30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeling Like Veruca

Yesterday at the 19th Annual San Francisco Tristar Collector's Show... I pretty much had everything I could have hoped for... friends, dime boxes, dealers with vintage cards, unopened wax, plenty of vendors, free admission... and yet, I somehow didn't leave satisfied.

I thought about it on the drive home and couldn't exactly pinpoint the issue... which bothers me even more.  However... waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning and listening to me whine isn't what you came here for.  So let's get to my purchases...

Purchase #1:  2002 Press Pass Jersey Edition #AL  $1

It's been awhile since there's been an addition to my Hawaii PC, so things looked good right out of the gate when I found this Lelie game used jersey card in a dollar bin.

Purchase #2:  Dime Box Mania $13

The same dealer also had one of the largest dime box displays I've ever seen...

Have you ever heard of Dime Box Heaven?  Well if such a thing exists, you're looking at it.  Inserts, rookies, and vintage... oh my!

I hung out at these boxes for about an hour and grabbed 131 cards:

Here are a few of my personal faves:

Purchase #3:  1987 Fleer Update Glossy Set $5

This was a total impulse buy, because I've always wanted one of these limited edition sets.  Ah... the good old days.  Remember when 75,000 factory sets was considered limited?

Purchase #4:  Prime Numbers PC Additions $15

Two new serial numbered #1's.  Paid a little more than I wanted... but at least the money went to a friend.

Purchase #5:  2000 Prism Dial-A-Stats $5

Overpriced?  Debatable.  Totally awesome?  Undeniable.

Overall... the show was pretty solid.  There were tons of vendors and people walking around.  And according to my buddy, people were actually spending money this year.

It was also nice to see some friendly faces from our blogosphere:  Brady and Mr. Haverkamp.  The latter helped me track down a 1956 Topps Ted Williams.  Unfortunately the dealer wanted $250... which was a wee bit out of my price range.

And Brady hooked me up with a pair of cards:

I always enjoy seeing cards with Maddux and Peavy featured as a Padres.  And the Matsui was one of those cards that Topps encapsulated.  Don't worry... I freed him from his plastic holding cell as soon as I got home.

Thank you Brady for the cards!  It was nice having the opportunity to hang out and catch up with you and Mr. Haverkamp.

Okay... it's time to work out my issues, because there's no way I can live my life feeling like a spoiled, little brat who doesn't get his way.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. My pleasure-it was good to see you and thank you for the box of Cardinals I appreciate it. I love the Gwynn Dial-A-Stats. For me the difference between this show and Serramonte show is this show there weren't too many great dime boxes-actually the one we met at was the only one that really stuck out-next time I have to focus on vintage commons because there were some great dealers there.

  2. I think it's safe to say that anything Kellogg's for a dime is a steal. Great finds!

  3. Does Boldin sign that much? That seems like a good deal to me. I don't recall ever seeing much of his stuff recently.

    Sounds like a good time at the show.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Matt,
      On Boldin when he was in Baltimore he was a great signer they pretty much signed before every game he was with the team. Not sure if he signed alot for the companies but was great in person.

    3. Matt,
      On Boldin when he was in Baltimore he was a great signer he pretty much signed before every game he was with the team. Not sure if he signed a lot for the companies but was great in person.

  4. hackenbush - stumbled across a stack of 5+ in this guy's dime boxes... considered grabbing dupes, but my stack was starting to get out of hand.

    b-man - serramonte definitely trumps tristar... but those dime boxes were at tristar were insane. see you at serramonte in a few months

    nick - sadly... the carlton was the only kellogg's I found :(

    matthew - not sure, but it's my first autograph of him. plus my friend pulled it from his own collection, so I kinda had to buy it regardless of his price.