30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Personal Thoughts

A few hours ago, I read an excellent post written by Julie over on A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog that really got me to think about whether or not I've upset or annoyed any of the people I've sent and received care packages from over the years.

In her post, she describes three different occurrences involving baseball card transactions.  In one of them, she mentions that she sent cards out to an active blogger and after two weeks, she sent an email to confirm receipt.  The person never responded.

That's when I started to question whether or not she was referring to me.  I checked my email box and didn't see anything from her, but maybe it was accidentally deleted when I dumped my SPAM folder.

I'm sure I'm overthinking her post.  Julie and I have always been really good about sending each other care packages with no strings attached.

In fact, I have established this relationship with many bloggers out there.  But today, I figured I'd give my personal thoughts on receiving and sending care packages to fellow bloggers.

#1:  Thank You

It's important that I start off this post by thanking everyone who has ever sent me a care package.  Obviously, I appreciate the amount of time and effort people go through when putting together something for me, whether it's a one-card PWE to a large flat rate mailer.  I will always write a thank you post on this blog and will try my best to email you a link to the post in case you don't read my blog on a regular basis.

#2:  Equal Fuji

This has been a philosophy of mine since I was a kid.  I don't feel comfortable receiving anything without giving something back.  My thank you posts help keep track of the people I owe.  However, if you're expecting a care package within a week or two, it's probably not going to happen.  Please read #3.

#3:  Patience Please

I typically send packages out two, maybe three times a year.  Why not more often?  Well... it boils down to a few simple reasons.  First off... I don't bust many boxes these days, which means that I don't have an unlimited surplus of cards at my disposal.  So sometimes I need to find stuff at card shows or COMC for specific collectors.  Most of my excess autographs, memorabilia cards, inserts, rookie cards, and parallels have been shipped to fellow bloggers over the years.

Time is also an issue.  Between work, the blog, your blogs, my collection, friends, and family... there isn't a lot of free time.  That's why I'll typically put together and send out care packages during my holiday breaks.

#4:  No Trades Allowed

I realize this might offend some of you.  But the bottom line is I don't trade anymore.  It has nothing to do with a bad experience or anything like that.  I just don't have an updated list of trade bait... and I don't have time to run to the post office every week.

I've had people comment on my posts about specific cards... and if it's not part of my collection, I'll send it to the person as part of a care package.  However... I don't usually go through the hassle of hammering out an actual trade.

#5:  No Strings Attached

If you ever receive anything from me, it's probably a "thank you" care package.  However... I will also send out "just because" care packages too.  If you are the recipient of one of those packages, just know that there are no strings attached.

I'm way past the days of sending things out and expecting something in return.  I understand why other people do, because that was me a few years ago.  But I have enough stuff on my plate.  I don't want to worry about whether or not someone owes me anything.

#6:  Absent Minded Middle School Teacher

I'm not perfect.  My last bulk mailing was shipped out back in early November.  If you sent me cards before then and haven't received anything, email me and I'll add you to the list.  I've got a break in a few weeks, so I'll start putting together more care packages then.

In the meantime... I figured what better time than now to thank Jon over at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts for this thoughtful six pack:

2016 Donruss Test Proof #110 (#'d 28/49)

Oakland A's fans were high on Billy after his solid 2015 season, but after struggling in 2016, he was shipped off to Kansas City.

2006 UD Future Stars World Future Stars #WBC-13

Anyone have a 2008 Baseball Beckett?  I bet this card was worth a pretty penny back in the day.  Daisuke started his MLB career off strong, but quickly faded.  I'm pretty sure Zippy told me he recently signed with the Chunichi Dragons of the NPB.

2012 Panini Golden Age Broad Leaf Mini #111

I'm always excited to add a new Rollie to my binder.  Who doesn't love that mustache?

2013 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts #DY-JP

Who do you think owns the Oakland Athletics record for most consecutive starts without a loss?  If you guessed Jarrod Parker, you're a baseball genius.  Hard to believe this once promising starting pitcher hung up his cleats last month at the age of 29.

