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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Force is Strong with this One

JediJeff strikes back.  This time he targeted my San Diego Padres, Japanese ballplayers, and San Jose Sharks PC's.

Let's start with this shiny, numbered Tony Gwynn out of 2015 Panini Prizm:

2015 Panini Prizm Red #168 (#'d 004/125)

I receive my fair share of Mr. Padres from my fellow cardboard comrades and 97% of the time, they're duplicates.  I guess that's part of the game when you've been collecting this one guy for close to three decades.

However Jeff must have used one of his jedi mind tricks on me, because he only sent me one Gwynn and it's one that I don't own.  In fact... there were no duplicates in his entire PWE.

Next up is this game used jersey card of Kazuo Matsui:

2008 Upper Deck X Memorabilia #KM

This card represents the 6th memorabilia card of the 1998 NPB MVP in my collection.  Here's a neat piece of trivia for Matsui fans.  Kaz is not related to Hideki, but is the only player in MLB history to hit a home run in his first plate appearance during his first three seasons.

Not bad for a guy who only hit 32 home runs during his entire MLB career.

Moving along... here's a card of Phil Nevin.  Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.  Long time.

2002 UD Ballpark Idols Player's Club Jerseys #PN

I think it's because I blocked him from my memory.  You would too if you knew how much I spent on one of his Signature Rookies autographs back in 1994.

Wrapping things up is a guy I Love to Hate:

2003/04 Pacific Main Attractions #13

But I'm not going to complain whenever I have the opportunity to add a new card to my San Jose Sharks' insert/parallel binder.

Thanks Jeff for this awesome holiday care package!  Don't worry... I haven't forgotten about your prize package.  I'll get it shipped out sometime in January.

Happy holidays and sayonara!

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