30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Massage + Cards = Mental Health Day

My doctor told me that one of the best things we can do is take care of our mental health, so I decided to take the day off and catch up on a few things like sleep, car maintenance, and get a much needed haircut.

My mechanic doesn't open his doors until 9am and my barber doesn't show up until after 10, so I decided to get some exercise and walk around the Capitol Flea Market.  When it comes to finding hidden treasures, Thursdays are probably the best day to walk around this particular flea market.

Unfortunately... it had rained sometime last night and the water must have scared away most of the dealers.  There were a handful of people set up, but I think most of them were the produce people.  I decided to save my money and head over to the sports card wholesaler who is a few miles away from my mechanic.

After finding out that Mechanic Mike couldn't look at my car today, I drove myself over to GTS Distribution for some supplies.

I grabbed some thicker Ultra Pro top loaders and some thick penny sleeves.  Normally I avoid the urge to buy boxes, but today I caved in and picked up three:

Box #1:  2013 Panini Hometown Heroes $30

I'm not a big fan of Panini baseball products, but I really like this product.  The cards have a solid design and some of the autographs are actually hard signed.  Can't wait to eventually tear into this box.

Box #2:  2014 Topps Pro Debut $35

I have no clue what or even who I should be looking for, but hopefully there will be a few San Jose Giants I recognize.

Box #3:  2015 Topps Pro Debut $45

The guy at GTS mentioned that Kris Bryant is in the 2015 product, so I'm excited to see if I pull his card.  I'm also looking forward to seeing what manufactured patch card I pull.

Even though I wasn't able to refrain from buying these boxes... I did manage to hold off on busting them (until probably this weekend).

As a reward for showing some self-discipline... I decided to treat myself and have my barber take care of my feet too:

Try not to judge too much.  I could care less about having her cut my toe nails... it's all about the leg and foot massage.  And yes... those are flip flop tan lines.  They might be ugly... but I don't care.  It's a fair trade off to be able to wear flip flops to work 98% of the school year.

Happy "Mental Health" Thursday and sayonara!


  1. You went all out! Very nice....I get pedicures too on occasion. Nothing beats the message. Looking forward to the tips!

  2. As a runner, I feel terrible for the people who do my pedicures... my feet are mangled messes!

  3. great job on taking the mental health day...extremely important. i used to take a friday off once in a while and catch an afternoon movie and lunch before heading to the local card shop.

    hope it was a relaxing day for you!

  4. I last wore a flip-flop when I was 10.

  5. Before I had my daughter I would often take a day to do whatever I wanted. That rarely happens these days. Days off now are centered around going to doctors appointments and such.

    If I do get a mental health day I try to center them around sporting events.

  6. Love mental health days! Everyone needs one at some point. Cannot wait to see what you get out of your packs of cards.

  7. Nice day-indeed we all could use more mental health days. We need to take care of this part of us-can't wait to see the Topps' boxes busted

  8. r laughton - yeah... those massages are awesome. worth every dime.

    tony burbs - i'm probably just as bad. as a flip flop wearer, my feet are super tried out. i always get lectured how i need to moisturize.

    cardboardhogs - right on! my principal would kill me if i took off more than one or two fridays each school year. it's hard, because our district doesn't have enough subs and everyone wants an extended weekend.

    night owl - you're long overdue buddy. go out and buy a nice pair of olukai's and i promise you that you won't regret it. unless it's snowing in your area right now. if that's the case... wait until summer.

    matthew scott - most of my work friends are parents and they say the exact same thing. one of my closest friends has a son who plays travel hockey. she's taken the past two thursday and fridays off to watch her three kids, while her husband travels around california chaperoning her son. it's quickly chewing up all of her sick days.

    snorting bull - the countdown is on. grabbing breakfast with a friend... and then the box busting fiesta will begin.

  9. Wait, what? Your barber also does pedicures? She has things covered from head to toe!

  10. That sounds like a good day to me.

    Nice pickup with the thick toploaders. I finally got around to putting my relic collection in those this week.

  11. Wait, the district lets you wear flip-flops to school? California is way laid back.

    I usually take my mental health day around late April when the spring semester has started to really drag. I don't even tell my wife I'm doing it. I go drink coffee and read magazines for a couple of hours, browse a bookstore until lunch and then go see a movie she would never go to anyway. Next to Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday it's my favorite day of the year.

  12. jafronius - she sure does and she's pretty awesome. i recommend her to all of my friends.

    adam kaningher - yeah, those 180pt toploaders are pretty handy. i'll even use them to ship out multiple cards from time to time.

    commishbob - i wouldn't say my district does. but my principal does and that's what really matters. when he recruited me 9 years ago from the elementary schools, i asked if he had a strict dress code and he told me as long as i do my job, i could wear any school appropriate clothing. i've been wearing hoodies, cargo shorts, and flip flops ever since.

    that sounds very relaxing bob. what movie did you watch this year?

    i take my other one in late april/early may too (right after testing). my friend and i (she's another teacher) drive down to the monterey bay aquarium, chill out, grab a nice lunch, and clear our heads.

    1. I saw Knight of Cups, a Terrance Malick film with Christian Bale. It was both weird and interesting (mostly weird) like most all of Malick's films. Which is why my wife my wife has given up on his stuff.

    2. Just watched the trailer on IMDB. Seems very artsy. It's on Amazon Prime, so I might give it a look.