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Monday, July 28, 2014

Five Out Of Six Ain't Bad

Yesterday baseball fans had the opportunity to witness something special.  The lineup of National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees was as loaded as it gets.  It wasn't until watching yesterday's ceremony that it truly soaked in... just how lucky I've been to have witness the greatness of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, and Bobby Cox over the past three decades.

In fact it made me start thinking about some of the other first ballot hall of famers I've been fortunate enough to see play.  Currently the list stands at around twenty-eight... five of which were included in the 1986 Fleer Future Hall of Famers six card insert set.  

And the one who didn't get in on the first ballot, second ballot, or any ballot for that matter?

The all-time hits leader and notorious gambler... Mr. Pete Rose:

A few years ago, I made the decision to forgive Pete for his poor choices involving betting on baseball and trying to cover it up.  That doesn't mean I'm ready to announce his HOF induction, but I'm open to the discussion.

Fleer did a pretty good job of predicting the other five players' futures... 

Year of Induction: 1994
Percentage of HOF Votes:  95.6%

Year of Induction: 1992
Percentage of HOF Votes:  98.8%

Year of Induction: 1991
Percentage of HOF Votes:  90.5%

Year of Induction: 1999
Percentage of HOF Votes:  98.8%

Year of Induction: 1993
Percentage of HOF Votes:  93.6%

Kudos Fleer!  I'm sure back in 1986, all six of these guys were pretty obvious selections.  But overall I really enjoy the concept behind this set.  If you've never seen these cards, they were inserted into 1986 Fleer rack packs at a rate of one per pack.

I guess Mama Fuji only purchased one rack pack for me, because for years I only owned the Reggie Jackson.  Luckily the complete set usually sells for only $2 to $3 on eBay.  Not bad for a twenty-eight year old insert set loaded with first ballot hall of famers.

Okay... it's been awhile... but let's try out one of them "questions of the day"...

If you worked for Topps and were given the task of creating a six card insert set of current players who are destined to be "future hall of famers"...

Who would you include in your set?

I'd probably start with these four players:  Ichiro Suzuki, Miguel Cabrera, Derek Jeter, and Albert Pujuls.  I wouldn't be surprised if all four of these guys ended up being first ballot hall of famers.  The final two spots weren't so easy.

There are several solid hitters who should eventually end up in the hall, but I ended up choosing Adrian Beltre over David Ortiz, Carlos Beltran, and Todd Helton.

And I reserved the final spot for Clayton Kershaw.  Now before I start receiving all of the negative comments, I want to preface my decision by stating that he hasn't guaranteed himself a spot in Cooperstown.  But the guy is on pace to win his third Cy Young Award in four years, he's the best pitcher in baseball, and he's only twenty-six years old.  Hopefully he stays healthy and has several more solid seasons in front of him.

Okay... it's your turn.  Let's see who you've got.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I agree that your first four are locks. Funny you mention Beltre, as I commented on Play at the Plates blog that I thought he is a future hall of famer. He stacks up well against the field. After the first four there are no shoe ins because injury could destroy any of them. If you would have asked this a couple of years back I would have said C.C Sabathia, but now its not looking very good. I guess just to be different I'll take King Felix.

    I do think Kershaw is the best pitcher and is on the best track.....

  2. i agree with your first four and beltre. i also agree about kershaw, but i would put david ortiz in the set. i think with all the bosox hype and 3 world series titles, he gets in.

  3. The four you picked I think are pretty obvious. Maybe Trout and Cano... If you go back to last year then Mariano.

  4. I agree on the first four as well. Then I'd say Cano and ARod (even though he'll never get in).

  5. love that insert set, pretty cool. 5 of 6 aint bad (thats exactly how many of those inductees had tie to the braves) :)


  6. I might be the last guy to ask about current players but...

    Suzuki, Cabrera, Jeter, and Pujuls are in if they quit the game tonight. No question. I think Ortiz is going in as well. Not that he's more deserving than the other candidates but you're asking to predict who goes in, not who should.

    Projecting future value is harder but I think Kershaw is the easiest bet. He's the youngest guy in the Top 35 WAR among active players (youngest by two years) and the same goes for Wins.

    So there is one guy's opinion.

  7. To Fleer's credit Pete Rose does have the numbers to be a Hall Of Famer. Although I'll end it there because I don't want to go into that debate.

    As for my six future HoFers, I'll skip the locks and go for the ifs/maybes.
    Alex Rodriguez, Joe Mauer, Yadier Molina, Robinson Cano and Tim Lincecum.

    1. DOH! I forgot my sixth candidate, Jose Altuve.

  8. How does Nolan and Reggie, and the others not get 100%?

    1. It's sad... but there are always those handful of voters who try to police the vote.