Insert #84TC-5
2019 Topps Chrome #202

Plus a rookie refractor...

2019 Topps Chrome Refractor #148

Hudson is another guy I don't know much about... but he's currently leading the Cardinals in wins.  That's better than leading them in losses.

And just in case you're curious... here's the rest of my pack:

Oh and since I spent more than $20, I received these two National Baseball Card Day bonus cards:

2019 Topps National Trading Card Day #NTCDG-1
2019 Topps National Trading Card Day #NTCDG-2

After the card shop, we headed back into La Verne.  Only this time we checked out some antique stores.  I ended up buying some Amish Butterprint Pyrex bowls for my friend who collects these.  But I'm sure you don't want to look at pictures of bowls.  Don't worry, I actually found some cards too.

Photo Taken in 2014

Five years ago, Mike and I discovered this store called the Coin Depot where I purchased some affordable vintage cards.  We went back there again and guess what... I found more vintage cards to purchase.

Purchase #4Miscellaneous Cards $5.50

1968 Topps #365
1968 Topps #378

As soon as you walk into the store, there's a shelf on the right hand side with boxes filled with cards in semi-rigid holders.  The Gibson had a $2 sticker price, while the Robinson was a buck.  Neither are in nice condition, but they're great additions to my vintage binder.

I also grabbed this Hellboy sketch card that had a $2.50 price tag:

2006 Inkworks Hellboy Sword of Storms Sketch Card #SK17

I'm not the biggest fan of Hellboy, but I'll pretty much buy any pack pulled sketch card for $2.50.

One of the people working at the store told Ryan there were more cards in the back of the shop, so when I finished paying for these cards I joined him.  I was blown away by the number of cards they had hanging on the walls and sitting in boxes.  I honestly was a little overwhelmed, but I did manage to pull a few cards out.

Purchase #5More Cards  $10

2014 Excalibur Top Flight Jerseys #19
2017 Optic The Rookies #5

2014-15 Panini Threads Signatures #4 (#'d 28/35)

The first three cards were priced at $3 each.  I don't follow basketball anymore, but even non-basketball fans know who Anthony Davis is.  The last time I did watch the game, Deron Williams was one of the top point guards in the game.  I figured both of these cards were pretty solid deals.  As for the McCaffrey... he was a beast at Stanford and he's been pretty solid in North Carolina.  I thought this was a rookie card, but it's actually just a shiny insert.

The other card wasn't priced, but the guy threw it in for a buck:

1961 Fleer Team Decals #NNO

Had no idea what this was... but I love collecting Fleer stickers.  Now I just need to find a Kansas City A's sticker to go with this one.

While waiting for Ryan to finish up in the back, I noticed that they had some boxes behind the counter.  I got excited when I saw this one:

Purchase #51973, 1974, and 1975 Topps Cards $6

I honestly was expecting to find commons, but to my surprise I was able to really bolster my vintage binder with these:

1973 Topps Baseball

1974 Topps Baseball

1975 Topps Baseball

1975 Topps Minis Baseball

I honestly can write a few paragraphs on these singles alone... but I've done enough writing for today.  So I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.  By the way, there were more than 60 cards in the lot.  I just removed any doubles and he hooked me up with a discount since this was my third purchase of the day.

After the Coin Depot we went to the La Verne Brewery.  I'm not a big beer guy, but Ryan was hoping to buy some and bring it home.  After we grabbed the beer, we went looking for one final antique store.  Unfortunately it was closed.

By this time it was around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and Ryan had to go home and spend time with his family.  It was really cool hanging out with him.  Usually it takes some time for me to warm up to people, but when we were hanging out, it was like we had known each other for years.

I've already extended him an invitation to a Bay Area card show in September.  Hopefully he'll be able to fit it into his schedule.

Oh I almost forgot.  He gave me an envelope filled with goodies.  If things go as planned, I should have something written up by Monday.  And hopefully I'll have the final leg of our road trip up on Tuesday.

Okay... it's time for today's question of the day:

Have you ever hung out with another card blogger?  If so, who?

If not...

Are there any card bloggers you'd like to meet?  If so, who?

I've been lucky enough to meet three different bloggers in person so far:  Brady @ St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard, Rod @ Padrographs, and Ryan @ Japanese Sumo Cards and Menko.  I have also had the pleasure of hanging out and talking cards with avid card blog supporter... Mr. Havenkamp.

I'm also hoping to eventually meet the rest of the Oregon Blogging CrewGavin and Kerry.

Well that's it for today.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

I almost forgot.  After Mike and I went to Del Taco for dinner, we stopped by Target on our way back to the hotel.  I went a little crazy and picked up two 2019 Chrome blasters and four 2019 Chrome value packs.  As of this evening, I haven't opened them yet.  But I will... and when I do, I'll make sure to share my results in a post.


  1. Congrats on the Ward, he's no Trout or Ohtani but he is a former first rounder.

    As for blogger meetups, I've met Ryan from This Card Is Cool on many occasions (all in Japan). I also got to meet Drew (former blogger) at a card show. There's a bunch of folks I'd like to meet one day, but the thing is that America is huge so... good luck.

