30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lacking Sports Card Self-Discipline

Last Saturday, when I got home from the Serramonte Mall Sports Card, Toys, and Collectibles Show... I came to the realization that I have a serious problem.  I'm unable to walk away from a bargain.

Two weeks ago, I picked up tons of cheap inserts, parallels, rookies, and base cards for my binders at the Sacramento card show.  So my game plan was to stick to quality over quantity this time around.

I failed.

Purchase #1:  A Monster Box Filled with Packs and Singles $58

As soon as I entered the mall, I immediately discovered the COMC guy who had tons of monster boxes filled with cards and wax packs for 10¢ each.  I spent over two hours sifting through his stuff and when I was finished, I had pulled 252 packs, 454 cards, and one box of 1989 Topps Stickers:

The packs ranged from a boatload of 80's Fleer Star Stickers to a small handful of Flintstones trading cards.

I also snagged a box of 1989 Topps Stickers for $2...

Now I just need to find myself an empty yearbook to stick them in.

I have no idea where to begin with the cards.  His boxes were filled with a little bit of everything, but I mainly targeted rookie cards, oddballs, vintage90's inserts, and 80's base cards of baseball hall of famers.

Here's a small sampling...

After sifting and sorting... I discovered that most of the cards I picked up were actually cards I already own, but that's okay.  All of my duplicates will go into care packages.

Card Show Intermission:  Collector Camaraderie

After killing two hours at the dime boxes, I made a trip to my car to lessen the load.  I went back into the mall and began making my rounds.  I ran into Brady (St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard) and Mr. Haverkamp (cardboard blog supporter) who are regulars to this show.  Mr. H brought some 1956 Topps hall of famers to check out.  Unfortunately I had spent most of my budget by then.  Plus I wanted to make sure both of us did our homework before spending the big bucks.

Brady hooked me up with a fat stack of Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics, and Japanese baseball players.

They ranged for oddballs I've never seen to sweet looking die-cut acetate cards that are super shiny.  Thanks Brady!  I really appreciate everything you gave me.  Hopefully there are a few St. Louis Cardinals that you can use in my package.

Purchase #2:  30¢ Autographs and Some Other Stuff $7

This might be one of my coolest card show purchases in recent years in terms of overall value.  While walking around the show, I passed up several cards I was interested in.  Then I stumbled across a guy with a bunch of toys and a small section of cards.

I was immediately drawn to this:

2014 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M12

Ummm... mascot autograph?  Yes, please!

He also had a team bag laying on his table filled with 1995 Action Packed Hall of Fame autographs:

I haven't been passionate about basketball for a few years, but certified hall of fame autographs for 30¢ each is just way too good of a deal to pass up.

After putting the mascot autograph and basketball autographs into a stack, the vendor came up and told me everything was half off the marked price.  Normally I wouldn't have spent $7 on this gold SPx parallel of Michael, but it's worth $3.50.

1996 SPx Gold #8

The last card I grabbed was an on-card autograph of John Taylor:

1991 Pro Line Portraits Autographs #256

Taylor played his entire career with the San Francisco 49ers and I grew up watching him week in and week out during football season.  He might not be the biggest name, but he's worth a buck.

To be honest, I would have been okay paying the full price of $14 for these thirteen cards.  The fact that it was half off definitely makes it one of my most memorable bargain bin finds.

This card show officially put me in the red in terms of my cardboard budget.  The good news is I just cashed in on my eBay credit card rewards and they're sending me three $100 gift cards.  I really need to restrain myself from spending it all in one month.  Ideally... I'll treat myself to one special card each month.  Or maybe... I'll use the money for something out side of sports memorabilia.  Yeah right.  Who am I kidding?

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. That's quite the impressive haul! Some of that vintage is really nice and that Brodeur rookie looks really sharp. Well done sir.

  2. Budget blown, but it looks totally worth it to me.

  3. Man, now I really wish that I had been unable to get on my flight from SFO back to Atlanta Saturday morning. I totally would have taken Uber to this show...

  4. It's a good thing I don't live in California because I'd be living on the street by now with all the choices you have out there. ... Plus, I'd be there fighting you for the same cards.

  5. I wish that we had card shows in my area...this is amazing!

  6. I like how Hal Greer put his name in quotes. Kind of odd.

  7. Great haul! I picked up a Hal Greer auto for a few bucks mainly because I liked the quotation marks.

  8. yeah I kinda gotta back down and stay in budget too. totally get it. it's just so hard. and now i'm itching to rip some packs...its so bad, but i can't already blew feb.s budget.

  9. Can't believe those HOF autos were only 30 cents.. craziness

  10. Great score-I missed the COMC guy-which is OK as I don't think I could have made it another two hours. Thank you for the cards 99% of which were needed, look for a post early next week. Cheers

  11. Nice cards Fuji! Definitely a fan of the 95 Action Packed Hall of Fame autos!

  12. Those Action Packed autographs for 30 cents each is crazy....just crazy! If the Ed Macauley is ever available for sale or trade, I would very much be interested.

  13. Awesome! That Wally auto was a great deal.

  14. This is why you can't keep a database of your collection. ;)

  15. I used to the same sort of thing. But then I discovered the one great hobby truth. Nothing instills hobby purchase discipline like getting married. Trust me on this.

  16. I miss cards shows! going off to pout now.

  17. That's a really nice haul. That Mascot auto was a great find. IIRC those were really tough pulls. I always have great plans for my eBay dollars, but they never survive contact with my Watch List and impulsive ways.

  18. I spy with my little eye, a really cool Big Hirok insert. Nice grab!

    And 30 cent autographs? Good grief, I would've had a field day.

    I've temporarily stopped going to card shows since the entrance fee is a bit high but this makes me want to go out again.

  19. You killed it. Great score with the Tiny Archibald

  20. Fantastic haul! That '81 Dr. J is a beaut.

  21. Incredible deals... I can see how you couldn't pass them up! This sure is proof how the card market has changed in the past 25 years.

  22. What a haul. Many of those packs and cards would be tough for any of us to walk away from. Great cards.

  23. Wow! Amazing stuff! That Fleer Strawberry is fantastic!

  24. tony - the show was about 20 minutes away from SFO.

    night owl - no need to fight. i'd gladly share.

    jedi jeff - looks like he does that on all of his signatures

    brady - glad to see you again. found a few more cardinals extras for your pc. i'll bring them to the next show

    jon - will do. i'm actually debating on building that set since I have a fourth of it out of the way.

    matthew - i know. didn't realize those mascot autos sell that well

    commish - probably why i'm still single

    ko rob - that dr. j was my favorite dime box find (and i don't even collect basketball anymore)

    anthony - very true. can't believe all of those inserts i used to spend dollars on are now sitting in dime boxes.