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Monday, February 12, 2018

Excessive Brown-Nosing

Do you ever see a card on another person's blog and wish that card was yours?  It happens to me on a regular basis.  Normally, I sit there and debate how badly I want the card with money typically being the deciding factor.  Most of the time I talk myself out of needing the card, which is a good thing because I'm kinda running out of room to store all of these pieces of cardboard.

However...  every now and then, I have to own it.  That's where eBay, COMC, and Sportlots come into play.

But what happens if it's a card you're not likely to find on any of those sites?  What happens when it's one of Gavin's customs?

Well... that's when leave comment after comment about how much you love the card, then sit back and hope Gavin reads those comments and sends you a copy.

I saw at least two different bloggers receive Gavin's custom Nate Colbert 1977 Topps card featuring him with the Blue Jays and have wanted a copy ever since.

Gavin and I are both San Diego Padres fans who have a deep appreciation for the fan favorite who happens to be the franchise's all-time home run leader.  Some of you might be wondering though, why we'd want to see a 1977 Topps card featuring him with the Blue Jays.

Well... he played his final MLB game in 1976 with the Oakland Athletics.  He attended Spring Training with the Blue Jays in 1977, but back problems forced him to retire at 30 years of age.

Topps gave Colbert a card in 1977, but it was a Turn Back the Clock subset card with a paragraph describing one heck of a doubleheader he played in back in the Summer of 1972.

Gavin's custom features Colbert's full career statistics, which is something Topps has surprisingly elected to get rid of recently.

Thank you Gavin!  I'm not sure if this PWE was the result of my excessive brown-nosing, but either way, I truly appreciate you sending me this custom.  

Topps could really use your skills and creative ideas, so will you hurry up and take over my favorite card company already.

While we're all waiting for that to happen, let's check out the rest of the goodies you sent:

2004 Donruss Elite Career Best #CB-21 (#'d 047/100)

2017 Diamond Kings Framed Red #4 (#'d 19/99)

2005 Playoff Absolute Heroes #AH-1 (#'d 14/25)

2014 Bowman Platinum Sapphire #BPCP59 (#'d 192/199)

Thank you so much for all of these wonderful low #'d cards and of course that awesome custom Colbert.  I actually found a Christmas card sitting in one of my boxes that I'll be shipping to you in my next round of packages.

Until then...

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. One thing that immediately disqualifies me from getting any goodness like this is my being in Canada.. lol

  2. Mike: I can send you a PWE with the couple of Blue Jays customs I've made.. just shoot me over your address.

    Fuji: Glad you like! Honestly, even before I actually made the card, I figured it'd be something you'd like and planned to give you one. But I always appreciate when trader buddies let me know they like one of my customs (especially if I'm not sure it's up their alley) as it gives me something to throw in next time I send them cards. The PWE was specifically a "prize" to thank you for commenting on all 12 of my "Beermas" posts from last December.. so no return necessary. But of course I wouldn't turn down a Christmas Card whenever.. thanks!

    1. Oh and also, I wasn't sure the Billy Martin cards would be a hit with you. I know you collect his cards from when managing the A's, but you also hate the Yankees and I'm not sure if you collect his cards as a player. So it won't hurt my feelings if you re-gift those to a Yankees fan instead!

  3. When I was a kid in the 80s, I had a book that talked about each team's all-time home run leader. That's how I learned who Harold Baines and Gorman Thomas were. I'm surprised I didn't take notice of Nate Colbert then.

  4. Mike - See. I told you it pays to comment. Gavin's customs are second to none.

    defgav - Prize or not... I'll definitely send you some cards. As for those Billy's... they aren't going anywhere except my Billy Martin page in my insert/parallels binder. Yes... he has a page ;)

    DMA - I honestly didn't know that fact either until a few years ago... and I'm a Padres fan.

    TLC - Yes he does. One of these days I'll have to dedicate one of my Saturday Night Five posts and show off my five favorites.