  2. You are my first “blind date” as my wife called it. Haven’t met any other bloggers. Would love to hang out with Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse and talk horror-show host stuff. Thanks again for a great day!!

    1. Thanks Ryan! Let me know if you're ever back in southwest Ohio and we'll meet up!

  3. Well, If you pull Acuna #117 LMK. I have met a blogger and writer for SCD and the Tampa Tribune. Bob D' Angelo. he and another fellow OCTer from New York meet up every year during Spring Training in South FL, Eat breakfast play golf or take in a game somewhere. I've tried a couple of times to get down there, one time I actually showed but I had the wrong date. But, Bob and I (the Floridians) eat a spot wwe like every now and again. Always great, always cards, always baseball conversation. Good Times.

  4. $20 for a jumbo pack??? I sure am glad that I don't go for much modern stuff! Looks like the coin shop was the best place on your trip, I can't believe how cheap that sketch card was. Never met any other bloggers, I was at the same show as one, but didn't know that until a few days later (I don't think that he was wanting to meet me though, hence not mentioning that he was going to be there after I had already done so).

  5. Love the Bob Gibson card. I have not met up with any other card bloggers, but I think I have been at shows and baseball games with other bloggers and not realized it until later on.

  6. Nice score on the 10 cent vintage! When I lived in So Cal, I went to Frank and Sons once, was disappointed like you in the lack of card sellers and never went back.

    I haven't met any bloggers but did meet up with mrhaverkamp a couple times when he was passing through So Cal and once when I was up in Nor Cal. He's a great guy. There are tons of bloggers I would like to meet up with, maybe Greg of Night Owl fame so we can debate Giants vs. Dodgers.

  7. I've never met any other bloggers... although it seems likely that I may have crossed paths with a couple in the 1990s without knowing it, as at least one went to the same shows I did.

    Hoping to get to the Atlantic City national next year, will surely meet some then. And I'm not letting them get away without a picture of us together! It will likely be the only National I ever get to so I want to be able to look at my pictures and actually remember the event.

    1. I am trying to go as well for my first one and will probably be my only one. Need to get my sister in law on board to drive me there lol. If she doesn't, then I don't go. But, it sounds fifty fifty up to this point.

  8. Those limited die cuts were great looking cards. I have both versions of Rodney. I have never actually nevermet anyone from blogossphere and my Twitter friends.

  9. I've met a couple local bloggers -- Jeff (2x3 Heroes) & Tony (Wrigley Roster Jenga) -- and I'm sure I've crossed paths with at least a few others. Cool box o' vintage! I probably would've bought that despite the fact that I probably already own most of the cards inside.

  10. I've met Beau from OneMillionCubs.net for an in person trade and hope to again this fall. Mike, from WaxPackHero.com, sets up at a semi-local card show that I get to when I can. He's a good dude and usually saves me some of his Cubs dupes. I've been to a South Bend Cubs game with Matt from OnceACub.blogspot.com and we swapped cards afterward. Funny... three guys and they all collect the same team as me!

  11. I met Napkin Doon!

    One of my goals in life is still to go to a flea market with you!

  12. Looks like you had a great day Fuji. I myself have never met any fellow bloggers but I definitely would like to meet up with either you, Night Owl, Dime Box Nick, or Ryan of Sumo Cards sometime.

  13. Wow. That's a day. I'd probably have to cover the whole state to go to the places you went.

    I've gone to card shows with Angus at Dawg Day Cards at least 3 times (maybe 4?). Hopefully we have another one coming up in the fall.

  14. Sounds like you had an awesome day. I too have splurged when it comes to Topps Chrome in hopes of landing a Vlad Jr or Tatis Jr (I really want the latter).

    I haven't had much luck thus far. In fact, the hobby box that I bought at The National stunk, but I did get an Alonso prism refactor out of a blaster box.

  15. Looks like a fun day!

    I had the chance to do some card shopping with Dave over at Japanese Baseball Cards a few months back when he came through my neck of the woods during his Japan trip. It was my first time to ever hang out with another blogger and I enjoyed it a lot!

  16. I had lunch with Peter (https://baseballeverynight.blogspot.com) since he works down the road from me now and ran into Ben (https://cardboardicons.com) at the LCS for NBCD (he wrote about it on his blog). In both cases we forgot to take photos.

    Honestly wouldn't mind meeting any of the bloggers or twitterers I interact with. One of these summers I hope to run into you.

  17. I've gotten to go to card shops in Japan with Ryan of This Card Is Cool, Sean of "Getting Back Into Baseball Cards...In Japan" and Dan of "Korean Cardboard". I've also met up with Jason of "Clyde's Stale Cards" once and Justin of "Charm City Autographs" (not a blog but a Facebook page and Twitter feed) a couple times. All great people.

    I figure one of these days I'm going to run into Zippy Zappy - we've already been at the same event in New York City once without realizing it at the time!

  18. Great find on those .10 vintage commons.

    I have meet 4 different bloggers (or former bloggers).