1999 Private Stock PS-206 #140

Here's another record holder.  Matt Stairs holds the MLB record for most pinch hit home runs (23).  Four of them were hit while he was wearing an Athletics jersey.

2000 Fleer Ultra Head of the Class #6

Jon wrapped up the six card PWE with this rookie year insert card of Shaun Alexander.  Alexander is the Seattle Seahawks all-time leading rusher and the only player in franchise history to win the NFL MVP Award.

Thank you Jon for this awesome care package!  Like I said in #2... I promise to send something your way... but like I said in #3... it might not be right away.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. I sometimes wish my budget/collecting habits lent themselves to trading because I feel kind of left out sometimes. On the other hand I also miss out on the downside.

  2. Great post Fuji. Like you I always have the best intentions as far as acknowledging/responding to packages I receive. I don't usually scan and post the stuff I get as quickly as I should but I always try to let the sender know it has arrived within 24 hours. I do have a built in excuse if I fail at the above...I can play the forgetful old man card.

  3. I'll be the first to admit that I'm horrible at letting others know I got their stuff. Usually I write comments on people with blogs (or send Tweets on Twitter) but sometimes things just slip my mind. Especially since nowadays I really limit my trade posts.

    Also don't sweat it about taking your time. I've been taking forever to bulk up my Zappings since 2015. It's really paid off because there's always a certain something that you know is perfect for someone that's at just the right price that pops up if you wait long enough.

  4. I send out stuff just for fun. I don't expect anything in return but I do like to see them posted. You always have posted mine so thanks :)

  5. I think you've got a great reputation as one of the good guys out there!

  6. I too send stuff out just because I enjoy doing so. It is certainly nice to receive stuff back from time to time, but in the end, it's not too terribly important to me whether someone reciprocates or not.

  7. It's all about the fun. The smiles, we all like to smile, makes us feel all giddy.

  8. I really like your post and in fact I think I might just plagiarize the whole thing. Your philosophy about trading and care packages describes me perfectly. Well said and well written.

  9. That pretty much sums up all of us I believe.

  10. I try to make a "just because" run to the post office at least once a month or every other month. It's fun put together a package for someone else, while at the same time I'm getting some cards out of the house!

    Funny you mention that Dice-K, too, because I found that one in a dime box a few years ago -- as well as his 2000 UD Ovation pre-rookie(?). I still used to buy Beckett when the Dice-K hype was at its peak, and I remember both cards being in the $50-100 range. I get a laugh out of knowing I paid a whopping 30 cents combined for them just a few years later.

  11. I definitely love giving more than receiving. Great post and I can’t imagine anyone upset with your gernerosity and commitment to this hobby. I’d rather have you spending time writing posts than trying to reciprocate....at least for me.

  12. hackenbush - i feel the same way. when i first got back into the hobby ten years ago, i was really into trading on the card forums. it carried over into this blog, but died off after a year or two. i hope to return to trading eventually... when i have more time on my hands. i actually created a blog dedicated to it. just haven't done anything with it.

    commish - lol. i love that excuse. i've used it a few times myself

    zippy - i really need to figure out and spend more time on twitter. by the way... your zappings are epic. love seeing what you send people.

    sport card collectors - it's the least i could do. plus it reminds me to return the favor

    jon - appreciate the package... and trust me, i'll reciprocate :)

    john miller - well your last care package brightened up an entire weekend

    p-town tom - you got it buddy. i borrow ideas from other bloggers all the time.

    scribbled ink - great minds think alike, right? btw... just found your blog and added it to my daily read. can't wait to read future posts.

    nick - dang... $50 to $100. those were the days. it's crazy how quick cards raise and drop in value.

    sumomenkoman - lol. appreciate the kind words, but don't worry. i'm either gonna put something together for you or paypal you some money so you can buy yourself something special at those german flea markets ;)

  13. I do it because it's fun and I don't expect anything in return. If you're having a bad day and my package gives you a little pick up then it's doing what it's meant to do.