30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Night Five: Stack of Packs

Yesterday was the last day of the regular school year, which meant I was busy signing yearbooks, collecting grad pics, giving farewell speeches, taking pictures, and receiving thank you presents.

This year, I received my first bottle of wine along with the standard stack of gift cards to Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and probably the most desired place among collectors and teachers alike... Target.  This year I only received one, but it was for $50.

On my way home, I drove to two different locations in search of 2017 Archives, but didn't find any.  Not wanting to leave empty-handed, I picked up these two Fairfield boxes:

I was already holding onto these two 2017 Topps Bunt blasters from a week or two ago:

In all... there were 52 unopened baseball card packs to be ripped into:

As expected... I didn't come close to getting my money's worth, but at least it was entertaining and gave me some care package material.  Being the blogger who has a terrible relationship with his scanner, tonight I'll show off my five favorite pulls:

#1:  2017 Topps Bunt Magenta Printing Plate #132 Carlos Gonzalez

I know that pulling a printing plate doesn't receive the same reaction it once did... but considering that I've pulled less than 10 in my lifetime, I was pretty stoked to see this.

#2:  2016 Topps MLB Debut #MLBD2-5 Tony Gwynn

It's always nice to pull a card of your favorite player from a pack.  There's a good chance it won't be happening again this year for me, since there aren't any 2017 Topps Gwynn cards.

#3:  2016 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M-22

Out of six packs of Opening Day, I only pulled one mascot.  The Cardboard Gods were looking out for me, because they sent me Stomper.

#4:  2017 Topps Bunt Purple #45 Joey Votto

Votto is having another stellar season... but I just can't keep this card.  Gavin... consider it yours.

#5:  2014 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Auto #82 Gilbert Lara

I beat the odds and pulled a redemption card for an autograph.  Too bad it's expired.  I've heard that Panini is pretty good about honoring expired redemption cards, but it doesn't look like Mr. Lara returned his cards.  This card will sit next to my Michael Conforto redemption card from the same set.  Who do you think signs first?

The last single I have for you is the guaranteed relic card that came out of the Fairfield 20 pack box:

2004 Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines #HM-AD

Adam Dunn isn't exactly Ken Griffey Jr., but he's not exactly a scrub either.  I'll gladly take this swatch of jersey worn by a 400 Home Run Club member... even if he struck out more times than anyone in MLB history not named Reggie Jackson or Jim Thome.

If you're really bored and curious... here's a peek at the other cards I pulled:

Outside of a few inserts and parallels for my binders, most of these cards will be thrown into care packages that I owe.

Well that's it for today.  Stay tuned for another 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge post coming this Monday.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Congrats on finishing the school year.. The last day here is the 29th.

    It bothers me that Topps didn't put the names of some of the mascots on the cards. For those who don't know the mascots for certain teams, it can get confusing. Luckily, I like mascots so I know that the A's is Stomper.

  2. Love those Fairfield repacks ... those things are super addicting. Nice pulls and congrats on surviving another school year. I'd say those packs were a well earned treat.

  3. Enjoy the summer break. I've never pulled one printing plate ever.

  4. Congrats on finishing out the school year and these were some good pulls! I have a bunch (not too many, but some) 2017 Topps Archives I could send your way to get you started it you want? I post some earlier in the week: http://baseballeverynight.blogspot.com/2017/06/2017-topps-archives-heritage-for-taking.html check it out and please shoot me an email if you see any you want.

  5. I think you did pretty well. I've never pulled one, so I'm envious!

  6. very cool pull from a repack! worth the ripping! enjoy your summer!!

  7. Now that's some serious pack-ripping fun.

  8. I'd say go ahead and redeem the Panini auto. The website will accept it, then after the 4 month waiting period request a replacement through their submission form. I did that a few years ago for some low level Mets pitching prospect that never made the show. Ended up getting a Ron Darling auto as a replacement. Nothing special but I turned a low level minor leaguer auto into an auto from a guy who had a fairly successful 13 year MLB career.

  9. Woo! Thanks re: the Votto christmas card!

    Looks like Gwynn's estate no longer has a contract with Topps, but he does have some Panini cards this year, including Donruss and Diamond Kings.

  10. Mike Matson - Yeah, I was surprised they didn't include his name... but did it for other teams. Maybe it has to do with a copyright issue? Summer school starts on Wednesday... so technically my real summer will start in August. Oh well... at least I get a three day weekend.

    Adam Sanders - The Fairfield packs aren't really my cup of tea... but when I'm not paying for it... I'm down to try it.

    John Miller - Thanks! You too! I've had pretty good luck with printing plates. But most of them are guys I've never heard of.

    Peter - Thanks for the offer Peter, but I'm okay. I'll end up purchasing a set on eBay at some point. I think the Cardboard Gods were sending me a message when both Targets and my wholesaler were sold out.

    The Lost Collector - I was really happy with Bunt. Great design. And I was able to add a few PC cards, so I can't complain. But overall... I don't think I'd buy those Fairfield boxes again unless they were on sale.

    Julie Owens - Thanks! I hope you have a great summer too!

    Nick - It was a serious pack busting party. My office floor was littered with cards and wrappers.

    Need More Cardboard - Thanks. I redeemed it. We'll see. I really hope I end up getting the Conforto autograph from them. Congratulations on receiving Darling. He was one of my favorite pitchers growing up.

    defgav - Hope Gwynn renews that contract. I'll get that Votto out to you ASAP... most likely with a PWE... since I don't have a lot of time to hit up the post office.

    1. Kinda strange that Conforto hasn't signed those yet. He signed for EEE that year and has signed for Panini every year since.

  11. Nice Printing Plate-I pulled only one a few years back of Joey Bats. Yesterday I busted a box of 2014 Donruss and pulled a Redemption for a Xander Boegarts auto-I sent in anyway-why not they can only say yeas or no

  12. Also congrats on the end of the school year-I know in my house it is huge day

  13. Great job on finishing another school year. Now it is time to enjoy the summer. If you have any extra Indians out of those packs, I would be happy to take them off your hands.

  14. Congrats on finishing the school year!