    The first blogger I meet was David aka Rhubarb Runner https://mmmrhubarb.wordpress.com/ at a card show in St Louis. He was a nice guy and gave me some great stuff. https://thoughtsandsox.blogspot.com/2010/03/in-person-trade-with-rhubarb-runner.html

    The second blogger I meet was Cynicalbudda - aka Mark from Collectors Crack/Yount Collector. Mark and his wife came to Arizona on their honeymoon and I meet them at a Brewers Spring Training game. That was during one of my blogging dark periods so here is his post about it. https://collectorscrack.blogspot.com/2012/03/im-back-baby-and-quick-trade-post.html

    One week later I meet my 3rd blogger in person. Shawn (Better known as Corky) from the blog formally known as Pack War. (he gave up blogging earlier this year) We had a really quick meeting because I was on my way to referee a soccer game

    The 4th blogger I meet was Daniel from Like Having My Own Card Shop and we have actually meet a handful of times. Twice on purpose and a slew of other times when we just happened to be at a Dbacks game at the same time. Once we even unknowingly had seats in the same section https://thoughtsandsox.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-fourth-face-to-face-with-card.html

    I almost met with the Collective Troll when I was in Tampa one year. We were going to meet at a Stone Crab game but never could get the days lined up right. (He has been mia from blogging for about 5 years now.)

  19. Glad you had a fun day. That Cubs sticker is cool. I was still collecting then so I actually have boxes of 1973-75. I never built a set so I'll forever be missing some.

  20. My trip to Frank and Sons was about as fruitful as yours. I did manage to find one vendor that had some decent cards that I bought. The rest of your adventures sound like fun.

    I haven't met any bloggers yet. Who I'd like to meet... you, Julie, Bob. Maybe the list would grow over time.

  21. zippy - now that i have his rookie autograph, i'll be tracking him. looks like he's doing pretty well in aaa this year. that's cool that you've hung out with ryan (this card is cool). if i ever go there, i'd love to meet up with him too.

    sumomenkoman - if you come up to serramonte, there's a chance that you'll get to meet brady (st. louis cardinals' cardboard) and mr. haverkamp (avid blog reader and commenter)

    johnnys trading spot - will do on acuna. breakfast, golf, and a game sounds awesome!

    jon - yeah. trust me, i don't splurge like that very often. if you're ever in the bay area, i'd love to hang out and talk cards.

    the snorting bull - i wonder if other bloggers have attending shows in my area that i didn't know about.

    arpsmith - if you're ever in the bay area again, let me know and maybe we could take in a flea market or something. i'd love to meet night owl too.

    billy kingsley - have fun at the national! lol. yeah... i'm not a big photo guy. but whatever. i'd take one with a fellow blogger if it meant something to them.

    sport card collectors - i thought of you when i found it. figured if anyone out there would appreciate a cool 90's football insert, it'd be you.

    nick - the goal is to one day make my way to the illinois area, so i can hit up a show and hopefully run into you at a dime box

    p-town tom - if you're gonna meet fellow card collectors... it's that much cooler to meet guys who collect similar things.

    the lost collector - nice. where the heck has napkin doon been? tlc... i'm down like james brown.

    adam - it was a pretty awesome day. if you're in the bay area, shoot me an email... and maybe we can get together at a flea market or card show.

    night owl - the cool thing was we drove less than 20 miles that day. all of those places were withing a 3 to 6 mile radius. i always look forward to reading angus and your card show recaps.

    henry blanchette - i'm crossing my fingers that i'll be able to land both of them. might find out as soon as next weekend. as for alonso... he has been on fire the last week or so.

    sean - that's awesome! surprised you and ryan (this card is cool) haven't crossed paths.

    nick vossbrink - for sure. if you guys ever want to go to a flea market or something when you're in town, just say the word.

    npb card guy - that'd be cool to hang out with people in japan. hope you get to meet kenny. if i ever go out to the east coast, i'd love to go to a minor league game with him

    adam - wow. pretty sure you hold the record with four. whatever happened to collective troll? the blogosphere could use more rays fans

    hackenbush - i was pretty stoked to find that cubs sticker. didn't know much about them until i went home and researched them

    steve at 1975baseballcards.com - not sure how close you are to seattle... but i'm planning on going there in the next year or two. if i do, maybe we can grab a mariners game together. as for bob and julie, i'd love to hang out with either of them

  22. I've picked through singles boxes with Kevin from O's Card of the Day at a couple shows.
    Had an epic swap with Mr. Haverkamp at the National this year - stay tuned for that post.
    Want to meet you, Night Owl, and P-Town Tom at the very least.

  23. My girlfriend collects vintage Pyrex. Some of the pieces she has are way more valuable than any card I own.

  24. gca - it'd be cool to have a blogger convention or something. i'd love to sit around and talk about cards in person with you, night owl, and p-town tom. at least we have one thing in common... we've both done that with mr. haverkamp

    adam kaningher - i believe it. i dropped $100 on a set of pyrex dishes today for my friend. it's part of her early birthday and christmas presents though