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Monday, February 9, 2015

Domo Arigato: ucffans @ CCW

A couple of weeks ago a generous mystery package arrived in my mailbox, but I had no idea who sent it.  It contained a Augusta GreenJackets minor league baseball cap, an autographed baseball, and some baseball cards for my collection:

I checked my email and did a few searches to see if I could figure out the mystery shipper, but came up empty-handed.  Then this past weekend, I was contacted over on Card Collector's World by my buddy... ucffans.

He asked if I had received the box he shipped and the mystery was solved.

Ucffans mentioned in a prior message that he coached with Oakland A's prospect Josh Whitaker and asked if I was interested in his autograph.  Unfortunately... Yahoo sometimes confuses CCW messages with SPAM and I didn't read his message until this Saturday.  But at least it gave me a clue to who signed and personalized the baseball:

Pretty sweet, right?  99.9% of the autographs in my collection aren't personalized... but the ones that are tend to be that much more special.

But wait... another mystery reveals itself.  Is this actually Josh Whitaker's autograph?  Go ahead... look at the signature again.  I've stared at it several times now and still struggle to see it.

However... if you said "yes", you're correct.  I kinda see the "J", but can't really make out the "osh".  However... I just received confirmation from ucffans himself and it is indeed the future Athletics outfielder.

According to Athleticsfarm.com, it looks like Whitaker will start the year off in Nashville.  However who knows what will happen at Spring Training.  Best of luck Mr. Whitaker!

In addition to the ball, ucffans also send me a handful of new cards for my collection:

I'm always excited to add a new Ichiro to the binder.  My newly established A's/Padres/Expos vintage binder also found a few new tenants.  Last... but certainly not least... who doesn't like finding a Chicken in their stack of cards?

Thanks Brett for this awesome package!  I'm not usually into prospecting... but I'll definitely follow Mr. Whitaker this spring.

Happy Monday and sayonara!

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