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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Good, the Really Bad, and the Pirate

Today sucked.  Sucked real bad.  But let's kick this post off on a positive note.

The Good:

The NFL season has arrived and both of my teams are projected to be contenders by most people.  Obviously an injury or two could change that in a heartbeat, but for now the Hawks and Packers provide much more hope than the Athletics or Padres.

During the offseason, I picked up autographed rookie cards of my two favorite wide receivers from childhood.  I've actually picked up a few other signed and slabbed rookie cards, but these are the only two football players.

The Bad:

This morning I threw my laptop into my trunk, along with a big bottle of water.  When I arrived at work, I discovered the container had a leak.  A few notebooks and a jacket soaked up most of the water, but I noticed that my work laptop was slightly wet.

At first I didn't think it was that big of a deal, because it looked like someone poured water into their hand and splashed the outside of my computer.  The keyboard and screen were completely dry.  I wiped off my laptop and started it up.  Everything was fine for about ten minutes.  Then I received an error message regarding one of my USB ports.  A minute later... the computer shut down.

I ran down to Safeway during my prep period and purchased some rice, which is supposed to absorb the moisture.  Hopefully it'll be okay.  Not exactly sure about our district policy, but I'm hoping that I don't need to reimburse them $1,500 for the computer.

The Ugly:

Here's the mug shot that's being used on my school ID card as well as my faculty yearbook photo.  It's not my best angle... but at least it'll help the students remember me.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Ooof, good luck. I spilled a bottle of water on my home computer last year, and it seemed okay for a bit but then a bunch of the middle letters all shorted out and stopped working - specifically the line of 7, u, j, m, and then the , and . next to them.

    I stuck with it, and like a week later everything was back but the u.

    I'm using the computer now, and whenever I go to type a u, I just paste a u that I copied from somewhere else. You can tell on my blog because I never write uppercase u's anymore since I'd have to copy paste an uppercase one to do so. It's awkward for university or ulysses S Grant but otherwise you'd barely notice. And I still type like 75 wpm so that's cool too!

    Also I dropped my phone into a toilet (lol) like 6 months ago. Did the rice thing, and it was dead for a while but as I went to trade it in it started working again. I still traded it in as it was time for me to do so and the toilet thing kind of pushed me to finally do it. But it does show the rice thing can work sometimes!

  2. Sorry brother, my wife spilled water on ours, we took the battery out, bought some desiccant at the craft store (the stuff they dry flowers with), we put that and the computer in a box, taped it up for like 48 hours, battery was ok so that went back in, and boom works fine 8 years later.

    1. That stuff worked for my wife's rainsoaked phone as well.

  3. That mug shot of yours is priceless!

  4. Good luck with the laptop man and congrats on the autographed cards.

  5. That mugshot is pretty good. Sorry to hear about the laptop. I dropped my phone in the dogs' water bowl once, and we've had a couple of other incidents with electronics and water, but never one with a computer. I would think that as long as the connections didn't burn out or anything, you would be okay once the moisture is taken care of, but I'm no computerologist.

  6. Sorry to hear about the lap top. Great pickups though!

  7. laptop update: it didn't start up the next morning and i had to turn it over to the district tech person. hopefully they'll at least be able to salvage my files. i have years worth of curriculum, lesson plans, and the latest edition of my textbook that my friend and i spent about 10 to 20 hours on this past summer. always. always. always... back up your files.

    spastikmooss - oh man, i could live without x or z... but i've already used the letter "u" five time in this comment alone. according to my district tech person, i shouldn't have used rice for my laptop. she said it's okay for phones, tablets, and ipods... but not macbooks (because the grains get lodged into all of the ports). i learned a lot of things from this experience... which has been a huge headache.

    p.s. i'd sell my phone too if i dropped it in the toilet... which reminds me to never buy a used phone.

    b man - let's hope the district and apple try out the desiccant thing. i'll let you know how things pan out when i see you at serramonte

    commish - looks like i gotta invest in some desiccant

    jon, jeremya1um, & sport card collectors - thanks

    raz - i'm keeping my fingers crossed

  8. I'm part of a school system IT dept. and was gonna say that they can just swap out the motherboard for a warranty replacement or from their stock like we do, but it's an Apple, so who knows.

    Your data should be safe though.