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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Damaged, Discounted, and Disgruntled

It's natural for collectors to get excited about adding a card to their collection, but there's one collection that I own that I don't actively try to seek cards for:  My Damaged Card PC.

2001 UD Decade Game-Used Jersey #J-HA

On Monday, someone listed a 2001 UD Decade Hank Aaron jersey card on eBay for $20 or best offer (+ $2.67 shipping).  Now most of you will recall from my Clemente post that I don't typically go out of my way to spend that kind of money on a game used memorabilia card, but I just can't get enough of this product.

So I decided to offer the guy $15 and he accepted.  He promptly shipped the card and I received it on Thursday afternoon.

One major problem.

He shipped it in the dreaded plain white envelope and the card sustained a crease that runs across the jersey swatch.

Now I have nothing against people sending PWE's when it involves care packages, because it's the thought that counts.  I don't even have a problem with an eBay vendor using a PWE if they offer free shipping and make it clear that they plan to use them in the item description.

However this vendor charged me $2.67 for shipping (even though he only paid 50¢) and makes no mention of a PWE.

Simply put... I was less than pleased.

The guy offered me a $5 refund.  I considered returning the card for a full refund, but changed my mind and decided to keep it since it's a pretty rare card and my first Hank Aaron jersey card.

I made the executive decision to add this card to my hall of fame relic collection, instead of putting it into my Damaged Card PC binder.  Maybe one day, I'll upgrade this copy.  If and when I do, Hank will be a huge addition to that collection.

Until then, I'll leave you with two things: a classic YouTube song and your question of the day.

If you've ever had a bad eBay experience or you're a Beatles fan, I encourage you to watch 7's performance.

Everyone else...

Do you have any PWE horror stories?

Happy Saturday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

By the way Colbey Hopper over at Cardboard Connections is hosting an affordable group break that's guaranteed to include 20 hits (autographs or relics)!

For $18, you will receive two teams.  You get to pick the first team and the second team will be randomized after the break has been filled.  He'll be busting these two boxes:  2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection and 2002 Topps Gallery.

All cards will be shipped and the break will be posted live on Facebook on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 9pm Eastern.  If you're interested, click here.


  1. Nice card but as you pointed out, shipping a card of that magnitude in a PWE was a bad idea. Issues such as that are the reason I dont buy singles from eBay.

  2. Not a PWE, but I bought two 1948-49 Bowman basketball cards on ebay. They were sent wrapped in bubble wrap, which was taped around the card, and then they were both put loose into a regular manila envelope, no toploaders or even penny sleeves. It's a miracle they got to me without damage.

  3. PWE's are fine for base cards, definitely not okay for relics or any thick card. Or high dollar card either for that matter and that Aaron covers all three. He should have put it in a bubble mailer, and even then he should actually adjust his shipping because that will now cost $3.00 instead of $2.67. I'd be pissed, you know I would. It is a Braves card.

  4. Not too long ago, I had a guy on Ebay ship me a card in a PWE...without a penny sleeve OR toploader. Now, I was fine with the PWE overall because the card wasn't anything huge (an Eric Thames SP from 2017 Update) and it was listed with free shipping, but come on -- at least use a toploader. Somehow the card got through with only a minor corner ding.

  5. Are you sure it was damaged in the mail? He could have posted a different pic of the card he sent.

  6. I'm very pro-PWE, except in these instances. If a card costs under $5 with free shipping listed, then I expect it. But $2.67? That should be a bubble mailer with tracking. Especially on a card that cost you $15.

  7. I’ve learned from doing ttm autographs that sending a jersey card in a pwe will crease the card every time. Good choice on keeping it. I would really live to add an Aaron memorabilia card to my collection one day.

  8. Touch break on the card. Did the seller justify it as an eBay 1/1 by chance? Luckily, I haven't had any issues with plain white envelopes yet... yet.

  9. That was a jackass move by the seller. Trying to make money on the shipping is going to end up getting him some negative feedback.

  10. I've had that happen. I think when I complained the guy said I was the only one. Overall I love ebay and have had overwhelmingly positive experiences but every once in a while you run into a jerk or a careless seller. Maybe in a page or toploader your card look better than in close-up.

  11. I haven't had that misfortune yet. Sorry to hear u had 2

  12. Adam Sanders - I've only had one other issue with eBay in the last few years. Luckily the seller worked with me a little.

    Billy Kingsley - Wow. That's definitely not cool. I would have been really upset about that. Gotta wonder how these dealers survive on eBay if that's how they ship their cardboard.

    John Miller - Not just any rare card. A Hammerin' Hank game used jersey card from an era when pulling relics were still challenging. Not amused.

    the sewingmachineguy - yeah. it would be even cooler without creases. oh well.

    Nick - minor ding = not amused. not sure it's ever appropriate to ship a card without a penny sleeve or any form of protection... even if it's free shipping.

    sg488 - pretty sure it's the same card, because there's a little wear on the bottom right-hand corner (that I saw prior to me sending the guy an offer).

    the lost collector - agree 100%. definitely not pwe by any means

    jeremya1um - there a copy of the same card i bought on eBay for $25 right now

    base card hero - lol. i would have loved to see him try. glad you haven't had any issues. hope you never do.

    corky - definitely a jackass move. i thought about leaving neutral feedback, but changed it to positive since he worked with me and wasn't a jerk about it.

    hackenbush - yeah, it's doesn't look too bad in a top loader. as for eBay, the good news is they really do a good job of protecting the buyer. i could have easily gotten my money back and made the seller pay for return shipping too (had he been a jerk).

    sport card collectors - that's good news. hopefully you never will.